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  Dragonball Z
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Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2

General Game FAQ
Written by Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny (
Version 3.14


I - Introduction
II - Game Story
III - Basics
A - Basic Attacks/Movements
B - More Complex Attacks/Movements
IV - Advanced Tactics
A - Throws and their Counters
B - Dealing With Super Ki Blasts
C - Blast Collisions
V - Character Analysis
A - Son Gokou
B - Vegita
C - Piccolo
D - Son Gohan
E - Trunks
F - Cell
G - Cell Junior
H - Bojack
I - Zangya
J - Brolie
VI - Character Rankings
A - Strongest Character
B - Best Looking Meteo
VII - Various
A - Cheats
B - Revision History
C - Thanks

----------I: Introduction----------

Welcome! I am Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny, and I see you want help for the 
Super Famicom game "Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2". Well, you've come to the 
right place, because this game is my speciality. I have owned it for 4 years 
now, and am quite proficient at it. So much so, in fact, that as soon as I 
discovered someone has finally uploaded it as a ROM so everyone could play it 
(you illegal freaks, you), I decided to write a FAQ so everyone would know how 
to play it.

First off, let's get one thing straight: Even though I am Vegita, I will try to 
write from an un-biased point of view (although I still think I'm the best at 
everything). Second of all, if I catch anyone copying all or part of this FAQ, 
ANY part of this FAQ (not counting little sentences like "First off, let's get 
one thing straight), I will destroy you. I will rip you limb from limb like the 
excessively weak individual you are, and then I will sue you for copyright 
infringment. Third of all, I do not own the rights to this game, the names of 
the characters in this game or FAQ, or have any ownership whatsoever of this 
game (except for the cartridge sitting in my room, that is). Those are the 
property of their respective owners.

----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----
-----------------------------II: Game Story----------------------------
----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----

Dragon Ball was a Manga (Japanese cartoon or comic) created by Akira Toriyama, 
an artist in Japan, in 1982. The manga, which dealt with an absurdly strong 
little boy named Gokou (off of the Japanese stories of a monkey god of the same 
name), became wildly successful, and a cartoon version was put on the air in 
1984. It ran all through the course of the show until the main character, 
Gokou, finally grew to adulthood. This signified the end of Dragon Ball, but 
promised that something new would return next week in it's place. This new 
show: Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z picked up right where Dragon Ball left off, with Gokou as an 
adult. He has a child now, and his arch-nemesis, Piccolo, was as bad and mean 
as ever. This series introduced an entirely new set of characters, mostly from 
outer space, and revealed Gokou's origins (he's from another planet too).

Dragon Ball was such a large success, before and during it's "Z" stage, so it 
was obvious enough that there would be video games made about it. There are 
RPGs, Fighting games, Strategy games, and even a few arcade games. This is 
where Super Butoden 2 comes in.

Super Butoden 2's plot starts right before the Cell game, the contest created by 
Cell to determine the strongest fighter in the world. The plot then takes a 
wild turn, switching into a new plot featuring Zangya and Bojack from Movie 10. 
It ends, though, with a match against Brolie, the Legendary Super Saiya-Jin 
(only on difficulty levels 3 and 4, though).

----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----
-----------------------------III: Basics-------------------------------
----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----

To begin the game, insert the cartridge into your Super Famicom (or modified 
Super NES) console, and press the power button. If you're running it off of an 
emulator, you're a pansy, and should get the actual game. After the intro 
sequence (you can skip it if you want to), press start at the title screen to 
bring up the menu.

----III.A: Basic Attacks/Movements----

Here are the basic attacks and movements that every character can utilize. If 
you don't know how to do any of these, you should learn how immediately.

A = Ki. This is your typical Ki attack. Most characters throw a small blast, 
while others launch something different. 

B = Kick. This button causes your character to throw a kick. 

X = Switch. This button causes your character to switch from the ground, where 
you stand and fight, to the air, where you float and fight.

Y = Punch. This button causes your character to throw a punch. 

L/R = Holding in one of these buttons while moving causes your character to 

Up = Jump. This causes your character to jump up in the air. Can also jump up-
towards and up-away. 

Down = Crouch. This causes your character to duck. While this is seemingly 
useless, some of the shorter characters can dodge quite a few attacks by 

Left = Move left. 

Right = Move right. 

Direction Pad Away = Block. If you hold away from your opponent while they are 
attacking, you will block at a mid level. If you hold down and away, then your 
character will block at a low level. However, if you block Ki blasts, you will 
still sustain some damage.

----III.B: More Complex Attacks/Movements----

You can win the game off of just the basic attacks, but if you want to actually 
win against another opponent or a harder computer setting, you should learn 
these attacks as well.

Y + B = Charge Ki. In this game, your character has 2 life bars: Your health 
bar, which is your life (how many hits you can take), and your Ki bar, which is 
how much energy you have to throw special Ki attacks. If your bar runs out, and 
you continue to try to do Ki attacks, your character will get tired, and stop 
attacking to take a breather. In order to counteract this, you can charge up 
your Ki ba by pressing Y and B at the same time.

Towards + Y = Throw. This causes your character to throw the opposing 
character. Unfortunately, these can be stopped or countered. (See Advanced.)

Aerial Movement. In the game, if you switch to the upper level, you will be 
flying around instead of standing. This means that you cannot duck low attacks, 
but you are able to slowly glide up and down over attacks by "jumping" (in the 
air, you're not really jumping). You can, however, throw Ki attacks (regular 
attacks, specials, supers), and they will automatically travel to the lower 
playing field if the other guy is there. All these make it very hard to dodge 
certain attacks, while other attacks are very easy to dodge and counter.

----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----
-------------------------IV: Advanced Tactics--------------------------
----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----

Well, Mr. Hot Shot, here's you think you're all that and a loaf of rye now that 
you've mastered the basics, huh? Well, here's the more advanced workings of the 

----IV.A: Throws and Counters----

In order to throw someone, you need to be close to them and press Towards + Y. 
The throw will hurl your opponent away, causing damage and giving you enough 
time to start another attack. Throws, however, can be blocked and even 
countered. If, while being thrown, you press either the L button twice or the R 
button twice, you character will do 1 of 2 things, depending on the side you're 

-If you're being thrown to the left side of the screen, and you press the L 
button twice, then your character will flip over and land safely, without taking 
any damage. 
-If, while being thrown to the left side, you press the R button twice, your 
character will fly back with a kick.

These buttons are reversed for the opposite side of the screen; meaning that if 
you are being thrown right, pressing L twice will make you counterattack instead 
of land safely.

----IV.B: Dealing With Super Ki Blasts----

Each character has 2 super Ki blasts: a weaker one (that takes less from the Ki 
bar), and a stronger one (taking more from the Ki bar). These are used as 
regular attacks if you are close enough to your opponent; you will just charge 
up and throw it like a regular Ki attack. If, however, you are at a great 
enough distance, then you will go a through special screenshot of just you doing 
the movements of your attack, then the standard throwing of said Ki blast. At 
this point, the screen will switch over to the other character, who must attempt 
to block or dodge the attack. Here's how:

1: Simple Block = Away + A. By pressing away and A at the same time once the 
screen switches back to you, your character will throw up their arms in defense, 
taking the attack. They will take half the normal amount of damage this way.

2: Dodge = Up, Down + A. Pressing up, then down and A will cause your 
character to lean to the side and allow the attack to shoot past, bearly 
brushing against them. This will cause them to take only 1/4 the normal amount 
of damage.

3: Deflection = Away, Down + A. Rolling from away to down and pressing A will 
make your character smack the incoming attack away, causing NO damage to them.

4: Reflection = Away, Down, Towards + A. Rolling away to down to towards and 
pressing A will make your character reflect the attack back at the attacker. No 
damage is done to you, and the other guy can only attempt to block or dodge. 
The only problem with this is, it doesn't always work right, and will sometimes 
explode in your face, causing the full amount of damage.

5: Dispersion = Away, Towards + A. By pressing away, then towards + A will 
cause your character to destroy the attack, with no damage done. This is 
what'll usually happen when you attempt a:

6: Counter Blast = Down, Away, Towards + A. Rolling from down to away, then 
pressing towards + A will cause your character to throw a Ki blast right back in 
an attempt to stop it. By doing so, this leads right into:

----IV.C: When Attacks Collide----

If two character's Super Ki blasts collide, then it becomes a furious battle of 
who can press the A button more in the time alloted. Whoever wins has their 
attack follow through, and the loser can only defend, dodge, or disperse (or 
attempt to do so).

----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----
-------------------------V: Character Analysis-------------------------
----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----

Ok, here's what you've been waiting for, right? The special moves of each 
character. Well, here ya go! 

-The attacks are rated on a 1-10 scale, the first 5 (1-5) for how easy it is to 
get it to work, the second 5 (6-10) for effectiveness. If an attack is really 
easy to do, and does very little damage or just plain misses a lot, then it'll 
rank a 6. If it is impossible to pull off, yet is unblockable and does massive 
damage, it'll get a 6 for different reasons.

-* = denotes characters that can only be accessed by a secret code.

-# = denotes Super blasts.

-% Denotes A Meteo attack (an attack that does an unusually large amount of 
damage and/or sends your enemy a great distance, causing a great explosion where 
they hit the ground).

-All these attacks were taken from the attack list in the game, which is 
accessed during a fight by pressing start, then select, the highlighting the 
character's name and pressing the A button.)

----V.A: Son Gokou*----

Gokou is the main character Dragon Ball. The story revolves around his growing 
up, eventually becoming the ultimate fighting champion of the universe. During 
the story mode of the game Gokou fights you (if you choose), and Cell.

Move list:

Away, Down, Towards + B = Spinning Kicks. Gokou spins and spins, kicking all 
the while. You want a cheap attack? THIS is a cheap attack. 8/10

Towards, Away, Towards + B = Flip Kick. Gokou performs a forward flip, hitting 
with his feet. It's quick and easy to pull off. 6/10

Hold Away (2 seconds), Towards + B = Elbow to Kick Spin. Swings with his elbow, 
then spins around and kicks. Shorter than the Spinning kicks, and leaves you 
less vulnerable. 6/10

Down, Towards + A = Seeking Ki Blast. Gokou launches a smaller blast which 
seeks out the opponent, no matter where they are. Great for enemies that still 
have to get up (it hovers above them until they stand, then hits them). 9/10

Towards, Away, Towards + A = Ki Slam. Gokou launches a ki shot so fast, it 
knocks the enemy flying quite a distance away. The shot is so fast, it can only 
be seen on the radar! 7/10

Down, Up + A = Taiyo-Ken (Sun Attack). Gokou draws in a great deal of energy, 
then releases it in a form of pure light, blinding anything within range. This 
freezes them, giving you a chance to attack freely. 7/10

# Away, Down, Towards + A = Kamehame-ha. Gokou's trademark attack. He charges 
up and releases a mighty attack. Takes about 1/4 to 1/5 of the Ki bar. 6/10

# Down, Away, Towards + A = Chou Kamehame-ha. Gokou's trademark attack 
upgraded. He charges up and releases an even mightier attack. Takes about 1/3 
of the Ki bar. 7/10

% Towards, Away, Down, Up + B = Neo Meteo Juggle. Gokou's meteo has him 
smacking the other guy up into the air, then back towards the ground, the 
straight ahead into some rocks (or ground, whatever he hits). 8/10


Gokou is the main man if you play cheap. Don't even bother trying to let up 
with his spinning kicks, and mix it up with a Taiyo-Ken and Ki slam to really 
confuse them!

----V.B: Vegita----

Vegita is the archrival of Gokou, the main character of Dragon Ball. He first 
arrived in the series attempting to gather the Dragon Balls to wish for eternal 
life. Instead, he died by the hands of Freeza, but was later brought back by 
the Dragon Balls. He has fought along side Gokou and his friends, and 
occasionally against. He is friend and foe, and one bad man all around. You 
can play as him during the story mode.

Move list:

Away-Down, Towards-Up + B = Diagonal Kicking. Vegita flies upwards with a kick, 
then dives back towards where he was standing with another kick. This is great 
for jumping idiots, or those fools who want to get thwacked twice. 8/10

Towards, Away, Towards + Y = Punch/Kick combo. Vegita rushes forward, kicking 
and punching. This attack leaves you on the other side of them! If they don't 
know what's coming, they'll get barraged from both sides! 8/10

Down, Towards + Y = Elbow Smash. Vegita quickly moves to the other side of the 
opponent and smacks them with his elbow so hard, they fly a great distance. A 
confused opponent usually can't block it (which side to I press?). 
Unfortunately, this sends them REALLY far away, so you can't easily follow it up 
with another attack. 6/10

Down, Away + A = Renzoku Energy Dan (Repeating Energy Attack). Vegita launches 
3 Ki blasts in rapid succession. Quick, easy, and very effective. 9/10

Down, Up + A = Energy Geyser. Vegita turns, raises his hand, and the ground 
erupts with energy, sending the enemy flying. Great for incoming attackers, or 
the fool who wants to rush you on the ground. A slight lag time, however, makes 
it somewhat ineffective. 6/10

Down, Towards + A = KienZan (Power Ball). Vegita throws a small disc which 
heat-seeks the opponent. Great for stupid enemies that like to hop back and 
forth into the two playing fields. 7/10

# Away, Down, Towards + A = Big Bang Attack. Vegita charges up, raises one hand 
towards his opponent, and launches a large blast. I love this attack, as it is 
quick and easy to use if you're in close enough. It also takes a relatively 
small amount of Energy to use. 8/10

# Down, Away, Towards + A = Final Flash. Vegita charges up, puts his palms 
together, and launches a large, two-handed blast. Takes a bit too long in close 
for practical use, and takes too much energy to be worth it (you'd have to 
charge up a while to use this one). 6/10

% Towards, Away, Down, Up + Y = Super Meteo Hitting. Vegita hits them up in the 
air, smacks them back towards the ground, the stops them and elbows them in the 
other direction. Nice! 8/10


Vegita's attacks make him more of a horizontal fighter, but if you work 
vertically, you'll always have a good attack up your sleeve. You can use his 
diagonal kicks to catch people off guard, rush them with a flurry of attacks, 
then knock them up into the air, or down onto the ground, followed by a KienZan 
or Big Bang Attack. He's MY favorite fighter.

----V.C: Piccolo----

Piccolo is Gokou's oldest rival (unless you count Kuririn or Yamcha). His 
father was Piccolo Daimou, the evil incarnate that was released from Kami 
(Earth's God). Kami had to get rid of all the evil in his body to become God, 
and Piccolo was that evil. When Gokou finally killed Piccolo Daimou, Piccolo 
vowed his revenge, and spit out an egg with the present Piccolo in it.
This Piccolo has fought alongside and against Gokou, but has played an even 
more important role in Gohan's life. As Gohan's fighting trainer, he instilled 
a fighting sense into Gohan. He even began to care for the little tyke. After 
a while, Piccolo gave up on the whole rivalry. Being a Namekian, Piccolo has 
the ability to regenerate lost limbs, extend body parts great distances, and use 
magical powers. You can play as Piccolo during the story mode.

Move list:

Towards, Away, Towards + B = Double Horizontal Kick. Piccolo flies forward with 
a kick, then flies back to his starting point with another kick. A good, quick 
combo in itself. 7/10

(While in air) Towards, Down + B = Diving Flurry Kick. Piccolo, while in the 
air, can dive and kick his opponent into submission. If it is blocked, he will 
still kick rapidly, and fly to a safe distance. 6/10

Charge Away (2 seconds), Towards + X = Mystic Grab. Piccolo extends his arm, 
grabbing you from a distance and throwing you. Nice, but a little too hard to 
pull off. 5/10

Down, Towards + A = Seeking Ki Blast. Piccolo can create a small blast that 
seeks the enemy, like Vegita's KienZan. Good for stupid people that like to 
dodge attacks by hopping into the sky area and back. 7/10

Away, Towards + A = Eye Lasers. Piccolo's stare can kill! Quick, but will 
little range. 6/10

Away, Down + A = Mental Shocker. Piccolo can use his amazing mental powers to 
shock his opponents into a daze. This attack can cancel out lots of attacks, 
including Super Ki Blasts (if they're in close enough). 8/10

# Away, Down, Towards + A = Mankaksopoppo. Piccolo's infamous "Special Beam 
Cannon (::shudders:: that's not even CLOSE to what it translates to!). What 
else can I say? It doesn't take that long, it doesn't take that much energy, 
and it doesn't do that much damage. 7/10

# Down, Away, Towards + A = Gekiretsukodan. Piccolo's super-powerful attack 
that comes from both arms. Launching 1 massive blast ain't easy, you know. 

% Towards, Away, Down, Up + Y = Aerial Bashing Meteo. Piccolo hits them 
upwards, then smacks them around while in the air. Sounds painful, looks 
painful. The range on it ain't too good, though... 6/10


Piccolo deals more in his range than his sheer strength or speed. His attacks 
can catch you at any distance, and can leave you reeling when done well. Don't 
spend too much time trying to get certain attacks to work, though (Mystic Grab, 
Aerial Bashing Meteo, etc).

----V.D: Son Gohan----

Gohan is the first son of Gokou and Chi-chi. Because his father, Gokou, is a 
Saiya-Jin, Gohan has lots of potential to be a great fighter. Because of his 
mother, a fussy human, he prefers to study instead of train. After Gokou died 
fighting Cell, Gohan killed Cell and took over the storyline (however briefly). 
You can play as Gohan during the story mode.

Move list:

Towards, Away, Towards + Y = Multi Punching. Gohan slides forward punching 
rapidly, then slides back. Nice combo damage if unblocked, and usually dizzies. 

(While in air) Towards, Down + B = Diving Kick Flurry. Gohan, just like his 
teacher, Piccolo, can dive out of the air and kick rapidly at whatever he hits 
(except the ground). 7/10

Charge Away (2 seconds), Towards + Y = Super Charging Fist. Gohan slams his 
opponent with a punch so hard the are sent flying. Quite the nice attack, but a 
little hard to get to working right. 6/10

Down, Away + A = Renzoku Energy Dan (Repeating Energy Attack). Gohan can launch 
3 Ki blasts in rapid succession. Irritating for those who are in too close, 
that's for sure. 8/10

Down, Towards + A = Seeking Ki Blast. Gohan can throw a small Ki blast that 
homes in on it's target. Great for stupid people lying on the ground, because 
as soon as they get up... 8/10

Towards, Away, Towards + A = Ki Slam. Gohan forces an attack so fast that it's 
nearly impossible to dodge (unless you have my reflexes). This attack sends 
them flying a great distance, just like his Super Charging Fist. 7/10

Down, Up + A = Body Flare. Gohan can not only charge up Ki, but can expell it 
in the same manner, creating a temporary barrier around him. Anyone trying to 
attack him with a physical assault at that time will get whomped. 7/10

# Away, Down, Towards + A = Masenkou. Gohan's trademark attack, taught to him 
by Piccolo. Quick and to the point, but (as with all the weaker Super Ki 
attacks) it's lacking in power. 7/10

# Down, Away, Towards + A = Kamehame-ha. Ah, his daddy's training does show 
through. Gohan finally uses an attack that his father taught him (instead of 
Piccolo). 8/10

% Towards, Away, Down, Up + B = Gohan's Meteo Extrodinaire. Gohan performs his 
father's meteo. Ok, now we're just being unoriginal on purpose! Gohan has 
short legs, so you have to be REALLY close for this to hit. 6/10


Gohan's safety relies on his use of random attacks. Don't stick to punches or 
kicks, nor should you use nothing but his Ki attacks. Try to change it up 
(Multipunching to Ki Slam, Body Flare to Seeking Ki Blast, etc). Well, at least 
he's better than SOME people in the game...

----V.E: Trunks----

Trunks is the son of Vegita and Bulma. He first arrived from the future to 
deliver a special medicine that would prevent Gokou from dying. Because of 
this, he created a seperate timeline that dealt with different enemies than in 
his own timeline. Because of his half-Saiya-Jin, half-human blood, Trunks 
(probably) has the same potential as Gohan and Goten. You can Trunks during the 
story mode.

Move list:
Down + B = Sliding Kick. Trunks can perform an easy tripping attack by sliding 
on the ground and kicking. Quick and effective. 7/10

Down, Towards + B = Super Sliding Kick. With this one, Trunks runs at the enemy 
and slides, going an even greater distance. This one is MUCH better than the 
regular. 8/10

Down, Towards + Y = Rushing Attacks. Trunks rushes forward, punching and 
kicking. A nice, quick combo, that can lead into several things (like a meteo). 

Charge Away (2 seconds), Towards + Y = Bakuken-Ha (Force Attack). Trunks puts 
both hands together and slams the opponent a great distance away. This is like 
Gokou and Gohan's Ki Slam, only with a closer range. They never see it coming! 

Down, Towards + A = Seeking Ki Blast. Trunks launches a blast that seeks out 
it's opponent. Great for catching those already on the ground. 8/10

Down, Away + A = Kakusan Energy Dan (3-Angled Energy Attack). Trunks launches 3 
Ki blasts parallel to each other. Very nice, since it's quick and does a good 
amount of damage. 8/10

Away, Down + A = Energy Zan (Ground Energy). Trunks can throw a ki blast that 
travels across the ground towards his opponent. Let's see you duck under THIS 
one, Cell Jr.! 8/10

# Away, Down, Towards + A = Burning Ki Blast. Trunks creates a big ball of 
energy, then sends it hurling at his opponent. Quick, effective, and doesn't 
take THAT much energy to use. 7/10

# Down, Away, Towards + A = Finish Buster. Trunks' likes them neat hand 
movements. He then fires off a large blast at his opponent. 8/10

% Towards, Away, Down, Up + B = Rushing Combo Meteo. Trunks' meteo has him 
rushing into his opponent, then pounding the crap out of them as they fly along. 
The range for this one ain't too good, though. 7/10

Trunks is like Vegita; he's more of a horizontal fighter than Vegita is, though. 
Trunks can knock you off your feet, send a ki blast through one of your own, or 
just plow through you with a barrage of kicks and punches. Either way, he's 
VERY good at what he does.

----V.F: Cell----

A long time ago, in Dragon Ball, Gokou destroyed the evil organization known as 
'Red Ribbon.' One person who worked there, Dr. Gero, decided to get his revenge 
on Gokou. He took DNA samples from Gokou, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegita, Nappa, 
Freeza, King Cold, and various other people, then used them to create the 
perfect warrior: Cell. Cell, once he absorbed Androids 17 and 18 became his 
'Perfect Form', which is what he is in this game. In the story mode, Cell 
fights Mr. Satan (briefly), Gokou (sometimes), and whoever you picked.

Move list:
Towards, Away, Towards + B = Body Blast. Cell lets loose with a ki attack, but 
it looks just like he's charging up, so don't be fooled! 7/10

Down, Towards + Y = Punch Uppercut-Kick Uppercut. Cell slides forward and 
delivers an uppercut with his fist, then flies upwards with a kick, knocking the 
other guy down. If you miss with it, though, look out. 6/10

Down, Towards + B = Sliding Double Kick. Cell slides forward and kicks you in 
the shin (unless you're Cell Jr., which would make it your face), then kicks 
again in your face (unless you're Brolie, which would make it your chest). A 
nice combo by itself, but if you miss... 6/10

Down, Up + A = Taiyo-Ken (Sun Attack). Cell creates a blinding light that 
temporarily stops the other guy (if not blocked). Great for leading into a 
combo, or Meteo. 8/10

Down, Away + A = Renzoku Energy Dan (Repeating Energy Attack). Cell fires off 3 
quick ki shots. Quick and effective, unless the other guy is really short. 

Away, Towards + A = Finger Laser. Cell fires a laser from his finger. What 
else is there to say? It's really quick, and can stop a regular Ki shot. 6/10

# Away, Down, Towards + A = Kamehame-ha. Cell charges up and lets loose with 
Gokou's trademark attack (ok, so it's Kamesennin's trademark attack; so sue me). 
Quick and effective, especially if you're in close. 7/10

# Down, Away, Towards + A = Chou Kamehame-ha. Cell lets loose with Gokou's 
biggest attack (except for the Genki Tama, which they conviniently left out of 
this one). 8/10

% Charge Forward (2 seconds), Away + Y = Volleyball Kick-Spike. Cell grabs his 
opponent, throws them skyward, then spikes them into the ground with a kick. 
Painful, but hard to pull off. 6/10

Cell, as in all the games he's ever been in, is a powerhouse. He pounds on you, 
and if you get close, he'll throw you, meteo you, or just plant you with a 
couple of kicks. Cell's large size makes it hard to fight against the shorter 
people, but his attacks will still prevail for the good player.

----V.G: Cell Junior----
During the Cell game, Gohan had to participate against Cell. Gokou kept telling 
Gohan to get mad, so he could show Cell his true power, but Gohan wouldn't. 
Cell decided that he wanted to see this power, and created several Cell Junior's 
to go and beat up all his friends until he would fight. In the story mode, you 
fight Cell Jr. if you lose to Cell the first time, and a few times when you're 
searching for the Dragon Balls/Demon Towers.

Move list:
(While in the air) Towards, Down + B = Diving Kick Combo. Cell Jr. can drop out 
of the air with a kick, hit two more times, and then fly back up into the air 
with another kick. If you catch someone off guard with this... 8/10

Down-Away, Up-Towards + B = Triangle Kick. Junior can fly diagonally upwards 
with a kick, then drop straight down and slide back to his original position 
with another kick. It's a triangle, see? 8/10

Charge Back (2 seconds), Towards + B = Double Kick. Cell Junior, with his small 
size, can easily evade certain attacks and come back with his own fun attacks, 
like this one. He jumps towards and kicks twice. This kick'll send you flying. 

Towards, Away, Towards + B = Reverse Diving Kick Flurry. Cell Junior's attacks 
are VERY hard to block correctly, because you never know where they're coming 
from! This attack has him rushing behind his opponent, jumping, and returning 
with a flurry of kicks. Ouch times 2! 10/10

Away, Towards + A = Finger Laser. Cell Junior, just like his father (I THINK 
you can call him his father), can shoot a laser out of his finger. How nice, a 
blast right in the shins. 7/10

Down, Away + A = Renzoku Energy Dan (Repeating Energy Attack). Cell Jr. can 
throw 3 ki shots in rapid succession, just like almost everyone else in this 
game. His quick size makes it near-impossible to counter this with your own set 
of Renzoku Energy Dan, though. 8/10

Down, Towards + A = KienZan (Power Ball). Kuririn's trademark attack is also 
utilized by Vegita in this game. Cell Junior makes a small, homing disk (a KI 
disk, no less), and launches it. Great for those who like to constantly dodge 
attacks by hopping back and forth between the two fighting areas. 8/10

# Away, Down, Towards + A = Mankaksopoppo. Cell Jr. can use Piccolo's "screw 
beam" blast. Great in close, where it doesn't take long, and is likely to take 
out your feet. 8/10

# Down, Away, Towards + A = Kamehame-ha. Cell Junior charges up and lets loose 
with SOMEONE's favorite blast (Kamesennin, Gokou, Goten, etc). Painful, but 
takes a lot of energy to use it (without tiring yourself). 8/10

The only character that really doesn't have a meteo! Cell Junior's strength 
certainly isn't mostly in his strength. His manuverability and ability to catch 
you completely off guard is what he's known for. Well, that and being able to 
walk under most Ki blasts. Stupid people shorter than me...

----V.H: Zangya----
Straight from Movie 9, this Villainess is a pirate from the deep reaches of 
space. She was Bojack's right hand-woman, and was a fierce fighter. She was, 
sadly, betrayed by Bojack in the end.

Move list:
Towards, Away, Towards + B = Sliding Kick-Reverse Elbow. Zangya can slide 
forward, past her opponent (doing damage), then return with an elbow attack. 
Quick, and useful against ki shots (dodge and RETURN!). 7/10

Down, Towards + A = Punching Combo. Zangya slowly moves forward, punching. 
Then she jumps, and flies into you with a kick. A little too easy to block. 

Down, Towards + A = Kicking Combo. Zangya slowly moves forward, kicking. She 
ends it with a slide move that knocks you off your feet. Again, too easy to 
block or counter. 5/10

Away, Towards + A = Finger Laser. Zangya shoots a quick laser out of her 
finger. Nice for stopping Cell Junior from trying something. 7/10

Away, Down + A = Energy Zan (Ground Energy). Zangya can create a ki blast that 
travels along the ground towards it's opponent. Quick, and useful, especially 
when Trunks tries one of his own. 7/10

Down, Away + A = Kakusan Energy Dan (Seeking Energy Attack). Zangya, like 
Trunks (again) can create 3 parallel ki shots. These will tear through a 
regular ki shot, and does a fair amount of damage. I like this attack. 7/10

# Away, Down, Towards + A = Super Laser. Zangya charges up and shoots a VERY 
large laser at her opponents. Quick and painful, but doesn't take much ki and 
doesn't do that much damage. 7/10

# Down, Away, Towards + A = Ki Volleyball. Zangya creates a ball of energy, 
then serves it at you (like Jiisu did against Vegita). Not exactly quick, but 
for the damage it does... 7/10

% Away, Down, Towards + B = Somersault Strike. Zangya somersaults towards her 
opponent, then kicks straight down, sending them flying. Too bad this doesn't 
do the damage of a normal meteo. 6/10

% Towards, Away, Down, Up + B = Kick/Uppercut. Zangya kicks them up into the 
air, then uppercuts them. Doesn't do that much damage, and let's face it, it's 
just not as impressive as Trunks rushing someone and beating them up.

Zangya is nothing more than a poor clone of Trunks. She has rushing combos, but 
they aren't very fast; she has all his ki attacks (except for the homing shot); 
she even creates a Ball that is launched at her enemy (as a Super Blast). Sure, 
she has 2 "meteos", but they probably shouldn't be considered meteos because 
they don't do NEAR as much damage as all the other ones. Well, except for Cell 

----V.I: Bojack----
The head pirate gangster from deep in space, Bojack came from movie 9. He was 
beaten by the Kaioh-Shins, and locked far, far away, but now he's returned te 
exact his vengence upon earth! Too bad he suddenly changes from blue to green 
(his character picture to his fighting picture).

Move list:
Towards, Away, Towards + B = Double Kick. Bojack slides forward with a kick, 
then jumps and dives with another kick. Quick and effective. 7/10

Down, Towards + Y = Double Knee Smack. Bojack slides backward, like he was 
dashing away, but then suddenly slides forward again and hits with his knee, 
then again with his knee extended. Not very effective, because usually the 
computer will catch you off guard with a ki shot to snap you out of it. 5/10

A = REALLY Fast Ki Shot. I'm pretty sure Bojack has the fastest ki shot in the 
game (not counting Gohan/Gokou's Ki Slam). This sucker really travels! 8/10

Away, Towards + A = Finger Laser. Geez, what's with all the finger lasers? 
EVERYONE seems to have them in THIS game! Well, it's still effective, but not 
as effective (or easy) as his regular ki shot. 6/10

Away, Down + A = Energy Zan (Ground Energy). Bojack launches a ki blast that 
travels the ground. This is good against people who like to duck under you 
projectiles (Cell Junior, Gohan, Vegita, Zangya...). 6/10

Down, Away + A = Tsuiseki Energy Dan (Chasing Energy Attack). Bojack releases 
an energy attack that homes in on it's target. Nice. 7/10

# Away, Down, Towards + A = Double-Hand Blast. Bojack grabs one arm with the 
other, and shoots a large blast at the other person. Quick, but not always 
reliable (I seem to do his regular Ki attack or a laser instead). 6/10

# Down, Away, Towards + A = Super Double-Hand Blast. Bojack charges up, then 
does the same thing as his first Super Blast. Man, try something new! At least 
it does more damage... 8/10

% Away-Down, Towards-Up + B = Disappearing Kick. Bojack disappears, then 
reappears above where he was before, kicking. This attack does a smaller amount 
of damage as the regular meteos, but it's very quick and easy to do. 8/10

% Towards, Away, Down, Up + B = Kick Meteo. Bojack kicks low, then high, then 
back into the ground. Not very cool looking, but it's pretty effective and has 
a nice range. 8/10

Bojack relies on his Ki attacks more than anything else. His regular attacks 
are there to back up his ki attacks if someone gets in too close. And if they 
do, they're in for a major headache!

----V.J: Brolie*----
Brolie is the true Legendary Super Saiya-Jin. He was BORN in the Super Saiya-
Jin form, and later came out of it. His strength is phenominal, but he is also 
completely insane. He came from movies 8, 10, and 11.

Move list:
Charge Away (2 seconds), Towards + Y = Super Clothesline. Brolie SLAMS you with 
a clothesline. Man, that's gotta hurt! 7/10

Down, Towards + Y = Super Clothesline, Part 2. Brolie's second clothesline 
takes longer, but does more damage, and doesn't send you flying across the 
screen. Now THAT hurts. 7/10

Towards, Away, Towards + B = Machine Gun Kicks. Brolie rushes forward, kicking 
high, medium, and low. Geez, that hurts! 8/10

Down, Away + A = Renzoku Energy Dan (Repeating Energy Attack). Brolie launches 
3 speedy ki shots from 1 hand. Show off... 7/10

Down, Up + A = Ground Geyser. Brolie, like Vegita, can create an energy flare 
from the ground. It hurts dashing opponents, jumping opponents, or people who 
just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Takes a tad too much 
energy for this to be effective, though. 6/10

Towards, Away, Towards + A = Ki Slam. Yup, Brolie has one of these, too. He 
launches a ki attack so fast you can't see it (except for the radar), and so 
powerful it sends you flying. 8/10

# Away, Down, Towards + A = Super Energy Ball. Brolie makes a large ki ball 
with one hand, then smashes it towards you with the other. Quick and painful! 

# Down, Away, Towards + A = Super Energy Throw. Brolie makes a large ki ball 
with the other hand, and hurls it at you. VERY painful. Not as quick, 
though... 8/10

% Towards, Away, Down, Up + B = Super Pile Driver. Brolie kicks you up into the 
sky, then grabs you and drives you into the ground. Geez, if only pro wrestling 
were this cool... 8/10

Brolie seems to be the best guy in the game. He hits fast, he hits hard, and he 
hits frequently. Anyone but Cell Junior would have a hard time fighting him 
because he can knock down anyone and everyone with a couple of blows, then slam 
them into the ground. If you learn just how to fight against him, though, 
you'll find that his attacks leave him wide open when he's first doing them.

----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----
-------------------------VI: Character Rankings------------------------
----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----

This is where I tell what I think each character is ranked next to each other in 
different catagories.

----VI.A: Strongest----

10: Gokou. Ah, it's lonely at the top- er, bottom. He is Mr. Combo, save his 
Kamehame-has, meteo, and Ki slam. Oh well...
9: Piccolo. His attacks aren't really made for sheer damage.
8: Vegita. Combos are what this boy's about, not super slammin'!
7: Cell Junior. His attacks are shorter (get it?) than Trunks' AND they do 
less. What a crummy deal!
6: Trunks. His Double Hand stop hurts, and so does his sliding kick.
5: Gohan. His Ki punch and Ki slam really knock them out!
4: Zangya. Her attacks are more damage based than combo based.
3: Cell. Ok, now we're just picking the bigger people.
2: Bojack. His bicycle kick attack alone should show you something.
1: Brolie. Let's face it, his attacks will destroy you!

----VI.B: Best Looking Meteo----

11: Cell Junior. Why? Because he doesn't have one!
10: Mr. Satan. Good ol' Mr. Satan. He's one step above Cell Junior because 
his name has less letters (unless you spell out "Mister").
9: Zangya. Stupid, stupid, stupid. No big explosions, just a couple of hits 
and an uppercut, or a kick. Well, at least she has one.
8: Bojack. Kicks? That's it? Oh well, at least it's better than Zangya's...
7: Cell. Oh, great. A couple of kicks and he's done. Geez, why aren't you 
people trying?
5: Gohan/Gokou(tie). Kick, kick, kick, backflip, kick, etc. Gokou sure taught 
Gohan well, didn't he? After all, it's the same thing!
4: Brolie. Ouch. Being driven into the ground may hurt an awful lot, and it's 
pretty cool looking.
3: Piccolo. Hits you into the air, then pummels you into a rock. You see, 
THIS I like.
2: Vegita. Knocks them around, the stops them and hits them backwards into a 
rock. I like this.
1: Trunks. He rushes them and pummels them into a rock! For an average 
character, he has a great meteo!

----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----
------------------------------VII: Various-----------------------------
----Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2-Super Butoden 2----

----A: Cheats----

1) Play as Gokou and Brolie: After Gokou is done speaking, and it shows him 
flying towards Kami's Lookout (all you see are his wrists), put in this 

Up, X, Down, C, L, Y, R, A.

You'll hear Brolie say "Kakarotto". That's how you know you've done it right.

2) Turbo Mode: During the beginning sequence, hold in L and R on controller 2.

----B: Revision History----
02-02-00: Created this FAQ

----C: Thanks----
Well, there's really no one to thank! I bought the game from a friend online 4 
years ago, and I've been quite happy with it since. If anyone has anything to 
contribute to it, please let me know.

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