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Hyper Dimension

Developed by Bandai
Gameplay: 9.9/10
Difficulty: 9.0/10
Music: 9.2/10
Moves: 9.6/10
Graphics: 9.8/10
Overall: 9.5/10


        Hyper Dimension is the latest of the Super Nintendo DBZ fighting games. It has greatly improved over its predecessors in all aspects, gameplay, graphics, music, etc. Although it's gameplay is similar to that of Super Butouden (2) (3). Alot has changed since the last games. The speed and difficulty of Hyper Dimension is far greater then that of the other games. For example in Super Butouden two and three you could just beat the game by just pressing one button (the ki fireball button). You could also easily beat the computer easily in those games because of how slow the computer is. But those problems have been solved with a smarter and faster AI, coupled with an extremely fast game engine. The only thing lost in this game is the ability to fly by pressing a button. Now players must kick or punch their opponents to get to a completely different fighting area, sort of like Mortal Kombat 3. Which is still cool in my opinion. Here is a example, first you on ground level then you can get to the sky, and finally you get to Kame's place.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

       As you can see the graphics in this game, is one of the best Super Nintendo has ever seen. The other fighting games don't come close to measuring up to the quality of this game. Everything has improved from the detail of the characters to the way they charge and everything. Sound has also improved in my opinion. As you can see this is a great game. If you can get any DBZ game get this one. Here is a comparison of graphics. From the left Super Butouden 2, Super Butouden 3, and in the bottom Hyper Dimension.

Super Butoden 2
Superbutoden 3
Hyper Dimension

Click here to see Hyper Dimension animations and here to see some snapshots.

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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