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Net Infected? Protect Yourself!

Auguest 10, 2001

Allright netizens, I am now getting over 8 viruses in my main email box daily! This doesn't even count some of my abandoned accounts that get over 80 junk emails per day and who knows how many viruses! My main point is that all the viruses I get are from you guys the visitors. 99% of viruses that affect normal people like you and me are Win32 worm viruses. Some of these little critters look into your mail box (AOL, Outlook, Eudora, etc) and email everyone within your contact list. It makes it look like you sent the message and unfortunately fools much of your family and friends. Although I know better then most, the email attachmnet in which the virus is housed in can be huge. It increases my download time by a huge amount of time. Sometimes it shuts down the mail server and I get no mail! Now for the cleap up...

Unfortunately there is NO totally free and decent anti-virus scanning/combating tool. But luckily for many of you we found a site that is offering McAfee a high quality product in this area for free and legally because of the recent net virus epidemic. Your probably thinking that I already said that there is no free and decent anti-virus software. Well guess what this product has a catch, you have to pay for the shipping! Which is only $6.95 and much cheaper then the actual cost of the software.

Click here for the link to the free (+ shipping) McAfee anti-virus tool.

Nazmune- Editor-in-Chief

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