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DBZ Movie 12, "The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta"

The Summary

Movie #12 entitled "Rebirth of Fusion" starts off in heaven during the Annyokai Budoukai for those that have died. It is being held by Grand Kai to determine who the greatest dead hero is. The four Kai are arguing about who has the best student, and finally all the Kai except King Kai bet against Goku.

In the final round Goku is about to meet Paikuhan and they agree to do their best to the see who the greatest really was. Meanwhile the gatekeeper King Yamma is deciding who enters heaven and who goes through the soul cleansing machine that removes all the evil from the bad ones. Once cleansed, the evil souls have their memories erased, and they are reincarnated to have another chance to change their life.

A teenage punk (whose name is unknown), who is supposed to be watching the Soul Cleanser is very busy dancing to his heavy metal music. So his boss comes over to warn him about the levels of the evil tanks and he tells Punky that they need to be changed or else King Yamma might lower his already slim salary. But, Punky being a little slow continues to sing and dance, the Cleanser shows warning signs, and then explodes. All of the evil spirits leak out and takes over consume Punkys's body, turning him into the ultimate evil being named Janemba.

(Note: This is the strongest enemy ever seen in anything to do with DragonballZ, because it is made of all the evil that has ever existed and died throughout the universe)

He is in a large, chubby, yellowish...thing...which is very playful. After forming, Janemba encloses King Yamma's house in a crystal prison which cannot be broken with force and absorbs energy blasts, thus making it stronger.

After King Yamma is trapped inside his house, all the past souls come back from Hell and reform on Earth, even after forming Janemba. They then go around Earth haunting and causing chaos. Mr. Satan walks around attacking all the skeletons and walking zombies claiming to be the hero once again. We even see a much older Romeo asking a much younger Juliet to marry him, and wondering why she hadn't aged.

Meanwhile Great Saiyaman (Gohan) and Videl try to combat the souls and strike new poses, while Young Trunks and Goten search for the Dragon Balls to send the souls back to Hell and restore order. Gohan sees Furiza on a building and approaches him. Furiza doesn't notice him at first, then after noticing he is the son of Son Goku he sends his Saiya-jin army to attack. Great Saiyaman now with his mask off revealed to be Gohan flies through the pack of henchmen and punches through Furiza. Now the Saiyajin army and the Ginyu Force all run away and scatter!

The scene then cuts to where Shenron is bring summoned outside of the Z-Team's home.

They make their wish, but Shenron tells the team that there is nothing that he could do because it had to do with the afterlife and King Yamma is more powerful than him. After Goten calls out "Shenron is stingy" and Trunks covers his mouth. The team continues to battle the dead and Hitler makes a futile attempt to destroy all who oppose his resurrected force. They ride over cars and traffic with tanks and horses, Trunks and Goten play with Hitler's Army for awhile and pretend to be scared by the resurrected leader.

Then they show him that he was no problem they couldn't handle. Next Trunks having Vegeta's bloodline decides to scare him. So they turn Super Saiya-jin and they look like Hitler's supposed superior race, Hitler then questions whether God had sent him these two mysterious children as punishment for his deeds. As the two Super Saiya-jins are opening a can of whoopass on his army, Mr. Satan is also getting rid of the dead, but gets angry because there are no TV cameras there to show him as Earth's greatest hero.

Grand Kai stops the Budoukai and tells Goku and Paikuhan to go save King Yamma to solve the situation and that they could finish later. At first sight Goku tries to play with him because he's like a cute marsh mellow, but Janemba tells Goku to fight in his own sorta sign-language. So the real fight begins and he turns Super Saiya-jin, but Janemba can punch into portals making his attacks appear anywhere. Meanwhile Paikuhan is trying to free King Yamma.

Now Goku is really mad so Goku powers up for a Super KameHameHa and Goku fires it, Janemba makes a duplicate Goku that counters and hits Gokou with a KameHameHa! Goku then begins to power up and the colors around him invert, he reaches Super Saiya-jin 3 and gains the upper hand. Paikuhan quotes about Goku being a show off, Goku next divebombs Janemba and blasts his stomach open. Janemba has finally been hurt and much like Buu reforms his body. He turns into a red liquid and powers up, he then reaches his evil and true form equipped with an energy sword. Janemba is red, has light brown horns, the outside part of his eyes are yellow, the eye itself is jet black, he has a long tail, and can stretch himself to incredible lengths.

Goku begins to lose and get dropped in a pool of sticky liquid that traps him and Janemba uses his sword to cut up the ultra thick liquid around Goku. As he is about to be killed Vegeta is granted temporary life from Baba and comes to fight. Vegeta tells Goku that only he will be the one to kill him and attacks Janemba, Vegeta then flies up and fires an energy ball, but Janemba can dematerialize, and he reforms.

Now he beats Vegeta down badly. Goku recovers and takes Vegeta into a gigantic thorn plant which serves as massive cover. He tells Vegeta that the only way for them to win is to do a trick called Fusion with him, but Vegeta tells him he would rather die than to fuse with a low class Saiya-jin and Goku calmly says out that Vegeta already is dead.

Janemba attacks the pile they're hiding in, but Goku teleports them to a safe location and after some discussion Vegeta agrees to do the fusion dance, so Goku shows him the poses they have to do and Vegeta does not want to do such a dumb looking stance. Anyway they do the crazy dance, but Vegeta forgets to extend his right index finger, and the resulting fighter is Fat Gogeta who attracts Janemba's attention. The ensuing battle is plain, idiotic, and funny, Janemba cannot hurt him because he's rubbery. He hits Gogeta repeatedly, but he just balloons around and eventually farts in his face. The Fusion wears off and the two run away again. King Kai telepathically says that Vegeta forgot to extend his finger and they try again, but Janemba interupts. They get to safety and "FUUSION-HA!" The fusion works this time.The true Gogeta looks exactly like Super Saiya-jin 2 Goku, except he has increased muscle mass, the fusion uniform, and his hair stands up.

Back on Earth, Goten and Trunks are getting bored with the fight and fuse to Gotenks and use Super Kamekaze Ghost Attack x100 who all do KameHameHa on Hitler's Army. SSJ2 Gogeta then jacks up Janemba and starts forming a rainbow colored energy ball. He then nails Janemba with it and it explodes the monster from within. Thus Gogeta has made the strongest evil force of all time die in a matter of seconds. Punky returns to normal, King Yamma is back in charge, the dead all return to Hell, Goten and Trunks promise each other to not tell Gohan and Videl who it was that saved them all. In the end everything is safe, but poor Shenron is left wondering if anybody wants to use the one wish.

The Review

This movie was a fairly good one, I liked the action of it. In this movie. Goku and Vegeta are fighting against the odds until the very end when the fuse.


The animnation was very well put together. This Movie took place during the Buu Saga and exceeded my expectations for the animation. Most of the time, the sceneary,how can I put this, looked like Goku,Vegeta, and Janemba were all trippin' on acid. If the Greatful Dead could make a music video, it would look similar to this movie. I liked how the made Janemba, very slick and evil looking.


The fight scenes were excellent at least. When Goku goes Super Saiya-jin 3 and fights Janemba is simply marvellous. The whole movie is visually stimulating. The fight scenes were probaly the best in the entire Dragonball Z movie line-up.


The music is the same ol' same ol' stuff that us Dragonball Z fans are acustomed to. This movie's opening song is "We Gotta Power" this is one of the best musical triumphs of Dragonball Z. This is a must download!


All in japanese, if you plan on watching this movie be ready to read. I'd rather read all Dragonball Z movies than have FUNimation contort them.

Voice Acting

I loved the voice acting in this movie. A high point was when Goku and Vegeta fuse and become Gogeta, they actors synchronized the dialogue so it sounds like one voice, but you can tell that it's really two.


The plot was fairly orginal. The start off in the Budoukai and fisinishes in King Yamma's. I liked the creation of the strongest villian ever seen in Dragonball Z. I also enjoyed it when Trunks and Goten fought Hitler's army and used the Ghost Kamekaze attack. After the battle, Vegeta and Gokou connect, almost as if one, this is very emoitional.


Just about everything in this movie was flawless. The unification of long time enemies into one of the strongest beings of all time was breath taking. Plus the comic relief of Trunks and Goten makes this movie all in all incredible.

Biff gives Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta!:

6.5 Dragon Balls out of 7


Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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