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"Faith in a Boy" Review

The Summary

     Well, we're back with the Episode reviews, after the long hours updating the new DBZN as well as the expansion of my company, I've been pretty busy, but I get to do some episode reviews at the Prime time of DBZ!

     Our episode today begin with a recap of Goku forfeiting after an AWESOME battle! As part of it, he names his son, Gohan as the next challenger. Through the dialogue, we find out that Gohan never had any trouble following his father as well as Cell during the peak phases of the battle.

     While speaking, Goku said to Gohan, "You thought I was holding back because you were comparing my energy to the energy within you." Wow! That was pretty much the sentiment across the board as the other Z fighters stared in amazement. Vegeta was pretty sore about the whole thing too, how could a boy surpass him at such an age?

     Not only that, but Goku gives cell a senzu bean to make sure the fight was "fair," pretty wild! All the other fighters thought Goku went nuts, until the fight resumed. After an incredible volley, and even with Gohan smacked down to earth, at the end of the episode he was ready for round 2.

The Review


I have always felt that the later half of the Cell saga shows a remarkable improvement in the actual drawing of the characters, especially their faces. It seems like here was the real transition in art style from DB to DBZ, and the heavy action start coming in. I would guess that the Japanese audience really liked the action and the animators responded accordingly. I can't think of any other reason, short of a complete animation team change that would account for such a difference. It's a positive difference, and the animation was once again very smooth. Yippie!


As I always say, in anything animated, a good animation score will always affect this category as well. The action sequence with Gohan and Cell was fast and furious, though it only lasted about 7 minutes. The director of animation made some good choices on the story boards though, because the cuts and the close-ups were pretty well timed, which is usually my main complaint about DBZ (The "ahhh-ing" syndrome).


Music is often one of the few areas that I get tired of in DBZ, and will often leave this section out, but the recent episodes have been unsing the music to effectively convey either the emotion of the moment or the implication of a character. For example, every time "Hercule" (ß We'll talk about this!) speaks, a hard-core kind of music fades in, which is actually quite amusing, given the context of his character. Also, the action music has been pretty decent.


This is another area that I felt that FUNimation really took short cuts on when translating the Japanese. However, they seem to have gotten better that giving the characters more meaningful things to say. The only thing FUNi seems to forget about DBZ is that in Japan, sometimes various characters actually cuss and say things like "Oh-S-T" (pardon for my own censorship, the little ones you know….) which actually better fit the scenario than a large "noooo" or "curse you" or any number of common "translation boo-boo's" I really enjoyed the conversation between Goku and his son, which was very relevant to the story. Better.


Things are getting real interesting in the realm of DBZ. The fight is going to kick into overdrive in the next few episodes, and I've already been watching the International channel, which just finished the Cell saga Sunday. Sorry, but you are just going to have to wait now. This is what I have always used as my bench mark for comparison, as I first saw DBZ after the Cell Saga, so the previous ones have always seemed lackluster, but its great now!


Normally on an episode like this I would tout super long "woo-hoo," but I'm too tired. I loved this entire part of the Cell Saga, from Day 1 of the tournament to the end. If your reading this and not watching, for shame. You are really going to miss out, get those VCR programming skills mastered and record them if you can't watch!

The Celestrian gives todays episode: 4.9/5

-Celestrian DBZN Staff

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