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Shadows Chapter 14


Alec slowly opened his eyes. Was he in hell? No. It was far worse. Here he was, captured by Gero and his minions. He did not have a clue what was in store for him, but whatever it was, he knew that it was not good at all. Where was he? Appeared to be a cell of sorts, he considered. Cast in darkness, he could just about make out some light filtering through a tiny window above him. He had to get out of here. Gathering all of the energy he could manage, he focused it into a point and blasted it at the wall. Or to be more specific he tried to. For some reason he could not control his ki, or even sense it. It was as if it had simply disappeared.
"Well,well,well is this Alec I am addressing", came a cruel and heartless voice as a figure entered Alec's prison.
"Yes and who the **** are you?", Alec shot back. This was all just too much, "What have you done to me???"
"Now, now. That is not a particularly polite way to address your ruler", Alec peered through the blackness and just made out who was interograting him. A tall thin man in his fifties, with greying hair and mustache, his eyes hinted at a dark soul long forsaken. It was none other than Dr Gero.
"Gero! Murderer! You killed my brother!", Alec screamed and charged him, tears straming down his face.
"Hahaha. I would watch yourself...", Gero paused to shove Alec back into the cell, "...If you don't want to go the same way as him"
"*******! What have you done to me?!? Why am I so weak?", Alec pulled himself back up.
"Ah yes. This cell contains a ki neutraliser. It locks onto your energy signature and produces an anti form of it, making you as weak as a kitten", Gero laughed, walked forward and slapped Alec with the back of his hand, which threw him across the room.
"No!", Alec collasped against the wall. Nothing he could do would make any difference now.
"You may be wondering why you are still alive", Gero smirked, "I don't like long conversations, so I'll cut to the chase. You know where Alker is. We want him. He is...important to us"
"You want...?", Alec was taken aback, he did not realise that Alker was wanted this badly for Gero himself to get involved. He paused then stared back at Gero, his eyes burning fiercely in resistance against this tyrant and murderer, "I would never tell you, you ****! Even if I knew, you would have to kill me first!"
"Oh dear. That was not the correct reply..."

Chapter 14

3 months later...
"AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!", now it was Alker's turn to attempt Kaio-Ken. The previous day he had mastered normal Kaio-ken, which increases power by a factor of a half. Now he was trying a triple Kaio-Ken, which triples his ki level. Muscles buldging, eyes wide open, he had done it. A faint red aura surrounded him, indicating the technique that he was using.
"Excellent!", Sami-Kaio praised, "You seemed to have mastered it now. Remember that this move does put a harsh strain on your body, so the time spent in this state should be minimal. Similarily you shouldn't attempt too high a KK level"
"Thanks Kaio!", Alker smiled. He had done it. Finally after almost three months, which involved chasing monkeys, bashing giant insects named Gregory with hammers and of course learning Kaio-Ken he had now mastered the most powerful technique ever devised.
"Well done Alker!", Jake clapped somewhat cheekily, "It shouldn't be long before I get there as well"
"Hah! You're weak both of you", Ferefire taunted, "That party trick that Alker has just done, I did almost a month ago"
"Well you are stronger than both of us", Jake replied honestly, "When you came here you did have a power level of about 100,000 anyway. Yet i would estimate that whilst your power level has only increased by a factor of a half, mine has increased from 4000 to about 15,000 whilst Alker's has increased by even more"
"What that snob? I highly doubt it", Ferefire replied somewhat angered by Alker's progress.
"Boys, boys!", Sami-Kaio interupted, "Calm down! If you feel that way Ferefire, why don't you spar with Alker? Then you will see how much he has improved"
"I'm up for it. Don't know about him though...", Alker replied, eager as ever to disprove Ferefire.
"Let's do IT!", and with that Ferefire hurled himself at Alker. His first couple of blows were efficently blocked by Alker, who had almost immediatly powered up to a double Kaio Ken in response to this attack. Ferefire was slightly surprised when Alker actually managed to break through his defences slight a blow to his torso.
"Heheh", Ferefire jumped back and gave a wicked grin, "If that's the best you can do, you might as well give up now my friend"
"NO!", yelled Alker and dashed toward Ferefire again, who began to power up slightly to deal with the threat. Ferefire easily blocked every single punch that was thrown and floored Alker with a high powered kick into the stomach, which winded him.
"OWWW!", Alker groaned, that did it. He was determined to beat Ferefire, to pummel his smug face right into the ground, "Triple Kaio-ken!", he yelled, driving his body up to the maximum possible level it could possibly sustain. Screaming, he again launched himself back at Ferefire. What had previously been a fairly easy fight was now more evenly matched, with Ferefire only just being able to block Alker's attacks. Several times a few got through. Eventually one smacked Ferefire directly in the face. He flew back from the sheer force of the impact, clutching his nose. It was broken, blood streaming down his face.
"AGHH!!! You *******! You will pay", Ferefire was absolutly furious now, "Kaio-Ken!", now it was Ferefire's turn to increase his power level using this miracoulous technique. Peering over, Alker estimated that his power level was now in excess of 200,000. Oh ****! Almost immediatly Ferefire zauzokened behind Alker and dealt him a blow to his back. Falling to ground, Alker rolled slightly and forced himself back up. This was not good. He did know how much longer he could keep this Kaio ken level up. His body was starting to ache.
"AND THAT'S JUST A WARM UP!!!", Ferefire yelled as he began to charge a energy blast.
"NO FEREFIRE!", Kaio yelled, "I said no energy beams"
"Hahaha", Ferefire laughed dementedly, "If he is as good as you say, he will block this one"
And with that Ferefire launched the beam of energy at Alker. As Alker watched the ball approaching him, he knew that he would most likely die, unless he did something drastic. He had no other choice...
"Kaio Ken times five", he winched as his aura was almost doubled in intensity. It was now or never. Gathering all the energy in his body he prepared for the beam...
"MASENKO!", he yelled. His beam flew towards Ferefire and in a blinding flash they collided. This had gone too far. With this kind of energy one of them were going to die. Unless... Alker charged up another ball of ki and drew all of the remaining energy out of the masenko and into it. Ferefire's beam was almost upon him now. With all the energy left in his body he flung the ball which maneourved the beam away from himself and Ferefire into the abyss that was either side of Snake way. Exhausted, he collasped onto the grass.
"That was better than I expected", Ferefire stated, his demeanor now totally changed, he was impressed, "Practice a bit more and come back when you are a bit of a challenge"
"Huh?", just when Alker thought he had got Ferefire figured he was proved how little he actually knew about the man.
Finally after another week, they were ready to leave. Sami-Kaio had assured that Alec and Hannah were still okay, but neither Alker, Jake nor Ferefire were willing to chance another day. Soon they would rescue their friends. Soon they would be free.

Current Energy Guide to Shadows and Dramatis Personal
The Good guys:-(base levels)
Shaw Ferefire:-135,000
Robert Alker:-35,000
Jake Laurence:-15,000

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