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Shadows Chapter 13

Heres the necessary filler chapter to explain how they get to Kaios and everything. Thus no fighting this one people. That comes in the next chapter...

It was a week later when the finally arrived. It had been necessary to borrow a regeneration tank from an EWO facilty to bring Jake up to full strength. But that was another story. Alker, Jake and Ferefire had now recovered fully from their exertions and were presently standing at the base of what had once been Kurin tower, brutually demolished by Gero and his creations.
"Well here it is", Piccolo gestured, "Though I'm not sure if it is still possible to travel there..."
"We have to try", Jake replied, hope burning furiously in his very being, "Can we get there Piccolo-san?"
"Follow me", Piccolo instructed, "We will find out very soon"
They ascended into the sky. Rising and rising it was not long before the it was a featureless green and blue landscape below. Yet the climb continued. Finally Piccolo stopped. The sky was perfectly clear due to the fact that any cloud cover was now below them.
"How high up are we?", Alker quiried.
"About 200 miles I'm told", informed Piccolo.
"That's impossible", came the reply from Alker, "The Earth's atmosphere only extends 6 miles into space"
"There is a much simplier way to be sent to the afterlife", Piccolo snarled.
Alker wisely took the hint and kept quiet.
"This is difficult to do, so shut up all of you! All three of you grab my arms. This should not take too long", calmly Piccolo closed his eyes and began to concentrate, focusing his mind on one thing...
Suddenly, in a blink of an eye they were there. They had materalised in a queue of some sort, which consisted of seemingly white clouds. At the end of this line was a massive palace, the like of which Alker had never seen before. Truely this was the palace of the after-life.
"What are clouds doing here?", Alker inquired, somewhat puzzled.
" Souls", Piccolo simply stated and it was left at that.
After a bit of queue jumping, they had reached the domain of the giant Lord Enma, the judge of the dead. There he Occupied his seat, sitting at his massive table as he would do for as long as life in this universe existed determing what would happen to each and every soul as they passed from one plane to another. Alker, Jake and Ferefire just stood there in awe.
"This is most unexpected...Should I be adressing Piccolo or Kami?", Enma stated coldly.
"Not too unexpected. Especially if you have actually been watching what has been going on down on Earth for the last 16 years", Piccolo remarked, his voice equally cold.
"Do you really want to go to hell when you die Piccolo?", Enma replied somewhat angered by his insolence.
"No. I want to help save the world", Piccolo was entirely genuine, "These three may be able to defeat Gero with the right training from Kaio-Sami"
Alker, Ferefire and Jake were somewhat taken aback by this uncharacteristic reponse.
"Are you certain of it?"
"No. But we have no other options. I leave it up to you"
"Very well", Enma replied after a moments consideration, "Despite your arrogance and plain innosolence, I shall allow these three to pass. Pray that I am in such a generous mood when I come to judge you Piccolo"
"Ah shuddup you...", Piccolo mumured.
"Sorry Piccolo? I am omnipotent and all seeing you know"
Everyone pasued and held there breathe, before Piccolo eventually replied, "I do not have any more time to remain here exchanging pleasantries. Goodbye", and on that instance he had vanished. Again everyone paused. Eventually the silence was broken by Jake.
"Thank you sir", Jake replied appreciatedly.
"Just clear off the three of you. You should get there after you have travelled snake way. Don't waste my time anymore"
"Okay thanks again", they began to leave.
"Hold it! One more thing"
"What is it sir?"
"It's that way", Elma pointed the opposite direction that they were going.
They had been going along this damn road for the last couple of days. Snake way seemed to be a normal road except for the fact that either side existed a layer of ominous looking clouds. A helpful looking man had adviced them at the start of their journey not to fall off the road. Neither Alker, Jake nor Ferefire wanted to chance it. After a while they had given up running, deciding by mutual consent to fly.
"How long is it this thing?", Alker complained.
"About as far as i can throw you", came the ever cocky voice of Ferefire.
"No Ferefire", Jake contributed, "If that were the case, we would have been there about some time last week"
"Not if I were to throw you in outer space. You would never stop then. Hah!", Ferefire grinned.
"...I think I can answer my own question now guys"
"Really?", Jake was intrigued.
"Yeah...Snake way ends just over there in the distance", Alker pointed.
"You're right! YAY! We did it!!!", Jake cheered.
They raced to the end of the road. Only to find what appeared to be nothing at the end.
"...", they were all speechless.
"Isn't there meant to be something at the end of these things?", Jake was puzzled.
"Nah! This is just for exercise. They are going to make us fly up and down this road. OF COURSE THERE IS! LOOK FOR IT YOU DOLT!", Ferefire snapped.
Finally after half a minute of searching, Alker spotted something.
"There's something that looks like a tiny planet over there. That could be it", Alker began to fly towards it. The rest followed.
As the gang began to descend onto the planet something strange began to happen. Contrary to what Alker had assumed about small planets having low gravity, the gravity on this world was huge. Desperatly trying to slow his descent, he found that this in addition to his weighted clothing which already increased his weight by a factor of five times, was just too much.
"AGHHHH!!!!", he yelled as he collided with the sphere, leaving a large cartoon shaped hole in the ground. Alker only just managing to lift his body out of it(Ow he hurt pretty bad after that fall), he noticed that a similar thing had happened to Jake and Ferefire as well.
"Oh my god! I feel so heavy", Jake complained, "Its this gravity. How?"
"Think about it", Ferefire interupted, "We wear weighted clothing all the time. This is just another way of training. Just think how strong you would become training like this all day"
"I can bearly stand at the moment", Alker complained, "Let alone train. Im taking my weights off"
"Cease your whining boy. You think that this will be easy? We need to get twenty times stronger to rescue them. I'm keeping them on. Let's go find this Kaio person"
After much searching they came to a domed house. A cadilac was parked outside. To think that people still collected them, even in the after life...
"That monkey kinda looks like he could be him", Jake gestured. There was no one else present.
"Yeah, and that dance he's doing must make him really strong. Hey! Are you Sami-Kaio sir?", Alker yelled.
Ferefire sighed. He was surrounded by morons. This was almost embarassing. Marching over to the dome, he stepped in. The interior of the building was compact, but homely nonetheless. He spotted a blue creature, with a fish like face, and two antenie originating from the top of his head, wearing dark glasses which concealed his eyes. Over his almost balloon like body he was wearing a black gi. Sitting at a chair around a table of his, he seemed to be mildly amused, viewing the scene of Alker and Jake imitating the monkey through the window.
"Excuse me, are you Sami-Kaio?"
"Well", came an odd sounding voice, which you might only hear if you were to shove a blunt object up your nose, "Give the man a banana", Kaio was somewhat impressed that this man hadn't fallen for it. Almost all people who visited him usually fell for his Bubbles trick, "Hahaha. Maybe your friends could do with one as well", he winked.
"No thank you", Ferefire was totally perplexed. Was this really the great Sami-Kaio that he had heard about? He seemed to be slightly mad, "I will be brief. We have come here for training under you. You are a great master are you not?"
"Well that may be..."
"Our friends, Alec and Hannah.Have you heard of them?"
"Alec and Hannah? two powerful warriors. Part of the underground organisation against Gero on Earth? Recently captured I believe"
"Yes that is them. We want to become strong enough to rescue them. Be able to defeat Dr Gero"
"Defeat Gero? Even Piccolo could not do that. I understand your pain though. I can assure you though that they are still alive"
"Are they?", Ferefire's hope brightened, "How can you possibly tell?"
"I have my ways. Very well, I have decided...I will train all of you on one condition"
"Oh yeah?", Ferefire wondered what on earth this crazed master might count as a condition.
"...I want all of you to make me laugh"
"Huh? What? Okay...Let me think", Ferefire was not incredibly surprised. He was obviously senile. Still Kaio was apparently a great teacher. He felt it almost beneath him, but he had to conjure up a joke.
"Um...", under pressure it is not as easy as it sounds.
" the rabbit said I'm just mixingmytoasties", Ferefire racked his brains.
"No. No NO!You just can't tell a good joke. You are of no use to me I'm afraid if you can't deliver the punch-line right"
"Okay. Hey! Aren't those two still out there", Ferefire hastily changed the subject.
Sami-Kaio looked out of the window and burst into fits of laughter. Jake and Alker were dancing in a line, following Bubbles.
"HahA", Kaio wiped the tears off his face, "Well I think they've passed already"
"Shall I tell them?", Ferefire was metaphorically rubbing his hands with glee. Jake and Alker would never hear the end of it now.
"Haha! Don't worry. Soon enough I'll put them right. We must hurry though", Kaio said with a sudden urgency in his voice, "I don't think your friends have much time left"

Current Energy Guide to Shadows and Dramatis Personal

The Good guys:-
Shaw Ferefire:-90,000
Robert Alker:-4500
Jake Laurence:-4000


The Bad guys:-
Royal Elites Z9566+P9825:-100,00-300,000+(16 of them, appearance can vary-all wear 3 green bands, 3 have been destroyed, so only 13 now)
Lord Gero:-1.5million(?)

These androids keep the normal population in check:-

Somewhere out there:-
Son Gohan:-(?)
Son Gokuh:-(?)

Now excuse me as I Kamehameha the television company which shows dbz here in Britain, since they didn't put any dbz repeats on this weekend and I have thus lost this weeks episodes(NO!).

Yes the energy absorbing androids are like the ones in the show, except there are more of them(thousands) and that they are far weaker. Only A, B and C classes have energy absorption. Elites do not require this for several reasons. Firstly there are very few ki's high enough to make much difference and secondly there are only a few of them, thus they can get recharged at base.

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