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He's Here (Episode 134)

The Summary

     Piccolo coninues to do battle with A-17. After another 2 minute staring contest they start sending in the fists. After gettin punched Piccolo notes that 17 is fast but his punches lack strength. 17 doesn't believe Piccolo is telling the truth and continues on fighting. It seems that after every hit 17 gets in Piccolo retaliates with one of equal or greater strength. As 17 notes that Piccolo is nothing more than a flesh and bone creation, 18 tells him not to underestimate that mean Piccolo. Anyways their fight continues, and you really see a lot of good action! Piccolo pounds 17 in the back which smashes him in the ground. They start exchanging punches and all the while Piccolo and 17 are sending out energy waves, it eventually destroys that island. So what should they do? Well continue on at another island!

     At Roshi's.. Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien are greatly pissed that they are just on the sidelines. And after some mindless babble, Krillin can feel the ki of Cell in the distance. Apparently he is heading towards the androids. And it is Piccolo's fault because Cell can sense his power.

     The fight with 17 continues on! It appears that Piccolo has a little more advantage over 17 because all of his attacks are either counterattacked or neutralized. Their fighting eventually takes them to another island, which pretty much annoys 18. Back at Roshi's, Bulma calls and says that she will be there to give them the completed controller to shut off 17 & 18 only if Yamcha gives her a foot massage! Krillin agrees for Yamcha and that is that.

     The fight continues on with the same theme (17 attacks and Piccolo retaliates even stronger). 17 seems to be very annoyed that he can't defeat Piccolo so easily. He starts screaming and vains(?) pop out on his forehead. Out of rage he flys forward and forces his fist through Piccolo's abdomen and almost out the other side. Piccolo does the same thing to him, and he does the same thing back! This continues on for a while until they break apart and go back to their inevitable conversizing. After hearing 17 talk about how Piccolo is losing strength and he is not blah blah, Piccolo notices ....none other than Cell atop a rock overlooking him and 17. This of course shocks Piccolo and Goku. And that is the end of this episode.

The Review

The Good & Bad: ummm ....Wow! FUNi did a most excellent job at the dubbing of this most bodaciously radical episode (Ehem, Bill & Ted Accent). The music fit the action scenes in this episode pretty well! Even though the music they used with Piccolo fighting 17 became somewhat repetitive, it wasn't really too bothersome. I really wish they would of added more music during the battle rather than that same tune. Maybe FUNimation has actually put another $40 into the making of their musical score! I am beginning to see more improvements as we move along. But is Funimation close to perfection? Well in some aspects yes, and other aspects no. No major dialogue flaws and the voice acting was believable (in other words, not forced). I don't really believe there is a such thing as the "perfect" voices. Sure there are the "original" japanese voices, but original doesn't mean perfect. So that is why I give FUNimation a little more credit than most hardcore Japanese fans do.

Final Word: Being the action junkie that he is, I am almost certain that Celestrian was very fond of today's episode! Who wouldn't? I mean where else are you going to find a robot and green man with fangs sock each other over and over again (my personal fav)? Now do I have any problems with the way that Funimation handled the end of this episode? Ummmm eeyeah. Even before the end previews were supposed to come on Funimation stated something like "And will 16 have enough power to stop Cell" or something like that? Now, pardon me for saying this but..why the hell did they have to do that? 16 doesn't even take part in any of the fighting in the next episode, and I am sure it made all the new fans out there wonder why didn't he say "do 17 and 18 have enough power to stop Cell?" instead of 16. Well that obviously is a spoiler that 16 is going to do battle and that he is stronger then 17 or 18. Baka! Oh well *shakes Celestrian out of his action-induced coma* spoilers are ! just a part of every day life. If you enjoy action you shouldn't of missed this episode. And if you are new and hate knowing what happens next, then sorry I just spoiled it for you in this review, heh.

My Rating: 4.6/5 (A lot of improvement, but the end spoiler and repetitive music kept it from a 5)

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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