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Shadows Chapter 2

It was the same old dream all over again.
One exception.
It wasn't a dream.
Oh crap.
Alker suddenly woke up. Where was he? He seemed to be in a featureless, small, cramped room. This was not his bedroom at all. What was that low rumbling noise? He peered out of the window beside him.
Then it hit him. Hard.

"No!",he sobbed to himself quietly, "No,no,no,no,no. This does not happen to me. How can it?"
"How can it?", he whispered in grief.
His sobbings of despair were noisily interupted by what seemed to be something of a commotion outside.
"Stop! You are to be detained under section D9..."
"Well, well, if it isn't two androids. I'd be willing to bet that you're D classes at the best. Am I right?"
"No questions permitted human. You have ten seconds to respond"
"I tire of this - seems to me that you both need reprogramming. My tools are rather blunt, but I think they'll have the desired effect"
He's so dead, Alker reflected.

It was not long before the commotion turned into a fight. Alker strained his neck so that he could just about look through the window beside him. It was dark, so he could only just about make out some grassland. Straining his eyes he realised that that was it. He couldn't see any roads, trees or even shrubs, just grass. Where the heck were they anyway? All of a sudden, this soon to be deadman sprang at the android with absurb speed. Amazingly he missed. Alker rubbed his eyes - how? The android had just vanished! He turned 180 degrees as if sensing something, but was too late to decently block several blows that came his way.
"Zero... And now your termination human"
Wow! It hadn't even been trying up to now.
"Careful Ferefire, it's a B class!"
Alker had studied robot classes before. A C class was equivalent to a ki level of about 2500 and a B class of 10,000. Ten thousand! Only a robot could have an equivilant ki that high! In addition the second android hadn't even made a move to get involved, as if sensing that the fight would soon be over.
"I can handle an A class if I wanted to Alec, so stay outta this!", the voice of Ferefire yelled back.
Alec drifted down beside Ferefire. Drifted? Thats flying isn't it? And to fly like that would require quite a substantial power level. Maybe they did have a chance after all, Alker hoped.
"You need my help. You're power level isn't high enough to take him alone", Alec stated simply.

Alec dropped next to his companion. Despite Ferefire's protestations, Alker sensed that he was secretly relieved that what seemed to be his friend had come to his assistance. With that the second android joined the fight. It seemed that Alec's apperance had unnerved the androids (if that was possible) somewhat.
Alec flew at the first android and landed two solid blows to it's torso before it managed to put up a decent defence, having been lifted up into the air with the impact. Promptly Alec disappeared and reappeared above it, before smashing it down two fisted to ground.
The android was wrecked.
What??? It was that short and simple. Impossible! Alker was astonished at what he was witnessing.

Ferefire was having a tougher time with his opponent, the B class. After a few physical attacks he decided to try concentrating his ki into a beam and firing it, by what Alker could determine. He wondered if the words which accompanied it was strictly necessary or just for show.
"Masenko!", in a blinding orange flash, a beam shot out of Ferefire's hands towards the android.
The android paused before raising it's hands and seemed to draw in the power from the shot.
"Ferefire! You know that energy level attacks are useless, so why bother?!?"
"Haha. Believe me he won't be able to absorb this one"

A faint white aura engulfed Ferefire as he gathered all of his energy to fire another masenko at the android.
"NO! FEREFIRE!", yelled Alec. He sped toward the android and landed a solid blow to it's head from behind. The android who was not expecting the attack, turned to block before it realised it's fatal error.
Alker had to close his eyes to block out the light from the beam as it flew toward the android. Directly colliding into it in the back. Circuitary and motor parts flew everywhere as the android was literally blown apart.
"You know that really wasn't necessary Ferefire"
"Aw shut up. Lets go and get the boy before they send in some serious fire power", Ferefire panted, clearly exhausted at his efforts.

The door to his compartment was opened. For the first time Alker could see his would be rescuers properly. Ferefire was of about average build, sporting parted dull-blond hair, his blue eyes seemed to glow vibratly in the dusk, whereas Alec was of larger proportions, which would be just under 7 feet, with long dark hair, tied back into a ponytail which went down to his waist. He prossessed brown eyes which seemed to hint at some kind of inner intelligence to this muscular giant.
"You saved me!", Alker exclaimed , 'you were amazing. How..."
"Shut up privildged boy", Ferefire swiftly interupted, "Do you think were doing this for you because of your family's position? Listen to this - we HATE you. You think it's fair how we live don't you.."
"Leave it Ferefire, he's been through enough today as it is... Listen kid it's okay. You can trust us, we are here to help you. You can either come with us or stay here and be caught again. Its entirely up to you"
Alec reached down to undo Alker's bonds. He stood up shakily. After what he had been through today, he considered it a miracle that he could even perform this simple action.
"I'm coming"
What other choice did he have?

"Put your arms round my neck and hold tight", Alec informed.
"Oka...", Alker began, and then stopped and yelled. The sudden burst of acceleration from the ground to the air absolutely terrified him. He was flying! Unbelievable. Unbelievably frightening that was. He did not particularly have a fear of heights, but this was a little more extreme.
"AHHH!", he howlered.
"Just our luck we had to rescue a whuss"
You can guess who stated that one.

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