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Shadows Chapter 1

He slowly opened his eyes and tried to comprehend his surroundings. What he witnessed brought almost immediate fear into his very being. Out of the shadows, two figures approached him with instruments that he could not even begin to describe. Struggling, he tried to move but he couldnt, fixed by an unexplainable force he knew not of. And then it started...

It was at precisely five o five in the morning that Alker was to wake up from his recurring nightmare in a deathly cold sweat. Ever since he had been a child that dream had been a part of him. Occasionally he would have one, though what was disturbing was that recently these dreams had gone from occuring once every couple of months to almost every night. Clarity and vividness had also taken a great increase of late. It was this that disturbed him even more. Again he opened his eyes and looked around. At least this was more reassuring. He was in his bedroom, in his bed, with moonlight streaming in through the window next to him. This room was something that most people would never see, yet alone sleep in. But this was not greatly surprising since Alker's family was one of the richest in the world, his father being such an important scientist for the Established World Order(EWO). With some effor Alker gradually drifted back off to sleep.

Yet again he looked about. This time it was different. Another dream? Looking down almost as a detached entity, he surveyed the scene that was below him. He was watching a fight. It seemed to his perspective that it was between several fighters on one side and what appeared to be just one fighter, an old man(?) on the other.
"Leave it to me. I'll take this senile old fool out and save you all the bother", Alker thought he dimly heard. He tried to make out who had said this, but his vision began to blur.
"No Vegita! He is more powerful than he looks. He's already killed...", Alker could just about detect the emotion in this one's voice.
"Hah! You all waste your time on such a pathetic sight. It seems that only true royalty can handle this task which you highly overrate"
"Finished your speech yet Vegita?", Alker could dimly hear, "That must be the most unusual last wites that I've ever heard"
"Enough of this, lets fight..."

Alker abruptedly woke up. That dream. It had been so vivid. So real. Almost as if he had actually been there. Alker was 15. Most kids his age would be working by now under the EWO. He wasn't of course, due to his family's standing, which he was immensly proud of and couldn't but help taunt people of lower class of. Naturally that was the way that things had always been, since the very day he had been born. He dragged himself out of bed and swore profusely when he noticed a slight brown bruise on his right arm and chest. Hadn't he told his minder to stop him fighting if he got too drunk?Ah yes he would be in severe trouble in the morning. In actuality, Alker wasn't too bad when it came to fighting. He had a knack for the skill and would probably have been forcefully enlisted for training by EWO if he wasn't who he was. Smirking to himself he could still remember his father's astonishment when he had brought home a ki reader from the research laboratory. Out of interest he measured himself and announced he had a reading of 60. Sure, he trained as a hobby, but 60 - thats 12 times the normal ki reading of about 5. His father's face! He smirked again. He looked at the bruises in the mirror again and studied his reflection once more. The person looking back was about 6ft,reasonably good looking with his short dark hair and piercing green eyes.

Maybe one day he'd train properly, but hey life was good. Why fix what ain't broke? Besides he was determined not to become as demented as some fighters got-training all day and night, 7 days a week. Ridiculous! They were on a mission if there ever was one. He lay back down onto his bed and tried to get back to sleep this time. It wasn't long before he was woken again, but for an entirely different, more real reason, that would make him reflect fondly upon his nightmares that he had been having. It was 6 o clock that he heard a commotion somewhere downstairs. He could just about make out the voices.

"You are to come with us for detention. Any resistance will result in your immediate termination. Are you clear?", he heard a voice state. It was a strange voice being somewhat computerised. It was an android, Alker guessed. But why had a group of androids been sent. What had it stated. It want to detain his father and probably the rest of the family as well. There would be hell to pay in the morning when officials realised the mistake they'd made. But... But what if? He refused to think of the alternative.
"Its the boy isn't it? You won't get him. I won't let you", his father yelled.
"You have five seconds to agree", the robot continued.
"NO!", his father screamed. Then there was a yell of intense pain and then...silence.
**** **** ****. This was not happening to him. Was his father okay? He had to be. He jumped out of bed and raced downstairs to see...
"Dead!", he rushed over sobbing," monsters, do you know who we are!?!" he screamed in anger.
"Alker residence, classification code As1433546", the android seemed to almost smirk, "You are to come with us to be detained"
Alker looked at his dead father again. He saw a gaping hole in his stomach, with blood pouring out. His father's expression was one of absolute shock and horror as he gasped his final breath. These two androids - they looked human, yet Alker knew that they were not, couldn't possibly be. They just stood there motionless. They didn't care. They weren't capable of any emotions. What these androids were doing was just carrying out their job, according to how they were programmed.
"Ugh!", with tears streaming down his eyes, Alker was violently sick.
"You have ten seconds to comply or force will be use...", the robot began
"AGHHH!", Alker screamed as he charged the android nearest to him. He didn't even make contact as he was grasped by two arms, at the last second, at what seemed to be impossible speed.
"You..YOU!", he yelled, trying to break free. It was all in vain, as he struggled desperately against the impossibly tight grasp.
Alker was taken out of the house that he had lived in for 15 years, out of his life and tossed into a EWO detention van. Screaming and yelling at the top of his voice seemed to have no effect as the grasp holding him seemed absurbly strong. It was not long before Alker felt a short sharp pain which quickly stopped any resistance no matter how futile, and sent him into a blissfully deep sleep.
"Oh shi...."

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