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Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin

General Game FAQ
Written by Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny (
Version 3.141


I - Introduction
II - Game Story
III - Game Walkthrough
A - Searking for Raditz.
B - Fighting Vegita and Nappa.
C - Planet Namek.
D - Finding Vegita, Zarbon, and Dende.
E - The Ginyuu Force.
F - Freeza.
G - Quick-Guide.
IV - Boss Stats and Techniques
A - Raditz
B - Piccolo
C - King Kaioh's Planet/King Kaioh
D - Nappa
E - Vegita
F - Kewie
G - Dodoria
H - Gravity Machine 10-100
I - Nail Clone
J - Zarbon/Zarbon Enhanced
K - Rikuum/Gurudo
L - Jiisu/Baata
M - Ginyuu
N - Freeza 1-2-3-4
O - Super Saiya-Jin Vegita
V - Character Analysis
A - Son Gokou
B - Vegita
C - Kuririn
D - Son Gohan
E - Yamcha
F - Piccolo Junior
G - TenShinHan
H - Chao-Zu
J - Other Guys
VI - Items and their Uses
A - Restoration Items
B - Card-Changing Items
C - Character Changing Items
E - Various (Sellable)
D - Various (Unsellable)
F - Unknown (?)
G - In Depth Item Usage
VII - Enemies
A - Sfuru-Jin
B - Lizard Henchmen
C - Human Henchmen
D - Former Bosses
E - Former Ginyuu Members
VIII - Various
A - Revision History
B - Thanks

----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----
----------------------------I: Introduction----------------------------
----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----

"Welcome! I am Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny, and I see you want help for the 
Super Famicom game "Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin". Well, you've come to the 
right place, because this game was the first Dragon Ball game I ever owned, 
beat, and wrote a FAQ for. I have owned it for 5 years now, and am quite 
proficient at it. It was the game that prompted me make a web page dedicated 
to Dragon Ball!

"First off, let's get one thing straight: Even though I am Vegita, I will try to 
write from an un-biased point of view (although I still think I'm the best at 
everything). Second of all, if I catch anyone copying all or part of this FAQ, 
ANY part of this FAQ (not counting little sentences like "First off, let's get 
one thing straight), I will destroy you. I will rip you limb from limb like 
the excessively weak individual you are, and then I will sue you for copyright 
infringment. Third of all, I do not own the rights to this game, the names of 
the characters in this game or FAQ, or have any ownership whatsoever of this 
game (except for the cartridge sitting in my room, that is). Those are the 
property of their respective owners."

----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----
-----------------------------II:Game Story-----------------------------
----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----

"Dragon Ball was a Manga (Japanese cartoon or comic) created by Akira Toriyama, 
an artist in Japan, in 1982. The manga, which dealt with an absurdly strong 
little boy named Gokou (based off of the Chinese folk tales), became wildly 
successful, and a cartoon version was put on the air in 1984. It ran all 
through the course of the show until the main character, Gokou, finally grew to 
adulthood. This signified the end of Dragon Ball, but promised that something 
new would return next week in it's place. This new show: Dragon Ball Z.

"Dragon Ball Z picked up right where Dragon Ball left off, with Gokou as an 
adult. He has a kild now, and his arch-nemesis, Piccolo, was as bad and mean 
as ever. This series introduced an entirely new set of characters, mostly from 
outer space, and revealed Gokou's origins (he's from another planet too).

"Dragon Ball was such a large success, before and during it's "Z" stage, so it 
was obvious enough that there would be video games made about it. There are 
RPGs, Fighting games, Strategy games, and even a few arcade games.

"Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin, the first Dragon Ball game made for the Super 
Famicom (Super Nintendo here in America), takes place right at the beginning of 
where the TV show "Dragon Ball Z" starts. Gokou is visiting his friends with 
his new son, Gohan. Shortly after, his evil brother Raditz shows up and 
kidnaps his son. Gokou and his arch-nemesis (at the time), Piccolo, take off 
to destroy this being. The game follows Gokou's story all the way up to his 
climactic defeat of Freeza, the evil space war lord."

----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----
--------------------------III: Game Walkthough-------------------------
----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----

Well, here's the walkthrough!

----III.A: The Search for Raditz----

"You are outside of Kamesennin's house. Why not enter? Because you are a 
weakling, and don't want to get beat up, that's why! Oh well, looks like you 
have no choice, do you? I mean, if you don't you won't get to see me! So go 
inside and start your adventure.

"Inside Kamesennins's house are Bulma, Kuririn, and, of course, Kamesennin. 
Talk to Bulma, and she will give you her Dragon Radar. Then talk to Kuririn, 
and he will give you the Turtle card (All it does is change the powers of your 
cards, and usually changes them to crap, so sell it as soon as you can.). Then, 
finally, you should talk to Kamesennin. He'll give you 40 shopping points, 
which you can use to buy items in Uranai Baba's house(s). Now, step outside, 
turn on your Dragon Ball Radar to see where Gohan went, turn it off, and head 
towards the dot indicated on it.

"Once you've gone as far as you can go (Meaning you will be able to see Raditz, 
but will be blocked by a passage of mountains), you should travel south until 
you reach a group of 3 houses. One of then is plain white, one of then is white 
with a gray dome, and one of them is a strange looking gray-brick pattern. The 
white building is a farmer's house, the gray-dome building is Bulma's Inn, and 
the Brick House (Lyonnel Rikie?) belongs to Baba. You should stay at the inn 
whenever you need the life, as it is convinient.

"Now, head north, back to where you could see Raditz. Go north from there, not 
too far, and you'll see a building that is all white, but has two points coming 
off of the top of it. This is the:


"This is an extremely important building, because you can are given 10 Training 
Points, with which you can either:

"Train your Ki, increasing it by jamming on the buttons to build power so 
you can destroy a rock. Note: Every time you do this, you gain 5 max Ki points, 
but lose half of your Ki. Just be ready to heal! 


"Get more spending points by "Running the Gauntlet," fighting a series of 
opponents. You can't heal using items, or view the power of the guys you're 
fighting, so it's a bit of a challenge. You can only run the Gauntlet once. In 
some instances, you will have to find an item to let you do so again. Every 
time you win one of such battles, you will gain more points (used for buying 
stuff), and then have the option of quitting with what you have, or trying for 
even more.

"Now then, increase Gokou's Ki by using the Training Building, getting 5 points 
added each time, heading back to Bulma's inn to heal, then back again. Do so 8 
times, then once for Piccolo. Then go outside and fight until you have reached 
level 3 (Your power rating should be 598 for Gokou and 588 for Piccolo.). Then 
go back to the Training Building, and, using the last Training Point you have, 
go into the gauntlet. Try to go through all of the fights, although you don't 
have to.

"After completing the gauntlet, you will be out of training points. That's ok, 
you won't need them anymore. From here, you should build your levels to 3 each, 
then go back to the inn. Stay if you need to, then head east. Eventually, you 
will reach a house, surrounded by mountains. Enter.

"So, Mr. Popo's been attacked! Well, these 4 Sfuru-jin are no match for you two 
now that you're at level 3! Just destroy them, then re-enter the house. Mr. 
Popo will give you the Gohan item. Trust me, you WILL need it.

"Well, from here you should travel back to the inn, staying again if you need 
to, then head east to the cave. Enter.

"The cave contains the same kinds of enemies you've been fighting, just in 
stronger groups. Stop to check everything...mainly, holes in the walls and 
capsules. Just watch out, there may be an explosive in either, doing some 
damage to you. And that would be bad. From there, you should eventually get 
everything, and reach the end of the cave, where Raditz is (See boss listing). 
Wait a minute...Raditz was in the mountains beyond the cave! Oh, well, that just 
means he's dumber than he looks. But don't fight him yet, you need an edge...

"Continue to fight in the cave until your level hits 4. Gokou's Power Rating 
will be 718, while Piccolo will have 708. You'll also notice that you won't 
fight anymore enemies. That's ok. NOW take on Raditz!

Raditz! He keeps going, and going, and going...

"Well, as you found out from beating him, this guy wasn't the REAL Raditz, but a 
small black Sfuru-Jin. Man, wouldn't it be just GREAT if those things found 
the right enemy to turn into (i.e., me?). Continue on past where it was, out 
of the cave. As soon as you step out, you will be attacked by the real Raditz 
(Note: This will happen anywhere except in the cave when your levels are at or 
above 4).

"Immediately use the Gohan card, but don't use any Ki attack Then use strong 
defense cards while attacking him. You can't hurt him, but he can hurt you. 
After all the attacking for the first round is done, Gohan will lose his cool, 
fly out, and bash Raditz. From there, a new menu option will come up. Select 
it, then Gokou, then Raditz. Then have Piccolo attack with anything (Except Ki 
attacks... trust me!), while Gokou flies out and grabs Raditz from behind. Now 
have Piccolo attack until a Magic card comes up, then use Mankaksopoppo. If 
Gokou's life runs low, heal him. After Piccolo fires the Mankaksopoppo, Raditz 
and Gokou will die. Of course, I have no problems with that...

----III.B: Fighting Vegita and Nappa----

"Well, now that you've beaten Raditz, you feel pretty special, don't you? Well, 
now here you have a see, that thing on Raditzs' face not only told 
him the power ratings of things, but it was also a communicator. So now Nappa 
and I are headed toward Earth, and Earth's best warrior is dead. I'll bet 
Piccolo feels pretty good now...

"So what should you do? Well, Piccolo decides to train not only himself, but, Gokou's kid. I mean, after what he did to Raditz, he should be 
able to use the full extent of his power, right? So he takes him and drops him 
off in the wilderness. If he can survive there, then he can be trained. And of 
course, the other fighter friends of Gokou train under Kami, getting better than 
ever before. Well, after having to watch all that, you get to control Gohan, 
and find yourself in a cave. Blocking the exit is Piccolo. To the south is a 
pool of water (green?) that refills your life and ki if you need it. And you 
probably will...

"As you probably guessed, you need to talk to Piccolo. He will fight you, and 
you (Obviously) need to win. His stats will be the same when you beat Raditz 
(see boss listing). After you beat Piccolo, you get to see Gokou flying along 
the Snake Road. When he reaches King Kaioh's, he will begin training.

Can you say Training? I new you could... 

"Gokou's training is rather simple. It goes as if you are fighting an actual 
enemy. You pick strong cards, and you go up against the planet's gravity. Your 
attack goes to completing the training, the defense goes to seeing if you took 
any damage from the gravity.

"Now, there are 2 things you can do from here. You can: 
A) Take the easier road, and just complete Gokou's training the regular way, 
ending up with a power rating of about 8,000.


B) You can NOT try to complete the training the regular way. Lose every time 
you can, getting 32 experience every time you lose, and building your levels 
that way. Don't pick really good cards and complete the training; instead, 
purposely fail. Fail as often as you can, getting 32 experience, then healing 
when you need to at Kaioh's house. Do so until you win whether you want to or 
not...or have a couple of Oolong cards handy, so you can get low cards! After 
training successfully 3 times, you will have to face off against King Kaioh (see 
boss listing) himself.

"Well, you've completed your training with Gokou, and everyone else is strong 
too...ok, maybe not strong enough, but hey! So now you're in control of Piccolo 
again. You and Gohan are going to go up against Nappa and Me, Vegita, but you 
need help. So travel to the south, and not to far there you will find Kuririn. 
Talk to him to get him to join. Now, from here, to the southeast, there is 
Bulma's Inn, with Yamcha just outside. Talk to him as well. From here, head 
south, where there is a ridge with a Training Center and Baba Store directly to 
the north of it. Next to the ridge is TenShinHan and Chao-Zu. Talk to either 

"Now, you have a 6-man army. What do you do? Fight! Yes, fight until Piccolo 
is at level 9, Gohan, well, he will still be at level 11, since it will be quite 
a while before he gets a level up (Nappa), and everyone else is at level 9 too. 
And keep going until there are no more monsters. No more monsters will show up, 
no matter how long you fly (or walk). So from there, you should go to the 
Training Center and build up Ki. It doesn't matter who you build up, just do 
it. Then, when you have 1 Training Point left, go into the Gauntlet. Fight 
all the way through all of the guys, and you will be handsomely rewarded. Don't 
worry, you will never have to go through the gauntlet again...unless you want 
to, that's ok; it's your funeral.

"Well, you should go shop for a couple of items now. Namely a couple of Chi-
Chi's, a couple of Mr. Popo's, and a few Senpyous (That blue cat that in 
America is called Karin...he's supposed to be white!) Now that you have a 
couple of good items, you need 2 more very important ones. First of all, visit 
Yajirobee. He'll tell you that Oolong is looking for some hentai pictures of 
Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Lunch. Visit Oolong (his house is to the north), and he'll 
tell you that all he's looking for right now is a picture of Lunch. Go buy a 
Lunch item, and give it to him. He'll gladly hand over a VERY coveted item: the 
Namekian Toad. You'll understand later on in the game, folks.

"After that, just go visit Yajirobee again. He STILL won't go with you, but he 
WILL give you a Yajirobee card. Lazy, no good Samurai...if you really feel like 
it, and you have Yamcha in your party, you can go visit Pool in his/her(?) house 
on the west coast. He/She/It will give you a Pool card if Yamcha's with you, 
and just encourage you if he isn't. Gee, thanks...

"After all that, you should go visit Nappa and Vegita. Your procedure will 
vary, depending on whether or not Gokou did the extended training (See above). 
If he didn't, then you will fight Vegita without his help at first, which is a 
real pain, considering you best guy (TenShinHan) will have a max power rating of 
2000, and the guy he's going up against is 9 times stronger. But, I'm getting 
ahead of myself...

Vegita, Nappa, and those little green men. 

"You will start off fighting 1 green Sfuru-Jin. This guy is beyond stupid. 
Simply use your strongest guys (Piccolo, TenShinHan and Gohan) to drop this 
moron. After he's dead, you will have to face 5 of these little pests.

"After those little buggers are dead, you will have one of 2 things happen. If 
Gokou completed his training in a short amount of time, he will be able to get 
to your side faster, and join up with you at about this time

"You could just go on to fight Nappa yourself...Not an easy task.

"Now that you've made Nappa's collection of plant men nill, you have a larger 
problem...namely Nappa! He is now going to show you what you should have done a 
long time ago - Perish!

"Nappa is substancially stronger that the other morons you've been fighting. 
The strongest thing you've had to fight so far was the Green men with a power 
rating of 1200 each, but Nappa has a power rating of 4000. He's a LITTLE 
stronger. And he gets to attack twice a lot. 

(Pause for Nappa destruction)

"Good for you! You've beaten Nappa! Now you can just put down the controller, 
and turn off the system. You've done enough. "What do you mean, you want to 
continue? Oh, come on! You don't want to keep going, do you? I mean, you'd have 
to fight me, and, well, you know how much of a jump there was in power going 
from the Sfuru-Jin to Nappa, right? well, this jump is much worse.

"Oh, alright. When Nappa is defeated, he charges up for one last blast: to kill 
the little moron that helped him to meet his demise----- Gohan! Unfortunately, 
Piccolo has grown attached to the little twirp, so he decides to try to save 
him. And does, but at a price...

"Well, now that Piccolo has 'Gone to another dimension', you have to contend 
with the reigning champ. Me. Vegita.

"If you were lucky enough to have Gokou come back in time, then you won't have 
as large a problem as you would if he hadn't. If he did come back, he and 
Vegita will fly off to a desolate location in the middle of a group of mountains 
and fight alone. If not, well, Veggie will show you why Nappa and Raditz were 
considered moronic weaklings. Either way, you will fight Veg-o, and you are in 
for a real challenge.

If Gokou came back in time:

"Immediately have him use one of the Chi-Chi cards to change your strongest 
attack card to Magic, then use it to go to Kai-Oh-Ken. Now, you stand a better 
chance. Then have him use the other Chi-Chi card and make another magic card, 
this one with high defense. Use it and select the Genki Tama. Continue to 
charge it up until Gohan and the others can get there. Speaking of which...

"Gohan and the others are back where Nappa bit the big one, so get them moving! 
They really need the experience from fighting! You will be attacked on the way 
there by a few enemies, so quickly destroy them and continue on to your target. 
Meanwhile, back at the Battle en Masse...

"Gokou should continue to charge the Genki Tama, using a Senpyou card if 
necessary to replenish his life and Ki. You need to Get Gohan and others there 
by the time he's charged up 5 times. Now do you realize why you had Gokou go to 
the Training center all those times in Chapter one?

"Eventually, the others will get there, and you can fire away at Veggie. If you 
haven't used one, and still have one, use your Gohan card to insure the hit. If 
you haven't used your Piccolo card yet, either, you should use it to drop his 
attack and defense to 1. Not that he will be able to attack, but hey? Well, if 
that doesn't kill him, use your Power Moon card to turn Gohan into a raging 
Ooarzu, giving him ten times the power rating he had before. Now you have two 
fighters on a par with Vegita...ok, slightly less. From here, simply beat the 
stuffing out of me until I call it quits.

If Gokou didn't make it back in time:

"You will automatically fight me. And since you have no real way to survive, 
you just need to keep the battle going until Gokou can arrive. Namely, use the 
Power Moon Card and have Gohan go ape on Veggies...AHEM...sorry, well, try to 
keep him alive as long as you can, and eventually Gokou will arrive, and, being 
stronger that ever before, you can just use Kai-Oh-Ken and pound the crud out of 

Regardless of whether or not Gokou made it back in time, the REAL fight:

"Yeah, you heard right. If you want to go by the manga (minus Yajirobee, of 
course), then have Gokou try to hold off against Vegita for as long as possible 
without defeating him, or getting defeated yourself. Meanwhile, have Gohan, 
Kuririn, and whoever's left alive fight some battles to build them up some. 
After a while, head back to where Gokou and Vegita are, but don't enter the 
battle. Eventually, Vegita will create an energy moon of his own, and turn 
into a gigantic Ooarzu himself, giving him a Power rating of 180,000. NOW have 
the others enter the battle. Sure, you can't damage him at all, but there is 
still a way to beat him. Kuririn's KienZan should do just nicely. 
Unfortunately, Vegita's quite fast, and Kuririn might get killed before he gets 
the chance to launch it, so if you got the Yajirobee card, then you can use that 
to safely drop the Saiya-Jin prince back to size. After you've chopped him back 
down to size, use your own moon card to defeat him. Sadly, you don't get any 
more experience from having me go Ooarzu. You just get to see me get even 

----III.C: Planet Namek----

"Well, after all that stuff about me leaving, and you landing on Namek, you will 
notice, while talking to Bulma, that 2 Space Pods went flying by. What should 
you do? Well, considering that there a lot of things you need to do on Namek, 
I'll number them for you, in the suggested order:

1) Fight for levels. Trust me, you'll need it.

2) Head to the northeast. You will come across a ravaged town, with dead 
Namekians laying all about. Don't try to talk to them, they're dead. Hey? What 
are you doing? I said not to talk to them...stupid. I TOLD you they were dead. 
Anyways, you will also see a strange-looking person in a flying chair, a green 
person on his left, and a purple person on his right. This is Freeza, and he's 
in the middle of "Negotiating" with the elder of this town for their Dragon 

Cinamatic Scene!

"Of course, since the elder isn't stupid, he decides not to give it to him. The 
"Fighting Namekians" don't like that idea...or the big fat purple guy next to 
Freeza. His name is Dodoria. He's not too, nice either. A mouthblast, and 
they're gone. And since the elder still wouldn't fork it over, Dodoria then 
decided to take out a small Namekian child. Of course, by this time, Gohan has 
completely lost it, and decides to save the small child's life. So, when 
Dodoria flies at the small child, Gohan, playing the part of the hero, kicks 
Dodoria in the face, sending him off in the other direction. He then grabs the 
child, and flies off in the other direction. Freeza, disliking the idea of one 
of the Namekians getting away, sends Dodoria off to catch the little mongrel. 
Dodoria then flies after Gohan, with revenge on his mind.

3) This is an interesting little side are Gohan, scrolling from the 
right to the left, with Dodoria in hot persuit. He throws fireballs at you 
which he hopes will ground you. The fireballs have five different patterns. 
They can:

I - Fly straight. 
II - Fly Up, then curve down. 
III - Fly down, then curve up. 
IV - Fly straight, then curve up. 
V - Fly straight, then curve down.

"If you can successfully avoid all the fireballs, you will get a Saichourou 
card, a very handy card that ups your Power Rating by 50% in a battle. VERY 
handy for bosses, namely Dodoria.

4) After ditching Dodoria, the Namekian child will join you. His name is Dende. 
Now, you should turn on your Dragon Ball radar, then head for the ball to the 
north. You will come across two Namekians standing outside of a building. Talk 
to them, they will talk with Dende, and join you. They are Tsumuri and Mai-Ma. 
Of course, they will also give you the Dragon Ball you were looking for. 
Unfortunately, they can't get any stronger, so you'll just have to deal with 
they're strength. You will get far stronger, but for now, it's good to have 
them around. Try to make sure they don't die, you'll need them later.

5) Head to the southwest. You will come across those two pods you saw fly by 
when you first landed...and the purple guy that was standing there (If you went 
down there to investigate) is now gone. Oh well...

6) Keep flying along until you come across a trashed village. Enter the big 
hall, and search the pots inside. You will find Cargo, a small Namekian child, 
who joins you. You now have one heck of a full party!

7) Now, you should turn on your Dragon Ball radar, and continue on to the next 
Dragon Ball location. When you get there, you'll find it is in a cave...oh 
well, might as well look inside...

8) This cave contains stronger enemies and groups. My suggestion is that you 
should build up off of the baddies in here. They give you more experience, too, 
so it's a worthwhile venture. And there's the fact that since every time you 
could build levels before, there was a certain point where they would stop 
coming, and you would have to go fight a boss, or do something important. Now 
there isn't one, so you can just build until your hearts content.

9) You should continue along in the cave, but be careful...a lot of the capsules 
and holes in the walls are traps, waiting to blow up in your face. And there is 
one lengthy detour that takes you to a ShenLon card, which restores full HP and 
Ki in a battle for everyone. VERY handy. Anyways, continue on until you reach 
an open area.

10) In this area, you will find, well, not much, but there is a passage that 
leads up to the north. When you go up it, be careful. There are rocks that 
roll down it, taking up most of the passage, and doing 50 points of damage every 
time one hits you. And, since you get knocked down every time one hits you, you 
are more vulnerable to being hit again. So, as soon as you see one coming, get 
to the openings in the side. Continue on after the rolling balls to get to the 
Dragon Ball. Exit the cave to the north.

Bossed Around 

11) Uh oh! Look who found you! It's Kewie! he's the Purple guy who flew in after 
you landed on Namek. Well, I hope you built your levels in the cave enough, 
because this guy is as strong as I (Vegita...remember me?) was back on Earth. 
Of course, even I'M stronger than that now, but that's beside the point.

12) Now that Kewie is gone, you will get a message stating that you need to 
return to your ship. When you get back to it, you will have a 
problem...Dodoria. He's none to happy about what you did to him, and wants to 
fight. After he destroys your ship, you should give him what he wants: the 
fight of his life!

"After destroying the fat tub of lard, Bulma will walk in from the north. Good 
thing she wasn't in the ship when Dodoria got there! You immediately take her to 
a safer place to hide."

----III.D: Finding Vegita, Zarbon, and Dende----

"After all this time, you finally get to be Gokou again (Yippy. I really mean 
it). You are now in the Capsule Corp. Space Pod, on your way to planet Namek. 
But, to kill time (And be in "Tip Top Shape"), you need to train. So climb the 
ladder, and walk up to the machine in the middle of the room.

"The room you are in is the Gravity Chamber. The machine can increase the 
gravity by multiples of 10, all the way up to 100. The thing is, whenever you 
complete the training on a certain level, you get the same as any other level. 
So just do x 10, and you'll save time. Complete 5 training sessions, and you 
will move on to:

"Piccolo!! Yes, Piccolo finally made it to King Kaioh's planet, and is training 
the same way Gokou did. So what do you do? Since there is no deadline for 
training, you should just do the Incomplete-training-for-experience trick (If 
you don't know what I'm talking about, go to Chapter 2). Continue until you 
feel you're strong enough, or accidently win (Hey, it can happen). Then you 
will have to complete your training about the same way Gokou did, having to 
fight someone with a Power Rating of 4000. Only this guy Piccolo's seen before. 
And he brought help.

"Nappa and Raditz are a lot easier to take this time around. The trick is to 
take Nappa first, since he can attack first, then drop Raditz. After that, 
Piccolo is done. He just has to wait until he's wished back.

Put on your Hiking Boots and your Flying Gi! 

"Now (Finally), you get to control Gohan again. He drops Bulma off in between 2 
hills, and flies off to find the other Dragon Balls. And Tsurumi and Mai-Ma 
leave you too. But since Dende doesn't, you need to (Guess what?) build levels! 
Yeah! If at all possible, get Dende to level 3, so he can heal you in battle. 
And since there are Kewie and Dodoria clones as regular enemies now, each with 
power ratings over 10,000, you need the levels badly.

"First off, find out how large the map is. Fly all the way to the one of the 
corners of the landscape, the fly in one direction until you come across the 
next edge. Time how long it takes you to get there. Now fly perpendicular to 
the direction you just came, counting again. Now, figure out how long you need 
to fly in each direction to get to the center of the map.

"Whew! That took a while, didn't it? Well, search around this area for a house, 
then enter it and search the pots. You will find a card that will allow you to 
run the Gauntlet at a Training Station. Cool! Of course, the enemies will be 
harder, but the rewards will be a lot greater.

"Now, fly a short distance to the east, and you'll find the Dragon Ball. 
Obviously, pick it up. I realize that you could have just flown to the Dragon 
Ball, and then headed West, but this way, you get more fights in, and more 

"Now, you will see on the Radar another Dragon Ball to the north. Fly as close 
as you can to it, you'll be stopped by a ring of mountains. Somewhere along the 
mountains, you will find a cave. Enter.
"In this cave, you will fight even harder groups of enemies. And you will get 
items too. Just remember, if you ever get a Scouter, just use it. There's no 
point in saving them for bosses to see their cards or stats. With this faq, you 
won't need the stats, and if you have a Piccolo card, you can use it, so when it 
goes to the screen where you pick which enemy you want to use it on, it will 
show you what card they have. You can then just cancel out of it, and send the 
correct attack to the appropriate enemy.

"Now, what do you do? Explore! Yes, start on the eastern side of the cave, and 
search all around. Try holes in the walls, Capsules, and the green lake, if you 
need the lake.

"Eventually, you will find the Yajirobee card. Yajirobee rushes out, attacking 
whatever you had him attack, and do damage. Or sometimes he stuns them. If I 
ever figure out where another one is, or how to get him to do either attack on 
command, I'll write it in.

"Anyways, you will come across another green lake on the Western side of the 
Cavern. After finding that one, you should leave. If you have a Buukujuitsu 
card, you can use that, and it will take you back to the entrance of the cave 
(So they do have a use!).

"Now, fly all the way to the southwest corner of the map. There is an island 
there. Land, then go in the cave there.
"Inside the cave, there are several holes. You need to search inside of all of 
them, and flip the switches you find. When you've flipped them all, you need to 
go back the first cave.

"Now that you're back at the first cave, you need to go back to the Pool ('Hi, 
Yamcha!') on the western side of the cave. Once there, search it. You will 
find a fairy that opens up a new passageway. Follow it.

"Once you are in the new area, you should go south a little ways, then west to 
the opening in the rock. Once in there, you will see two Nameks. It turns out 
one of them is Nail, and the other, well, he's a clone. You and Nail gang up on 
this one. "Remember, during this fight, Nail is there too, you just need to 
scroll down to see him. Since he has a power rating of 42,000, he's the prime 
person to use.

"Now that the clone's gone, Nail will join you. You should exit the little area 
you are in, and head southeast. You'll come across a small passage with Dodoria 
in the way. Fight him.

"After destroying the fat freak a second time, you should continue on down and 
around in the cave, until you reach the exit. You will then be inside the 
mountains. Fly to the east to the rocks, where you will see a building on top 
of them. Land in front of it, and enter. Nail will leave you.

"You will see a group of pots. Walk into the middle of them, and you will fly 
up into another area with Saichourou in it. He raises your levels by 3 
(Regardless of how close you were to getting another Level Up, so you best get 
it before visiting him). Your attack cards all change to Namekian attack cards 
now, so adapt your attacking style accordingly. He will also give you a Dragon 
Ball. After that, Dende will leave you.

"After visiting the Namekian Elder, you should enter the cave again, and walk 
all the way back to the beginning to exit. Once outside, guess who shows up? 
That's right! Me! Veggie!

"Unfortunately, I'm not the only one who shows up. Zarbon wants in on the 
action too, and decides to fight you. After you beat him up, he decides to 
show his true, true shape. He doesn't really change colors.

"This sucker is harder, but, since I (Vegita) am perpetually stronger than him, 
he still goes down quickly. After all that, more Psuedo-Cinemas!

----III.E: The Ginyuu Force----

"Well, now you are in control of Gokou again, and (Again), you have to have him 
train in the Capsule Corp. Spacepod. You should follow the procedure you did 
last time (See Chapter 3), and after 5 times of training, you will automatically 
hit level 37.

"After that, you will be in control of Gohan and me. But before you can do 
anything, guess who drops by? That's right! The Ginyuu Squad! I'll bet Freeza's 
really happy about what's going to happen to his favorite Space Heroes...

"Well, Ginyuu and the others immediately get all 7 Dragon Balls, and Ginyuu 
flies off, taking them to Freeza. The rest are to destroy you. Of course, if 
you let that happen, the game will end, so DON'T die. They bicker for a while, 
deciding on who get's to take who, and eventually Rikuum and Gurudo step up. 
You fight them at the same time.

"The trick to defeating these two imbiciles is to give your strongest character 
(Other than me) the strongest card, then the next strongest for the next 
strongest, and so on...but give Veggie the weakest card. If I don't fight, then 
it's nothing lost, and if I do, odd's are I'll attack twice. It's pretty cool. 
You should also have everyone attack Rikuum, except me, so that when I do the 
weak attack, it will do a fair amount to Gurudo, and if I do a strong attack to 
him, well...then he'll drop even quicker.

"After killing them, it's best that you save it. From here, you have two 
options. You can:

A) Immediately walk up and fight the next two, then, after one's gone, build 


B) Walk around in front of them, not going to far, and building levels. Then, 
when you fight them, Gokou will fly in as well, and you will have another strong 
fighter to defeat them.

"Well, you only get to defeat one of them before the other on runs off, so I 
suggest you take out Jiisu. After that, Baata will run off to tell Ginyuu what 

"Now, if you have Gokou at this time, you should immediately go to Ginyuu, where 
Gokou will go one on one with him, and lose. If you don't have him, good. 
Build levels like you've never before. You want to be strong enough to take out 
Ginyuu, who's got a power the likes you've never seen before. Luckily, if you 
remembered to get that Namekian toad, this battle will be REALLY easy. Hope you 
found it...

"Good for you! You've taken out Ginyuu! And you've gotten the #1 star Dragon 
Ball! Of course, Gokou is nearly dead, and needs to be healed. So he's taken to 
Freeza's ship, and put in a healing pod.

The Battle for the Dragon Balls 

"Well, now that Gokou is healing, and the Ginyuu team has been disbanded, you 
have nothing to fear...except for the fact that Freeza is nowhere to be found. 
And the Dragon Balls are missing...well, you do have one advantage he doesn't 
have: The radar! Turn it on and head for the balls.

"So it's another cave, so what? This is the same cave I told you to go to when 
you had to build levels before fighting Ginyuu. This time, you've got to head 
to the south, to the very back of the cave, to find the Dragon Balls. Of 
course, you have a problem to deal with there, too.

"So what if Freeza is guarding the balls? You've got a pretty good team of guys 
to take care of him right now. Unfortunately, you can't view how strong he is 
by pressing the X button or using a Scouter. So you just have to fight the 
alien scum to get back your means of reviving your friends.

"Of course, as you found out, that wasn't the real Freeza. But you DO have the 
Dragon Balls now, so you best make your wish. NOW you see what I meant by 'Hope 
one of those black things doesn't turn into the right character...' "Meanwhile, 
Saichourou has realized that Freeza is coming to kill him, and has sent Nail to 
Divert him. Of course, this is the REAL Freeza, and Nail doesn't stand a 
snowball's chance in a furnace in Hell against him, so you should just let him 
lose. Oh well, back to the main group...

"Gohan and whoever is still alive has all of the Dragon Balls, and decides to 
fly to a small island to prevent Freeza from seeing them and stopping them 
(Considering the fact that they are still in front of his ship!). So they 
proceed to fly to an island, and call the Namekian ShenLong. Man, that guy is 
HUGE!!! (Note: This is where my Fanfic "New Freeza Attack" begins.)

"Of course, the first wish is that all of their friends that have died be 
brought back, and the second is that they come to Namek. But before Vegita gets 
his wish of becoming Immortal, Saichourou dies. Making the Dragon Balls turn to 
stone. And the third wish ungranted. This angers, Veggie, and we 
decide to fly off and tackle the next item on the agenda: Freeza. This time the 
real one, too...

----III.F: Freeza----

"Well, now you're back on the map with Saichourou's building. You have to go 
there to get rid of Freeza. But there's a problem. You can't pick up or heal 
Nail. Oh well, I guess that's not so bad...he's got some better things coming 
for him... "Fly around, fighting the stronger enemies for levels. You'll 
notice now that the enemies you are fighting are different colored-Ginyuu squad 
members. But you haven't fought a Ginyuu clone yet...hmm...I'm not 
forshadowing, really!

"Once you feel everyone is strong enough, you should head towards Saichourou's. 
You'll notice that there aren't any caves here anymore. Freeza apparently got 
as annoyed as you did with the cave on the way there, and destroyed it. Oh 
well, now you have a shortcut to him.

"Right in front of Saichourou's home is the guy you've been looking for: Freeza! 
And he's not happy! I think I'm right when I say that Freeza is downright @$*^# 
off at this point, so he's not going to give up easily. You start out by 
fighting a couple of rounds against him, then you switch to another group.

"Finally, Piccolo again! And all the other people who might have died on your 
adventures, too! From here, you should (As always) build levels. Piccolo will 
get a couple, and not really get much stronger...but that's ok, this is for the 
other people in your group. You don't have to worry about Piccolo's levels.

"After Piccolo's groupies are strong enough to help out against Freeza's first 
form, keep going. You won't join them until he's gone to his second form. So 
fight some more morons, until you feel you're strong enough. Level 45 is fine.

"Now, travel near to where Saichourou's building is, and look around to the 
south. Look! You've found a Namekian that looks just like Piccolo lying on the 
ground, near dead! Talk to the poor guy! Piccolo and Nail talk, then fuse 
together. Now you have a Super Namekian! Would it be Niccolo or Pail? Oh 

"Back to the action. You fight Freeza until he's at half life, then he goes to 
his second form. After you've damaged him for a bit, he'll leave to fight 
another time. And trust me, it's not as long as you think!

"Man, you're going to hurt me for this one, but...guess what you should do 
first? Yup, you guessed it: Levels! Get your max! That's level 48! And for 
Gohan, TenShinHan, Kuririn, Yamcha, and Chao-Zu, that's a lot of fighting! Hey, 
don't worry about it, it's not really necessary. But there are other ways to 
get around the experience needed, and make practically the whole game easier 
than anything...of course, the last few battles, starting with Freeza's first 
form won't be...

"I'm rambling again. Ok, just get them to the point where they can handle the 
baddies you are presently fighting. Then travel to the Northwest. You will 
come across several Training Stations, where you will probably want to go after 
a while. Just make sure you have a card that will let you use it!

"Anyways, keep traveling, and eventually you will reach a series of mountains 
with a little opening. Inside that opening is Freeza, and 3 Ginyuu's. DON'T go 
near them will start the long chain of events that will end the game. 
If you do so, you will go through a series of battles, then you will fight 
Freeza for the last time. Not a good thing to do, yet...

"Well, you see Freeza there, so ignore him. Fly to his left, to the west, 
around the top of the mountains. Just to the north of the mountains there are 
Tsumuri and Mai-Ma. Talk to them. Piccolo will converse for a bit, and then 
you will have the a choice. You can merge with them, or you can keep Dende 
instead. Do whichever you want, either will help you out greatly. If you keep 
Dende, you will be able to heal without items, which is a great benefit, but 
Freeza will kill him off eventually; if you merge, you will have a super warrior 
with a power rating of 1,900,000. Piccolo is KINDA strong.

"Well, from here, you should start to trade in the lesser items you don't need. 
You should sell all of your Bulma's, Kamesennin's, Pool's, Kami-Sama's, Mr. 
Popo's, Bubbles's, King Kaioh's, whatever. You should do nothing but buy 
certain items. Namely, Gokou's, Piccolo's, Grandpa Gohan's, Chi-Chi's, a 
few(Not many, maybe 4) Saichourou's, and ShenLong's and Senpyou's. Now, you're 
fully stocked, and ready to rumble!!!!

The Ice Man Cometh. 

"Now, hoping that your levels are at their peak, you are ready to take on Freeza 
and whatever remains of his henchmen. Namely, the Faux-Ginyuu squad. Your 
strongest people should be Piccolo, with whatever strength he's at; Vegita, with 
(Hopefully) a Power Rating of ust over 1,000,000; Gohan (If he's at Level 48) 
with 985,000; and everyone else at or about that much. Now, walk up to the 
Ginyuu's, and let the rumble begin!

"You start out by fighting just two Ginyuu. This is probably a group you've 
seen before. After that group is gone (Piccolo and Vegita make short work of 
them), you will fight a group with 2 Ginyuu and 3 Gurudo clones. This is a 
prime opportunity to utilize Piccolo's new card attack if he merged. If not, 
just duke it out.

"Now that that group is gone, you have to face an interesting little group: The 
whole Ginyuu Squad at once. They're all clones, though, so it won't be as hard 
as the real ones would have been. So drop them!
"Well, the Ginyuu Squad has met another humiliation, so Freeza has decided to 
end it now. So he ups the ante by going to his third form. Remember Aliens? 
Well, meet Freeza, Third Form.

Cooler's Little Bro Get's Nasty 

"After clubbing you...I mean, him for a bit, he'll leave. Then you fly around 
for a bit, fighting, until Freeza shows up for a bit. He fights for one round, 
then takes off again. Quitter.

"Then, after a few more fights, he shows up, and leaves, again! What's the 
deal! Oh well, I guess you shouldn't worry about having to fight's not 
going to be pretty.

"Then, for the third time, you fight him again. This time, after the round, 
he'll take you to a desolate island in the southern region of this map. There, 
he'll fight you again, then up himself to his final form: the Fourth!!!! His 
first act: Killing off Dende. If you decided to keep him with you instead of 
powering up Piccolo, then you're going to have quite a difficult battle ahead.

"After a few rounds against him, Gokou will be fully healed, and will fly in. 
He's weaker than everyone else, so he's not really someone you should put in a 
round. Instead, you should take Chao-Zu, the weakest character you have, and 
have Freeza kill him. After that happens, Gokou will turn into a Super Saiya-
Jin, with a power level 1 point off of 5 Million. He's stronger than Fourth-
Form Freeza.

"After Gokou turns into a Super Saiya-Jin, you should use a Saichourou card on 
him, bumping his level up a LOT. Then do the same for Piccolo and Vegita. Now, 
the trick is to have Piccolo use a strong Attack, Gokou to use strong Ki cards 
(Kamehame-Ha's, since he can't use a Genki Dama in SSJ), and Vegita to 
use...that's right...really weak cards! Then set up your other strong people 
with whatever. If Vegita doesn't attack, then it's no loss, it was a weak card. 
If he does, then he might attack again, with a stronger card. For some odd 
reason, it's usually a Ki blast. And, for some other odd reason, Gohan goes 
ballistic at times, this time in particular. He will just start attacking over 
and over for no reason. I've seen him attack anywhere from 2 to 6 times. 6 
TIMES!!! That's a lot of damage!

"Well, after you've beaten Freeza, you will get a lot of experience, which no 
one will probably need. That's ok. The game isn't over yet...

"If Vegita's still alive at this point, you will have trouble. You see, after 
the credits, he learned how to go to SSJ too, and then decided to attack you and 
your group. There's no time to get any items, or anything. So go to battle!

"I'm not exactly the weakest guy in the Galaxy, now am I? You have to beat me to 
get to the end of the game...and that's no easy feat! The trick is, if 
TenShinHan is strong enough, have him use the strongest Ki Cards you have, and 
blast him with a Four Man Shot. If there are any more, then have Gokou use a 
Genki Tama, and after that, Piccolo's Mankaksopoppo. If you somehow have more 
than that, then use Gohan's Masenkou and Kuririn's KienZan. That'll do the 

"Well kiddies, that's the end of the game. I hope you've enjoyed it. I know I 
have. I was the strongest guy in the game! I don't care if I lost, I had to 
take on, what? 6, 7 guys? And it took all of them to drop me! I'm better than 
you! Sorry, I just find it funny. I'm the best.

----III.G: Quick Guide----

This guide leaves out all the tedious level building, and tells you exactly 
where to go and what to do. If you get beat pretty badly because you used this 
and didn't build your guys up, then it's your fault; I gave you fair warning.

1. Enter Kamesennin's house; get the Dragon Radar, Kame card, and 40 Spending 
2. Save Mr. Popo from the Sfuru-Jin; get the Gohan card.
3. Go through the caves and beat Fake Raditz.
4. Continue outside the cave. Fight the real Raditz.
5. Use the Gohan card, then have Gokou grab Raditz. Either beat them both up, 
or use a Mankaksopoppo to win.
6. Have Gohan beat Piccolo. If you need to heal, use the pool at the bottom of 
the cave.
7. Have Gokou complete the 3 levels of training on King Kaioh's planet, then 
beat King Kaioh.
8. Pick up Kuririn, to the south of your location.
9. Pick up Yamcha, to the east of Kuririn (in the mountains).
10. Get TenShinHan and Chao-Zu to the south, next to the training center.
11. Purchase a Lunch card; talk to Yajirobee; talk to Oolong twice (in the 
northern building).
12. Fight Nappa's Sfuru-Jin. Fight Nappa. Fight Vegita.


1. Head north; visit Freeza; avoid Dodoria.
2. Pick up the Dragon Ball in the northeast. Tsumuri and Mai-Ma join your 
3. Pick up Cargo in the large, burned out building in the south. Search the 
pots to find him.
4. Enter the cave; find the Dragon Ball there; fight Kewie.
5. Head back to your ship. Touch down on the ground and walk around the ship's 
area until Dodoria attacks. Defeat Dodoria.
6. Have Gokou complete 5 levels of Gravity Training.
7. Have Piccolo complete King Kaioh's Training, and beat Nappa and Raditz.
8. Travel to the center of the map and get the Dragon Ball.
9. Head to the cave in the southwest. Pull all the switches found in the holes 
in the walls.
10. Head to the cave in the north; search the pool in the western part of the 
cave to talk to the fairy. 
11. Travel through the now-open passage in the west. Get Nail. Fight Nail 
12. Fight Dodoria clone in the south. Continue down the corridor and exit 
through the east.
13. Get powered up by Saichourou. Get his Dragon Ball.
14. Exit cave; Vegita joins your party; fight Zarbon and his 2 forms.
15. Have Gokou complete his training.

Ginyuu and Freeza

1. Fight Gurudo and Rikuum.
2. Fight Jiisu and Baata.
3. Using the Dragon Radar, get to Freeza's ship. Fight Ginyuu and Jiisu/Baata 
(whoever survived the first fight).
4. Head to the cave to the west (use the radar again). Find the Dragon Balls; 
fight Fake Freeza.
5. Have Nail survive as long as he can against Freeza.
6. Wish back you friends (and decide if you want the Porunga card, or a 
Moon/Tail card).
7. Go fight Freeza, form 1, in front of Saichourou's building.
8. Have Piccolo fuse with Nail.
9. Fight Freeza until Piccolo shows up.
10. Fly to the 3 Ginyuu's and Freeza. Fight the Ginyuu teams, then go up 
against Freeza, form 3.
11. Fly around, fighting Freeza, until you are taken to his island to finish 
the fight.
12. Fight until Gokou joins the group.
13. Kill off someone (your choice; I choose Chao-Zu), and have Gokou turn SSJ.
14. Beat Freeza.
15. Fight SSJ Vegita. Good luck.

----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----
------------------------------IV:Boss Stats----------------------------
----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----

Here's where I list the stats for all the bosses in the game. Enjoy!

----IV.A: Raditz----

First time you fight him:

Hit Points: 70
Ki Points: 32
Experience: 50
Power Rating: 800
Items Gained: Grandpa Gohan Card.

The first time you fight Raditz, you'll find him in the cave just south of where 
you see Gohan. Raditz is, as always, stronger than you, so it's best if you 
use your ki attacks to drop him before he drops you!

Second time you fight him:

Hit Points: 200
Ki Points: 32
Experience: 250
Power Rating: 1500
Items Gained: Piccolo Card.

THIS is the tricky one. You can't even hurt him! As I said in the walkthrough, 
you should immediately use the Gohan card. This is what allows you to beat him. 
After you use that, a new menu option will come up. Select it, then Gokou, then 
Raditz. This will cause Gokou to grab Raditz from behind, and keep him at bay 
while Piccolo attacks. Sure, you can do regular attacks, but you won't do that 
much damage, and half the damage you do will be on Gokou, too! Remember, if 
Gokou dies and Raditz does not, that defeats the purpose!

----IV.B: Piccolo----

Hit Points: 70-130
Ki Points: 12-50
Experience: None.
Power Rating: 498-846
Items Gained: None.

In order to beat the green man, all you have to do is attack him with whatever 
you've got. If he beats you, just walk all the way down to the bottom of the 
cave, drink from the pool, and come back. All the damage you did will still be 
there, while you have been refreshed. Of course, a Masenkou blast couldn't 
hurt, either...uh, wait a minute. Yes it would! That's the point!

Regarding his HP, KP and's based off of what it was after you beat 
Raditz, so his exact power will vary.

----IV.C: King Kaioh's Planet/King Kaioh----

When Gokou first arrives on the planet, he's a tad overwhelmed by the gravity. 
The first thing he has to do is train against the gravity. This gravity-
training is just like fighting a normal enemy, except this normal enemy is quite 
strong, and there's no actual fighting. Here's the Planet's stats:

Hit Points: 50
Experience: 750
Power Rating: 9800

The first round of training has Gokou trying to beat the gravity with 10 attacks 
or less. The second round requires 6 or less, and the third takes 3 or less. 
After Gokou completes that much, then it's time to fight King Kaioh. Here's his 

Hit Points: 120
Ki Points: 50
Experience: 1200
Power Rating: 4000
Items Gained: King Kaioh Card.

In order to beat the self-appointed king of the tiny planet that he lives on, 
you must train. And by the time you've gotten done with your training, you will 
be far stronger than him. He won't stand a chance! So just bash him. If you 
even need help fighting him, then I suggest you hang up the controller, and take 
up underwater basket weaving. Preferably without the oxygen mask...just 
kidding, I would hate to see a gamer go to waste. Just try again if you fail. 
Which, of course, you shouldn't.

----IV.D: Nappa----

Hit Points: 220
Ki Points: 68
Experience: 750
Power Rating: 4000
Items Gained: Moon/Tail Card.

This guy is big, stupid, and STRONG!!! He's sure to destroy you if you aren't 
careful with your decisions. If Gokou immediately flew in, just have him attack 
and destroy the big oaf the same way you defeated King Kaioh. But remember, 
Nappa can attack twice!

Now, let's assume that Gokou didn't fly in. Start off with the using of the 
King Kaioh item on Piccolo. This will raise his Power Rating to 2100+. Now, 
fight defensively, using mostly Piccolo and TenShinHan, and healing when 
necessary. Do so until a Ki card appears (or until you make one through the use 
of a Chi-Chi item). Use the Grandpa Gohan item to stop Nappa. Then have 
Piccolo use his Mankaksopoppo, while EVERYONE attacks. If there are 2 Ki cards, 
have Ten use his Kikohou attack. If there's three, have Gohan use MasenKou. If 
you somehow got ahold of 4, have Kuririn use his Kien-Zan. Finally, if you got 
5, decide between Yamcha doing his Soukoudan, or Chao-Zu's Grab & Energy 
Discharge attack. That one round will do an awful lot of damage, and will leave 
Nappa reeling. Of course, he didn't like the idea of losing, so afterwards, he 
tries to kill Gohan. Stupid Piccolo...

----IV.E: Vegita----

Hit Points: 240
Ki Points: 100
Experience: 1200
Power Rating: 18,000
Items Gained: Vegita Card.

Well, here I am! Ready or not! If you had Gokou do excessive 
training on Kaioh's planet, then you will have a VERY hard fight. 

Let's say Gokou didn't arrive. The first thing you will have to do
just to survive long enough for Gokou to arrive is to use th newly
aquired Moon / Tail item. Thou you have to send in your strongest 
person (TenShinHan) with your highest defense card, and hope that he 
doesn't die. After the round is over, the fake moon will go up, Gohan
will look at it, and {Poof}, there's a raging Oorazu. You can then
use Gohan, in his Were-Monkey form, until Gokou arrives. AND you 
better hope that Veggie doesn't cut your tail off.

Now, if Gokou did arrive in time for the Vegita fight, he and I
will immediately fly off to do battle, one-on-one style. There will
be a couple of fights, then the control will go back to Gohan and 
company, who have to fly to where they went to to join in on the 
fight. Trust me, you'll want the experience. But since Gokou has a
relatively low Power Rating, he should use a Ki card to use 
Kaioh-Ken. It will raise his Power Rating significantly. From there,
hold him off until Gohan and the others can arrive. Then destroy him.
Of course, you could be more sympathetic to me, and NOT beat me up...
oh, come on! Please don't beat me up! Please?

----IV.F: Kewie----

Hit Points: 220
Ki Points: 100
Experience: 1500
Power Rating: 18,000
Items Gained: Piccolo Card.

Ah, you're going to have fun here. This guy's just as strong as Vegita was, 
only you don't have Gokou to help out. Heck, you don't even have Piccolo! Oh 
well, hope you bothered to level up a bunch (since the enemies on Namek give 
muchos experience, compared to Earth). The general strategy here is to work up 
Gohan and TenShinHan up to about 8,000-10,000, and heal after each round of 
fighting. If you have a Grandpa Gohan card, or a Piccolo card (you'll win one 
after beating him), use one and have EVERYONE slam him. Have TenShinHan use the 
Ki cards, attacking with his 12-eyes Ki blasts. Try to always have Gohan 
attack. Win this one, and you'll come out with a good amount of experience. 
Remember, if you ABSOLUTELY need to, use the Vegita card. I suggest you save 
it, though, for the next boss, which is:

----IV.G: Dodoria----

Hit Points: 288
Ki Points: 120
Experience: 3000
Power Rating: 22,000
Items Gained: Shenlong Card.

Ah, the gigantic Pink blob of an enemy. You fight this freak after he destroys 
your ship, so you have QUITE the reason for defeating him. After beating Kewie, 
you should be quite stronger, but just to be sure, try to have EVERYONE (yes, 
this includes Chao-Zu, if you have him) at or above 10,000. He's quite strong 
for a pudgy pink blob. If you haven't already used the Vegita card (that calls 
Vegita in and has him fight along side you), then now's the time to use it.

----IV.H: Gravity Training Machine----

Gokou's gravity training is identical to King Kaioh's Planet training. This 
time, however, there are different stats for each Gravity level (x10). Here's 
the stats.

Gravity x 10

Hit Points: 50
Power Rating: 7800

Gravity x 20

Hit Points: 60
Power Rating: 18000

Gravity x 30

Hit Points: 70
Power Rating: 26000

Gravity x 40

Hit Points: 80
Power Rating: 33000

Gravity x 50

Hit Points: 90
Power Rating: 40000

Gravity x 60

Hit Points: 100
Power Rating: 47000

Gravity x 70

Hit Points: 110
Power Rating: 60000

Gravity x 80

Hit Points: 120
Power Rating: 69000

Gravity x 90

Hit Points: 130
Power Rating: 80000

Gravity x 100

Hit Points: 140
Power Rating: 90000

----IV.I: Nail Clone----

Coming Soon!

----IV.J: Zarbon/Zarbon Enhanced----

Coming Soon!

----IV.K: Rikuum and Gurudo----

Coming Soon!

----IV.L: Jiisu and Baata----

Coming Soon!

----IV.M: Ginyuu----

Coming Soon!

----IV.N: Freeza----

Coming Soon!

----IV.O: Super Saiya-Jin Vegita----

Coming Soon!

----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----
-------------------------V: Character Analysis-------------------------
----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----

----V.A: Gokou----

---Ki attacks---

Wind Blast: 2 Ki Points. Gokou throws his fist so fast the air knocks the 
enemy flat. Does a little amount of damage. 

Regular Ki Blast: 4 Ki Points. A simple blast of energy. It can be thrown as a 
single shot, a larger, two-handed shot, or a volley of four. 

Taiyo-Ken: 6 Ki Points. Blinds the enemy for a certain period of time so they 
can't attack. 

Kamehame-Ha: 8 Ki Points. Very powerful charged Ki blast, fired with both 
hands. This is Gokou (And Kamesennin's, but he's not in the game) trademark 

Kaioh-Ken: 10 Ki Points. Increases Gokou's Power Rating significantly. 
Unfortunately, this can't be used until Gokou has trained with King Kaioh. Costs 
10 additional Ki Points every round used. The higher the strength of the Ki 
card, the higher the level of Kaioh-Ken used. 

Genki-Dama: 10 Ki Points. Charges up a massive attack. Every round it is 
charged up, it increases in strength. Costs additional 30 Ki Points for every 
additional round charged up. Can be charged up 5 times, afterwards it is 
automatically released at an even larger size. 


Gokou is a great player. He has a wide arrange of attacks, and uses several 
different special attack cards throughout the course of the game. He is also the 
strongest character at all points of the game he's in...until the very end. 
If he is in your party, then odds are he's also the strongest person there, and 
should be used at every opportunity. He also has one the largest amount of 
attacks to utilize, ranging from a wind hit, to a massive chunk of Earth 
combined with energy, to a blinding blast, to an increase in sheer power. He one 
of the best characters in the game. 

Experience Chart:

| Level | Experience | Battle Power | HP | Ki | Speed |
| 1 | 0 | 416 | 80 | 12 | 1 |
| 2 | 70 | 500 | 88 | 16 | 1 |
| 3 | 310 | 598 | 97 | 20 | 1 |
| 4 | 740 | 718 |107 | 24 | 1 |
| 5 | 1186 | 1077 |118 | 28 | 1 |
| 6 | 1454 | 1615 |130 | 32 | 1 |
| 7 | 1617 | 2342 |143 | 36 | 1 |
| 8 | 2360 | 3150 |157 | 40 | 2 |
| 9 | 3100 | 4095 |173 | 44 | 2 |
| 10 | 3850 | 5142 |190 | 48 | 2 |
| 11 | 5000 | 6385 |209 | 52 | 2 |
| 12 | 6253 | 7980 |220 | 56 | 2 |
| 13 | | |2 | 60 | 2 |
| 14 | 7753 | 12486 |250 | 63 | 2 |
| 15 | 8503 | 14331 |265 | 66 | 3 |
| 16 | | |2 | 79 | 3 |
| 17 | 9703 | 18536 |295 | 72 | 3 |
| 18 | 10159 | 20872 |310 | 75 | 3 |

----V.B: Piccolo----

---Ki Attacks---

Regular Ki Blasts: 4 Ki Points. Depending on the power of the card, Piccolo can 
either hurl 1 regular blast, four regular blasts, or a large two handed one. 
The four-blast volley is harder to dodge than the 2-handed blast, but won't do 
as much damage unless all 4 hit.

Mankakksopoppo: 10 Ki Points. Piccolo's trademark attack. He lets loose with a 
massive screw-beam blast. Hard to dodge, massive damage. Very nice.


Piccolo is another character that isn't used as much as he should have been. 
He's really cool, being a Namekian and all, and he has a green background when 
he does a Ki attack, unlike just about everyone else in the game. I wish he had 
more attacks, personally...

| Level | Experience | Battle Power | HP | Ki | Speed |
| 1 | 0 | 408 | 77 | 12 | 1 |
| 2 | 80 | 490 | 84 | 15 | 1 |
| 3 | 320 | 588 | 93 | 18 | 1 |
| 4 | 758 | 705 |102 | 21 | 1 |
| 5 | 982 | 816 |112 | 24 | 1 |

--------More to come in Characters!---------

----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----
-----------------------VI: Items and their Uses------------------------
----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----

----VI.A: Restoration Items----

Name Effect Cost

Bulma - Gives 25 HP back. 3 Points
Kamesennin - Gives 50 HP back. 6 Points
Kami-Sama - Gives Full HP back. 10 Points
Puar (Pool) - Gives 10 Ki back. 4 Points
Mr. Popo - Gives Full Ki back. 10 Points
Senpyou - Gives Full HP and Ki back. 20 Points
ShenLong - Gives Full HP and Ki back 60 Points
to everyone.

----VI.B: Card-Changing Items----

Name - Effect Cost

Enma-Daiou - Changes one card's attack 15 Points
to Max (Z).
Uranai Baba - Changes one card's defense 15 Points
to Max (Z).
Son Gokou - Changes one card to max 40 Points
attack and defense, and 
allows character to attack 
Piccolo - Changes one enemy's attack 20 Points
and defense to one.
Kame - Randomly changes cards' 6 Points
attack and defense ratings.
Chi Chi - Changes any card into a Ki 12 Points
Oolong - Changes all cards into new 4 Points

----VI.C: Character-Effect Items----

Name - Effect

Lunch - Allows attacker to attack 10 Points
all enemies with one attack. 
Note: Sometimes, the card 
will fail, and Lunch will 
sneeze, turning back into her 
nicer, less violent self.
King Kaioh - Raises the Power Rating of 20 Points
any character in a battle by 
Saichourou - Raises the Power Rating of 40 Points
any character in a battle by 

----VI.D: Various Items (Ones you CAN sell)----

Name - Effect Cost

Scouter (Green) - Allows you to see the Power 10 Points
Ratings of the enemies in 
three battles up to 23999.
Also allows you to see their
HP, Ki, and cards.
Scouter (Red) - Allows you to see the Power 20 Points
Ratings if the enemies in 
five battles up to 199999.
Also allows you to see their
HP, Ki, and cards.
Grandpa Gohan - Stuns an enemy. Sometimes 20 Points
you get lucky and the enemy
is stunned for more than a 
round, sometimes they 
immediately come out of it.
Bubbles - Allows you to fly for a 10 Points
short period of time without
being attacked.
Yajirobee - Yajirobee attacks one enemy, 20 Points
either doing damage or 
stunning them.
Vegita - Good card to have if you are 20 Points.
weak and fighting a boss.
Calls Vegita in to fight with
you, but can't be controlled.
Buuku Juitsu - Flies you to the nearest 15 Points
Bulma House, Regeneration Pod,
or, if you are in a cave, the
way you entered.
Moon / Tail - During the fight against 80 Points
Vegita, when Gohan get's 
there, this will turn him into
a giant, raging Oorazu. His
Power Rating goes up by 10.

----VI.E: Various Items (Cannot Sell)----

Name - Effect

Dragon Radar - Used to locate the Dragon Balls on Earth 
and, later, Namek. Once used, you can 
press the A button to zoom out a bit, then
again, then again. Pressing it again will
take it back down to it's original scope.
Crying Gohan - Used in the fight against Raditz. After
using this, at the end of the round, Gohan
flies out, and bashes Raditz in the chest.
Namekian Toad - Used in the fight against Ginyuu. Throw
this, and Ginyuu will miss with his body-
exchange attack, switching with the frog
Dragon Balls - Collect these on Namek to call Porunga, the
Namekian Dragon, to grant your wishes.

----VI.F: Unknown Items----

Name - Rumored Effect

Porunga - Ok, yes this item DOES exist, but I won't 
acknowledge it's existance until someone 
actually finds it in the game. Game 
Genie/Game Shark codes CAN help you find it,
but if you use those, you CAN also boost 
someone's power to 99,999,999. That's just
unfair, and I don't cheat, thank you.
??????? - Ok, here's what you do to see what this is.
When you first touch down on Namek, fight
until one of the enemies gives you a 
scouter. Now, go fight Kewie, with the 
scouter on, so you get to see what his 
Power Rating is. Then immediately use the
Vegita card. Vegita will come in, then it
will give you the option to use some odd
looking card. It's all messed up, and 
green. And when you use it on someone, 
their life drops to 0. What's the point of
this item! Someone tell me so I know it 
isn't just a fluke in my game!

----VI.G: In Depth Look at Items and their Uses----

Here are a more in depth look at items, the characters they are associated with, 
and what they do.

----Restoration Items----

Bulma: Woman with purple-ish hair and a yellow shirt/jacket. Bulma is/was the 
first woman ever seen in Dragon Ball, and the second person seen overall. This 
item will restore up to 25 lost hit points. Very nice in the first couple of 
chapters of the game, but a tad outdated by the time you reach Namek.

Kamesennin: Old, Bald man wearing sunglasses. This item will restore up to 50 
lost hit points. Better than a Bulma card, and slightly more useful. You might 
actually want to keep these around when you hit Namek.

Kami-Sama: Wrinkly Green man with antenna. This man is God himself 
(literally), and restores ALL your lost hit points. They can be used to give 
Gohan, Gokou, or Vegita a level-up (if their life it below 5). They're fairly 
cheap, too, which makes them absolutely indespensable. Always make sure you 
have at least 1 with you.

Puar/Pool: Odd looking blue-ish cat with a bluish-white face and no nose. 
Puar/Pool (could be translated either way) restores 10 Ki points. These are 
relatively common to win from battles, so you're bound to have some handy. 
Sadly, you don't use your Ki attacks very often, so these aren't as useful as 
you might think.

Mr. Popo: Stark-black man with no nose, red lips, and a turban. Mr. Popo is 
God's right-hand man. His item will completely restore your Ki points. Very 
nice indeed, especially for the Vegita fight (Gokou using a Genki Dama costs 
quite a bit).

Senpyou: A blue cat with a nose (his eyes are closed) and a staff. Senpyou is 
the cat at the top of Karin Tower, and the holder of the Senzu seeds. That's 
what this item is, actually. Senzu seeds are the magical food items that 
completely restore your hit points AND ki points. VERY nice.

ShenLong: A large Dragon. Shen Long (Jackie Chan's name in Chinese) is the 
dragon called up when all 7 dragon balls are gathered. Shen Long, in this game, 
completely restores ALL characters' hit points and Ki. VERY expensive, but also 
VERY nice to have for the Freeza fight.

----Card Changing Items----

Enma-Daiou: Large Pink-ish man with a horned hat and a beard. Enma-Daiou, the 
gatekeeper of Heaven and Hell, is a VERY large man who maxes out one card's 
attack rating, making it a "Z" card. This is a nice card, but it's not the 
greatest card out there.

Uranai Baba: Old woman with a witch-like hat. Baba is Kamesennin's slightly 
younger sister, and the item that bears her face makes one card's defensive 
rating a Z, or max. This is better than the Enma-Daiou card, because while you 
can attack first and attack hard with Enma-Daiou, with this card, you might just 
survive long enough to attack again.

Son Gokou: Adult man with wild, black hair. You should know who Gokou is if 
you're playing the game, right? This is an awesome item, because it makes the 
card you use it on have a max (Z) offensive rating, a max (Z) defensive rating, 
and allows the character that uses it attack every enemy in the group. In other 
words, you have the highest defense, highest offense, and if there are 5 enemies 
you are fighting, instead of just hitting one of them, you'll attack all of 
them. Very nice to have, but a tad costly.

Piccolo: Green man with a turban. Ah, the Devil himself. When Kami (God) 
became God, he had to exsponge all the evil from his body. All that evil became 
Piccolo Daimou. Son Gokou, as a child, defeated that incarnation, but before he 
died, Piccolo Daimou created 1 final offspring, which is this present Piccolo. 
You should know what Piccolo looks like, though, because he is one of the two 
characters you start with. His item allows you to change one opponents attack 
and defense to 1 (the lowest possible), and changes the card style to a 
different one (if it was that person's style of attack, then it would change it 
so they would not be able to attack everyone).

Kame: A brownish turtle with it's mouth open. Kame, Kamesennin's sometimes 
friend, changes ALL of your cards' offensive and defensive ratings. This can be 
a blessing and a curse, but I usually prefer not to risk it.

Chi Chi: A woman with long, black hair. This card is VERY nice to have, since 
you pick which card you want to use it on (i.e., a VERY strong card can become a 
Ki card, if you choose).

Oolong: Funny looking pig. Ah, Oolong. This item, along with Bulma and 
Puar/Pool, are THE most common items. The Oolong card changes ALL your cards to 
a completely new set of cards. That means new styles, new offensive, and new 
defensive cards. These are surprisingly effective when you're fighting some of 
the later battles (and you have absolutely NO good cards).

----Character-Effect Items----

Lunch/Kushami: A Yellow haired, severely P.O.ed-looking woman. Kushami is a 
beautiful, innocent young girl with blue hair (not Bulma, though, because Bulma 
is FAR from innocent). Unfortunately, whenever Kushami sneezes, she turns into 
the golden-haired woman, Lunch. Lunch is BEYOND violent, and ALWAYS seems to 
have a weapon at hand. Her(their?) item allows whatever character you use it on 
to attack every enemy in the group for 1 round. This is a VERY effective card, 
since it allows the character to use even Ki attacks on everything, with the 
cost of only 1 use. Which means that TenShinHan is the ultimate warrior, since 
his 12 eyes technique cannot be dodged.

King Kaioh: A blue catfish-like man sporting sunglasses. King Kaioh is the 
ruler of the small planetoid at the end of Snake Road. His item, whomever you 
use it on, raises their Battle Rating by 25%. This is a VERY nice card to have, 
since before/during the Vegita & Nappa fight, they are fairly common to win from 

Saichourou: Gigantic, wrinkly green man. You'll see a Kami item WAY before you 
ever see one of these, and besides, this man is easily 3 times the size of Kami. 
Saichourou is the Namekian elder, and his card is easily one of the best in the 
game to have. It raises your power rating by 1/2. Wow. That means that even 
if you've only got a power rating of 416, you power will jump to 624. Geez, 
that's a lot.

----Various Items (Cannot Sell)----

Dragon Radar: Looks like a large watch, except instead of a watch face, it has 
a digital readout with a green grid and (hopefully!) green lights signifying 
Dragon Balls. This is used to find the location of the Dragon Balls. After you 
use it, by pressing the A button again, it will increase the readout radius. 
You can do this two more times, but pressing it a fourth time will shrink it 
back to the original size. You exit the readout by pressing the B button.

Gohan: Small, crying child with a yellow and green shirt. This item is 
required to beat the game. You get it by travelling to Mr. Popo's house on the 
eastern side of the main continent. Defeat the 4 Gold Sfuru-Jin, and you have 
the item. The Gohan item is used against Raditz. Simply use it during the 
battle, and at the end of the next round, Gohan will slam Raditz, stunning him. 
At this point, Gokou can now grab Raditz and hold him long enough for Piccolo to 
kill him.

Namekian Toad: Yes, folks, this does exist! That's right, you can get it 
during the fight against Vegita on Earth. All you have to do is purchase a 
Lunch card, then visit Yajirobee. He'll tell you that Oolong is looking for 
some hentai pictures, so go visit Oolong and talk to him a couple of times. 
He'll take the Lunch card (that pervert!), and give you the Namekian Toad. This 
is used in the fight against Ginyuu. Using the Frog will immediately get rid of 
the evil Captain (he'll try to do a body switch, but will end up missing and 
switching into the frog). Thanks go to Clement Chang for this!

Dragon Balls: One of seven yellow orbs, each with a different number of stars 
in the center (1-7). The Dragon Balls are collected to summon Porunga on Namek. 
The location of these can be found using the Dragon Radar. And since Gohan has 
a Dragon Ball on his hat at the beginning of the game, that means you should 
easily be able to find him...

----Various Items (Can Sell)----

Green Scouter: A Saiya-Jin piece of machinery. They are all white, with a 
green screen that flips over the eye, which projects the readouts. These are 
used to determine the power rating, Hit points, and Ki of the enemies you are 
fighting. Unfortunately, they have their limits. Once used, they only detect 
the next 3 fights before quitting, and if they try to register someone with a 
power rating over 23,999, then it'll explode. This causes you to lose it. 

Red Scouter: Looks like a Green Scouter, but with a red readout screen. This 
is just the same as the Green Scouter, except these also read the attack cards 
of your opponents, it will last for 5 fights, and it can't read over a 199,999 
power rating without exploding. Sorry...

Grandpa Gohan: An old man with a white beard and a cap. Not to be confused 
with Child Gohan or Kamesennin (another Gohan, another old man with a white 
beard), this card stuns the enemy you use it on. Sometimes, it remains 
effective for more than 1 round of fighting, while others snap right out of it 
and attack. It's all random, but you're guaranteed a round of fighting with it.

Bubbles: A brown monkey. Bubbles, King Kaioh's pet/friend, certainly is an odd 
character. His item allows you to fly or walk for a period of time without 
being attacked. Very nice during the Vegita fight, since you have a certain 
amount of time to find them in between rounds.

Yajirobee: A fat man with shaggy, long black hair. Yajirobee's item only 
appears twice in the game (as far as I know), and isn't near as useful as it was 
in DBZ 1 for the Famicom. His item summons Yajirobee, who attacks the target of 
your choice. He's not that strong, either.

Vegita: Man with wild black hair and a LARGE widow's peak. Vegita (my favorite 
character) has a rather interesting item. You earn it from him after you beat 
him on Earth. His item allows you to call him into a battle, where he will 
fight alongside you. He will stay for the entire round, but is uncontrollable. 
At least he won't attack you...

Buuku Juitsu: A shot of someone (Gokou? Piccolo? Vegita?) flying along with a 
large Ki field around them. This card has 2 uses. The first is rather 
pointless: where ever you are on the overworld map, if you use this, it will 
take you to the nearest Healing place (Bulma's house, etc). If you are in a 
cave, then this will allow you to transport out of the cave, returning you to 
the cave entrance. It's good to have for the latter, but not the former.

Moon/Tail: A shot of the moon/a Saiya-Jin's tail. This card is given to you 
after you defeat Nappa. Once you've used this card, Gohan turns into an Ooarzu 
(or as some people like to call it, a "Giant Ape"). Once he has done this, his 
power is multiplied by 10, making him a match for Vegita. The only problem with 
this card is, you get it after defeating Nappa, and if you didn't use it, you 
lose it after defeating Vegita!


Porunga: A large, greenish-monster lookin' thing. What this item does 
(according to WAY too many people using cheat codes), you get 3 wishes:
1) Half the life of all the enemies in the battle,
2) Restores the life of all the characters alive in the battle, and
3) Gives all the characters in the battle a level up (except enemies).
When I actually find this item IN THE GAME, I'll let you know. Please stop e-
mailing me telling me you've found it, when you used a Game Genie or GameShark! 
No offense, but that really doesn't help me. I mean, if you get a copy of the 
ROM, and hack into it directly, you can find special characters, like Golden 
Ooarzu Vegita, SSJ Gohan, and others. But they're NOT REALLY there, folks.

??????????: Well, it looks like a green glitch. As I stated above, here's what 
you you do to see what this is. When you first touch down on Namek, fight until 
one of the enemies gives you a scouter. Now, go fight Kewie, with the scouter 
on, so you get to see what his Power Rating is. Then immediately use the Vegita 
card. Vegita will come in, then it will give you the option to use some odd 
looking card. It's all messed up, and green. And when you use it on someone, 
their life drops to 0. What's the point of this item? Man, what a weird item. 
I REALLY don't know what to make of it...

----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----
------------------------------VII: Enemies-----------------------------
----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----

----VII.A: Sfuru-Jin----

Name Hit Points Ki Battle Power Experience 
Blue 45 None 238-338 7
Gold 55 24 238-426 9
Green 64 28 1200 30
Black 80 150 1000 25
Pink 72 38 2200-2400 54 
White 84 96 4400-4800 80

----VII.B: Lizard Henchman----

Name Hit Points Ki Battle Power Experience 
Purple 70 25 1300-1700 40
Green 80 30 2800-3000 60 
Yellowish 85 65 4600-5600 80

----VII.C: Human Henchman----

Name Hit Points Ki Battle Power Experience 
Green 75 37 1300-1700 45
Purple 88 43 3000-3600 67
Yellow 94 57 6400-8400 90 

----VII.D: Former Bosses----

Name Hit Points Ki Battle Power Experience
Blue Kewie 90 65 10000-12000 100
Brown Kewie 95 90 14000-16000 150

Blue Dodoria 108 60 12000-14000 120
Yellow Dodoria 114 90 19000-21000 275

Orange Zarbon 96 77 12000-16000 135
Red Zarbon 100 97 20000-22000 300

----VII.E: Former Ginyuu Members----

Name Hit Points Ki Battle Power Experience
Red Gurudo 123 72 11500-12500 290
Yellow Gurudo 128 150 15500-19500 312
*White Gurudo ? ? ? ? 

Red Rikuum 134 100 52000-54000 415 
Blue Rikuum 149 108 58000-62000 435

Green Baata 112 100 37500-41500 340
Gray/Grey Baata 130 120 49000-51000 375

Blue Jiisu 123 110 42500-52500 420
Yellow Jiisu 144 155 53000-57000 380

Yellowish Ginyuu 162 140 65000-75000 460
Brown Ginyuu 217 190 95000-105000 500

* I swear I've seen one of these before, and I've heard that they are the 
equivelant of the Metal Babble (Dragon Warrior) or Pink (FFIV), meaning they're 
beyond rare, and yield massive amounts of experience. If anyone has seen these, 
let me know, so I know I'm not going insane!

----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----
------------------------------VII: Various-----------------------------
----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin-----Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin----

----VIII.A: Revision History----

03-06-00: Faq created.
03-20-00: Namekian Toad Item added, and items expanded.
06-13-00: Started the experience chart. This is NOT easy to do!

----VIII.B: Thanks----

Sadly, there's only 1 person to thank (other than the person who sold me the 
game). Thanks go out to Clement Cheng for telling me about the location of the 
Namekian Toad. Thanks again!

This FAQ Copyright Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny - May 2000.

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