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Conflicting Numbers

September 14, 2001

It looks like we are getting mixed information from Cartoon Network and FUNimation. Earlier we received news from FUNi that Season 5 (the new season of DBZ currently showing on CN) that it would be about 43 episodes long. Cartoon Network stated the following right before the new season aired:

Finally, the news Toonami fans have been waiting for: Starting Monday, September 10, Cartoon Network will begin airing 96 episodes of Dragonball Z that have never before been seen on U.S. television. These new episodes of Dragonball Z encompass the King Kai Saga and the Majin Buu Saga and continue the story of Goku, who, along with his son Gohan and a handful of friends, defends the Earth against the deadly forces of the mighty Saiyans.

Now that totally contradicts what FUNi stated earlier... Not only that but FUNi has posted a new schedule on their website of future DBZ episodes that extend to the 43rd new episode. Which matches their own earlier statement but still contradicts that of CN. The last time both of party's information didn't match up Cartoon Network was correct. That was with the DB premiere date, FUNi didn't acknowledge the delays and publicly contradicted them weeks after CN stated the delay.

However this time CN themselves kind of brought their credibility down with their little summary. They Goku and Gohan do not defend the Earth from Saiyans for any long period of time. Not any more in the future (except when Vegeta goes....), and only for a short while in the past. You can tell that the writer of that statement was far from being a true fan or a person who's actually seen much of the series.

So basically your guess is as good as ours at this point....

Feel free to break this information down in the DBZN Forum.

Nazmune- Editor-in-Chief

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