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Dragon Ball: Rebirth

Chapter 2- The Legendary Piccolo


Those words intruded upon Aram's thought process like a loud thunder clap. Wait, he thought, did he say that his name was Piccolo. He can't actually think himself to be Piccolo. Great, not only do I have an extra refugee, but he's a loon.

Aram started back towards the table, examining this Namekian closely. He did look very old, and Piccolo was supposedly a Namek, but this Namek's eyes were so dull and unfocused... like he didn't know exactly where he was or who he was anymore. How could one of Earth's greatest warriors look like a pathetic, old beggar. Sighing, he went to the kitchen and grabbed another mug for the stranger and poured him some water.

"Are you sure that you don't want stew? I have plenty." Aram called out to the living room where the man and the rest of the women sat. "No, all I require is water," came the gruff reply.

While Aram was busy, the women talked to Piccolo.
"Are you really the Legendary Piccolo? Or are you just another impostor," asked one young woman.
"Bah," shouted one old crone, " you shouldn't be so believing Elize. Would the real Piccolo come in humbly and ask for mere water? NO! Piccolo was know for his fiery temper, and everyone knows that Namek's are ravenous flesh eaters. That's why Piccolo was so strong, his Namekian race gave him the power." Elize quietly sat down, admonished by the elder woman, Marta.

Aram returned to the room with all eyes upon him. It made him slightly nervous, but he shook it off. He gave the mug of water to the stranger and asked him in slow steady words (the stranger was crazy after all) where he was from. The man lifted his head up from his mug and replied, "The whole earth is my home. Wherever I wander is my home."
Curious, Aram was about to ask more questions when the old woman Marta interrupted.

"Now young man, you've been very kind, but we require your help further. If you would be so kind as to escort us to our home, we be very appreciative." Aram chuckled at the question. "I have work here. You know your way home and I can give you food. Travel by night and the Emperor's patrols won't get you. Now, you should--"

"That simply won't do, young man. We need more help than that." Marta interrupted.

Annoyed, Aram said through clenched teeth, "I've helped you all I can. I have MY OWN matters to attend to, so if you would kindly--"

"COWARD!" Marta shrieked. "Too petty to help a band of poor women and children, eh! I'll teach you a lesson, you mangy mongrel. Why when I was your age people would..." And she droned on and on, all the while getting angrier.

Aram got up and went over to calm her down, but the moment he got near her, she grabbed her old gnarled cane and rapped him on the knuckles. "Ow!" Aram yelped in shock. "Now ma'am, just calm--OW!" Marta hit Aram on the head, and then began striking him all over. Aram was perplexed at the stituation. On the one hand, he could probably crush her skull with his hand and end her miserable life, and on the other he could wait until she passed out from exhaustion. Then he could promptly lock her outside and... a shark strike to his groin ended those thoughts. His temper flaring, knocking her through the wall began to sound like a good idea.

Just before he actually carried out his idea, the stranger's voice rose above the confusion. "That's enough Marta." Suddenly Marta's cane lept out of her hands and sped towards the stranger. The man caught it right before tip would have hit his temple. Effortlessly, he crunched the cane, and through it away.

Aram was speechless. How did he do that. Unfortunately, Marta wasn't. "Why did you snap a poor old woman's cane? If I still had my cane, I'd teach you a proper lesson." Marta said, spewing venom. Amazingly, with a mere look, the stranger silenced this stubborn old hag.

Recovering from the shock, Aram finally formed an intelligible sentence. "Wh-- Wha- Who are-- Huh?"

The man stood up, and motioned for them all to follow him. He led them outside, into the cool night air. The stars lit up the sky, and the moon was full. Aram thought he caught a brief smile on the stranger's face, as if he was remembering something from long ago.

"You asked me who I was. I'll show you." the stranger said in his deep voice. Aram couldn't explain it. It seemed as if the very air around the stranger was shimmering. The hair on Aram's body pricked up, and he felt as if energy was coursing through the air. Then, ever so slowly, a rock began to rise into the air. Then another, until bits of the grounds started coming up. Aram could feel the ground trembling beneath him. A white shimmering aura surrounded the man. Electricity coursed around the stranger's body. The ground shook violently, so violent that Aram dropped to his knees, cowering in terror.
He murmured prayers to his ancestors, and even one to Kami-samma, someone he no longer believed in. Instead of getting better though, the energy around the stranger exploded. Aram was feeled with dread, cowering at the sheer might of this stranger. His whole life he had thought himself strong. Until he met this man, he had never known true power. Suddenly, the energy subsided, as if it just disappeared. Aram forced himself to look into the stranger's eyes. No longer were they dull and unfocused, they pierced Aram's very soul, as if this man knew everything about Aram.

"I am who I claimed to be," he said. "I am Piccolo, former guardian of this planet. I have a message for you, Aram. Its from my friend Kami-samma. And it would be in your best interest to listen well." Piccolo said, leaving his eyes upon Aram's.

"What do you want from me?" Aram replied. He didn't know that he would begin the greatest and most difficult portion of his life.

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