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Shadows Chapter 6

After two weeks of intensive training, in which Alker's ki level almost doubled from 85 to around 165, Jake felt that Alker was finally ready to learn some simple techniques. Alker quite liked Jake. This was due to the fact that whatever the situation, Jake seemed to always put a positive spin on things. He was literally a beacon of light in the shadows that surrounded each and every human on the planet.
"Right Alker!", Jake grinned, "Let's see how much you've learned in the previous few weeks. Come at me and try to hit me as hard and fast as you can"
"Okay", Alker grinned back and hurtled toward Jake with as much speed as he could achieve. Pulling back his right fist he made an action to hit Jake directly across the face. Jake inmmediatly blocked the fist and moved to uppercut Alker with his right arm. Surprisingly Alker actually managed to deflect it in time before it made contact. Jake instantly stepped back and swept Alker's legs away with a roundhouse kick which connected solidly. Alker fell head over heels to the floor.
"Heh!", Jake laughed, "you lost you're concentration there kid. Still that's the best you've done yet. You are definately improving. Though I suspect that you are not actually using your ki as effectively as you could"
"Yeah I know", Alker conceeded picking himself back off the ground, "but you still haven't really told me how to.."
"Hmm. I realise that I haven't. To be honest no-one really knows", it was Jake's turn to conceed, "You've got to understand that everyone uses their own way to master their internal energy. Though you don't realise it I suspect that you are beginning to pick it up already. Concentration is mainly the key. What I want you to do now is to try and concentrate and sense your own energy"
Alker sat down and closed his eyes. The trick was to try and block out every other thought. In doing this he would be able to focus his brain on detecting the very slight ki signature that existed inside of him. After about half an hour he felt something. The feeling was of some kind of energy flowing around inside of his body. It was everywhere - in his arms, his legs, his head. He could sense it all. He was amazed at how much there actually was. If he could use even half of that... And then his mind abruptedly switched, just like changing a channel on a television set to something else...

He opened his eyes and looked around. What could he see? There appeared to be two men, big men walking away - discussing? He couldn't tell. He seemed to be in a room. It was a dark room, he was scared. Alker looked at himself. He was different. His hands were absurbedly big. His head seemed to be out of proportion to his body. Out of the shadows of what seemed to be a prison, a lonely figure approached.
"Hey kid"
"I want my Mummy", Alker unexpectedly said. It was similar to being a viewer watching a play. He had no active part in what was happening. All he could do was to watch..
"Yeah I know. Look kid, I can help you escape, but you've got to do exactly what I say. Okay?"
"Okay mister"

In a deathly cold sweat, Alker abruptly came back to full conscienous. He just about stopped himself from screaming.
"Well", Jake asked, "did you sense anything?"
"Yes I did. I certainly did...", Alker whisphered back.
"Great!", Jake continued, "you're really starting to get the hang of it now. Soon you will be able to learn some energy techniques"
"Er yeah...", Alker replied somewhat unenthusiastically, "I mean great. Um Jake?"
"When mediatating, did you ever get visions or the like?"
"No. The only person that I know who can do that is Piccolo. Why?"
"Oh...Don't worry, just wondering. So...when do we start these energy techniques then?", Alker quickly changed the subject.
"We start tommorow. A little more training for today is still required I think on your concentration. After that I would say that the techniques that I am going to teach you will take approximatly four weeks to learn and a further four to master, along with additional training to boost your ki level"

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