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DBZN Then and Now

Through out the last one and a half year of this site's existance we have changed greatly in both content quality as well as site design. Our visitors half increased exponentially from mere hundreds to thousands of unique individuals from all over the globe visiting us daily. To date we have had over 2.8 million hits on our webpage since that snowy evening in January of 2000. The first version of our webpage was not even called the DBZN...

The DBZ Archives, was the first site built by Nazmune (Kaio-sama), it had a very primitive design but one thing it did not lack was spirit and original content. While the content might not seem very original now, it had it's own uniqueness. Much of which has been copied by hundreds of fansites that followed. Our most celebrated section was the game animations, no one could forget them after seeing them just once. View the entire site!

While the DBZ Archives was getting complements from all over but we knew that it wasn't going to get very far... To do so we needed change things dramatically. It was then that we created a far more professional but still archaic layout (by our standards today). Not only that but we also realized that to become a great site we had to utilize the power of the hundreds of DBZ fansites on the web. It was then that we adopted then name DBZ Network... View the design...

With the DBZN we saw great improvements in site traffic and quality of overall visitors. Our traffic increased by more then 500% during that period... We knew that was great but we still had room to improve and improve we did. When we updated our layout once again to our last one complements came from all directions. Both fans and large corporations were "wowed" by it. As great as this layout was we knew that we could do a lot better....

This is where our current site design comes into place. This design was not only an update as far as looks are concerend. We also reworked the entire HTML coding of much of the pages and converted them to a far more robust and efficient code. In this new period we hope to cover Dragon Ball Z with energy and spirit that no other site can come close to... The end result has yet to come...

Nazmune- Editor-in-Chief

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

Content and design Copyright 2000-2002 Dragon Ball Z Network