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Shadows Chapter 4

He opened his eyes slowly, so slowly. Not another nightmare surely? Alker was faintly relieved to discover that it was not. The relieve quickly evaporated when he realized what he had woken up to. A waking nightmare, literally. It had been four days since they had arrived at the hideaway. Not that he actually had any idea of where it was (you lose your sense of direction after flying around on someone's back for several hours and falling asleep during some of that time... well I do anyway), though he suspected that it was somewhere along the Western coast.

It turned out that there were not as many fighters in this rebellion of sorts as Alker had originally suspected. There were Ferefire and Alec of course, both in their late twenties. In addition there was Jake, a youth in his late teens. The way that he excubed confidence was unusual under the EWO...he seemed to be so easy going. Alker guessed that Jake had a fighting power of anything from one to ten thousand - it was difficult to gauge. In all there were four fighters, with Han completing the quintet. Han was short for Hannah, a girl. Having quite a pretty face with dark hair and blue eyes, she was in her early twenties/late teens. Unusual that it may seem to have a female fighter, she seemed to be pretty good. Alker certainly didn't make a point of it, since he was willing to gamble that she could easily pummel him into the ground if she so wished.
What was most surprising was that the green creature called Piccolo was not actually part of this foursome. Indeed his intentions seemed to be quite different from the others. What Piccolo wanted was some information. Unfortunately this was from Alker.

"I keep telling you Alec, I don't know. Heck! I don't even have a clue what you are talking about"
Alker had been sitting down on his chair for the past few hours, in the same room. He was bored. Even the room was boring-being a simple box shape - pretty much like the rest of the complex. They didn't really go into decoration very much here.
"Okay I'll start again and this time I'll explain it fully...", Alec began.

"Many years ago before the Established World Order was set up, the World used to be free. People had the power to do what they wanted, say what they thought, when and where they were. This balance was to a great degree maintained by the Z warriors.
The Z warriors were a group of several individuals with exceptionally high ki levels. Its major fighters were humans by the names of Gokou, Krillian, Yamchua, Tien, Chaltzou, Gohan and to a greater or lesser degree Piccolo.
These fighters had just accomplished the greatest victory the world had ever known, when they had beaten two Saiyans by the names of Vegita and Nappa. I've already told you what a Saiyan is so don't ask. Anyway, as a consequence of the previous fight, all the Z warriors, except for Gohan, Gokou and Krillian had passed into the next dimension. Thus it was necessary to travel to Planet Namek, where the original Dragonballs could be found..."
"Sorry to interrupt, but what's a Dragonball?"
"Oh yeah...", and Alec explained exactly what a Dragonball was and did.
"As if...", Alec exclaimed, "If they exist why haven't you used them before against the EWO?"
"I'm coming to that. Anyway there was another fight on Namek against Freeza. I won't go into details, but he was destroyed and everyone was wished back. Except Gokou. He was not dead you see and promised to return. He never did. But it got worse. Much worse...
...The following year a great and powerful evil arrived. An android by the name of Dr. Gero just appeared out of nowhere..."
"What? You mean Lord Gero?", Alter exclaimed
"The very same", Alec continued, "He must have a power level in the millions.."
"Cough cough..really??"
"Seriously. He killed all of the remaining Z fighters. Only Piccolo had just about enough strength to escape, after merging with Kami. I've already explained that haven't I? Good. So here we are now, sixteen years later, fleeing from everything that Gero and that EWO of his has to throw. If only Piccolo would actually join us. Still... Maybe one day, one of us will have a power level high enough to destroy gero and all of his croonies. I doubt it...but hey at least we're doing our little bit"
"Okay. I just about understand you now. What have I got to do with all this?"
"It is something to do with your memory. You see, Piccolo travelled back to Namek, where he called up the eternal dragon. Initially he wished for Gohan and Gokou to be returned to this dimension. The dragon could not perform either of these wishes. It turned out that they were both still alive. Since the rest had already been wished back by the dragon, he changed his wish to destroying Gero. This also failed. The wish exceeded the power of the dragon. Frustrated Piccolo wished to know where Gohan was. He was given a rather cryptic answer by the dragon. He was told that we would find a boy matching your description by the name of Alker, who would tell us where he was. His second wish - how to defeat Gero was answered in that you would hold the key to defeating Gero and restoring freedom to the Planet Earth"
"What?!? You must have the wrong person. I don't have a bloody clue where this Gohan is or how to defeat Lord Gero and his empire", Alker burst out, "I would have told you by now if I did. I mean common"
"In that case why did they come after you and why are they still looking for you if you are so unimportant?"
How could he answer that one? Alker was unsure whether it would have been a very good idea to tell Alec of his constant dreams that he had, since it would be pointless and lead to more questioning. He decided to keep quiet.
"Has he told you yet?", Piccolo entered the room.
"Leave this one with me. I'm sure that I can be a little more persuasive.."
Aww ****...

By this stage Alker was getting very annoyed and frustrated.
"Looks like you have the wrong one here. You are all a useless bunch of failures", came the voice of Piccolo through the door.
"But we thought.."
"..No more excuses. I don't know why I even bothered to come here in the first place. You're pathetic, the lot of you"
And with that last comment Piccolo was gone.

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