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Movie 2, "Violent, Valiant, Super Exciting Fight"

The Summary

In the beginning of this movie King Kai senses an enormous ki even higher
than Gokou's. King Kai telepathically calls Gokou to his planet. Gokou abruptly
leaves to search the universe for this mysterious ki. The Z fighters are outside
having a picnic/talent contest.(Krillin is the best, by far, with a voice like
an angel). When all of the sudden a huge space craft land and a long forgotten
Saiya-jin appears. Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Oolong, Master Roshi, and Krillin all
rush into the space ship.

Can you even guess what is going to happen?!

The Review

There is a fair amount of everyone getting their asses whipped, with a special
appearance by Piccolo.

All and all this movie is fairly good. I loved the change from Gokou whipping the
villain's ass, to the villain whipping Gokou's ass(until the end of course
when...oops, it's a thriller to the end, and let's just say that you'll
probably enjoy it).

The Animation

The animation was pretty fluid, this movie was made during the Cell saga and
it up kept with my expectations. One of my favorite moments was when Brolly
uses one of his ki attack on Gokou, that is one of the high points of the
animation in the movie(in my opinion). The thing that I was really disappointed in
was the coloring, they made Brolly's hair an ugly neon green.


Simply put... amazing The fight scenes blew me away. For instance when Brolly
knocks Vegeta into the huge rock and the rock civets into a huge circle was one
of my favorite parts in the movie. All the fight scenes are amazing, sometimes
so amazing I forgot to blink.


There wasn't too much music in the movie worth mentioning(unless you have never
heard the opening song for the Japanese version of Dragonball Z, Cha-la Head
Cha-la) The end song for the movie is a fairly upbeat song which I ultimately
ended up downloading, in case you are wondering, it is entitled "Dragon Power."
The best part of the whole movie (and it is musical) was when Krillin was
singing his 80's love ballad.


All in Japanese. If you watch this movie you better be prepared to read. The
best part in the dialogue is when Gokou returns home at the end...

Voice Acting

All your favorite Japanese voice actors are in this movie. I was really
pleased with the voice of Brolly.


The plot was simple, all it basically was is "Let's whip this guys ass so I can
go home and eat"


This movie was action packed! And to make more exciting they threw in the
antics of Roshi and Oolong to add the comic relief. Excellent fighting scenes
and a strong villain make this movie a candidate for at least two more films of
this stature.

Biff gives "Violent, Valiant, and Super Exciting Fight"

6 Dragon Balls out of 7


Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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