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Dragon Ball: Rebirth

Chapter 4- The Breakthrough

The sweat poured off of Aram as he went through the kata taught to him by his father. Smiling, he thought of him. His father had been a legendary master of the martial arts. He had taught the boy all he knew in technique, but the only thing Aram's father couldn't teach him was the discipline involved. This kata focused thought, went through all the basic movements necessary in combat. Supposedly, generations back Aram's ancestors had started this kata, each eldest son adding something to it. Whether it was an extra move, or an emphasis on a particular set, it changed and evolved. It was over 700 moves long, but could be customized for daily practice.

Aram gradually increased his speed, until it was a flurry of movement. The amazing thing was that faster he went, the less he could but the more he was aware of. He no longer saw the visual world, but he saw the energy that pulsed within all living things. In what seemed like an eternity, Aram eventually stopped all movements when he was at his highest level of concentration. Everything was energy, the sky, the air, the sun. He peered deep within himself, going to his very corp, until he could see his barrier. Piccolo had already told him he had a battle power of around 20,000, but Aram was sure that if he could break this barrier, his power would increase greatly-- possibly even to the point of rivaling Piccolo's.

It seemed like he sat there for hours in his catatonic state of meditation, trying to break through. He exhausted himself trying to break the seal, but he couldn't do it. His mind exhausted, he nearly gave up, when he felt the barrier decreasing. It seemed that the power within was trying to merge with him. It scared him, he was afraid he might lose himself in the power. It exhilarated him, but the power was so god-awful, that he was afraid it might burn him to a cinder if he tried to use it. But he couldn't resist, it merged with him, energizing every part of his being. His fear was washed away with the power. He knew that this was meant to be. Suddenly, a dreadful vision began to unfold before his eyes. A young man, standing battered and beaten in front of a horrible enemy. The enemy was a small lizard like figure, but Aram sensed the horrible aura. The young man was very powerful and he had a burning rage within him.

The young man began to transform before Aram's very eyes. His hair lifted on end and turned golden and his power became insanely high... it faded out only to be replaced by another, the same golden man fighting another enemy more powerful than himself... over and over the visions changed, enrapturing Aram in their snare. Aram felt trapped, he wanted to leave, but the power wouldn't let him...


Piccolo floated in deep meditation. He had yet to decide what to do. On one hand he could throw down the emperor and expose the true enemy, or he could move in the shadows and discover the true enemy before he actually faced it. The three personas of himself argued: Piccolo, Nail, and Kami.
"How can we stand by and let the suffering continue? We should root it out once and for all." argued the elder persona of Kami.

"No Kami. Aram is not strong enough for that yet. We must wait and bide our time." the younger Nail retorted.

The original being of Piccolo sat and listened. Rarely did his three beings split and argue against each other. They had been together for so long that they were used to being one being, but in important matters such as this each could contribute their own knowledge. Without warning, a fourth voice sounded and silence all.


The three personas merged back into one being. Piccolo hadn't heard that voice in a very long time, but he recognized it instantly.

"Kaio-samma? What is it that you want?"

"Aram is ready. Take him to Kami-samma's immediately. The darkness that brews beyonds your planet is growing more powerful as we speak."

"Are you sure? He's barely at 20,000. That's enough to stop the Empire, but not the true enemy. How can you be--" Piccolo answered.

"Trust me. Feel his ki. He's found his hidden strength that Kami-samma foretold. Now go."

Piccolo opened his eyes and looked out upon the frigid landscape. His old eyes couldn't see as well as they used to, but his senses knew where Aram was immediately. He turned and saw the horrible power that Aram had unleashed. Piccolo moved as fast as he could. When he landed, Aram's mouth was open in a silent scream, but Aram was frozen like that. Piccolo mentally contacted him and broke his trance. Aram, startled, moved for the first time in minutes--days to Aram.

"Piccolo..." Aram said weakly, "The power is mine... but visions... the visions were awful." Piccolo handed him a senzu bean, and instantly Aram felt his strength recover.

"You're ready Aram. It's time for Kami-samma himself to tell you everything you need to know. Follow me."

They both lifted off high into the clouds. The moon was full again, and the stars gave off they're eerie light. Piccolo's keen senses picked up a large rise in ki many miles away. He stopped.
He thought he heard a scream, a hideous roar that evoked memories from a millenia ago. But it couldn't be that. Unless...


Startled, Aram didn't know what to do. "But where do I go? I don't know the way!" Stopping his flight, Piccolo began to glow a bluish color. Suddenly, he split into two beings. One headed towards the Sky Palace, the other towards the surge of ki.

What's going on that's freaking Piccolo out so bad, Aram wondered.

They flew for what seemed like hours, but eventually Aram saw it-- a magnificent floating palace. Amazed that it floated so gracefully, he was enamoured... until he saw the thin pole it was suspended upon. They flew to the top and landed. Standing there was an old Namek huddled in robes and leaning on a cane, and by him was a short squat... well, Aram couldn't decide, but Piccolo introduced him as Mr. Popo.

"Welcome Aram," Kami-samma began, "I've heard much about you. Rest easy this night, for tomorrow you begin your mission. Mr. Popo, make sure they eat well, and then show them to their rooms." With that, Kami-samma hobbled off to his inner chambers. Aram felt a great power approaching from below. He looked and saw the othe half of Piccolo had returned. They remerged, but Piccolo's face looked like he had seen the devil himself.

"What? What'd you find out?" Aram asked. Piccolo stared at him for a moment, then answered. "I found nothing for certain, but I fear the dark power I was warned of is one I've faced before." Piccolo stalked off after Kami to tell him the urgent news.

Aram's thoughts were turned elsewhere, as Mr. Popo led him to a huge banquet table. He ate and ate and ate, until finally he could no longer keep his eyes open. Then Mr. Popo led him to his bed. Aram fell asleep immediately, and fortunately he had no horrific visions...

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