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The DBZN Contest

How would you like to win a brand new game for a next generation system of your choice. Whether you want Max Payne for your X-Box, Final Fantasy X for your PS 2, or Super Smash Bros. for your Gamecube we can give it to you. Not only that but we will also give you all 33 of our high quality DBZ "Clip of the Days" on CD-ROM. (Note that the games listed above are just some suggestions, you can have ANY game of your choice for the PC, N64, PS, Dreamcast, PS 2, X-box, or Gamecube).

The rules of the contest are quite simple but getting disqualified isn't hard either. So read the following carefully...

The Rules

  1. Find eight hidden links which will lead to a page with an emphasized letter. Descramble the letters to spell DBZ related word(s).

  2. Each person can send a maximum of one submission. If you send more then one complete or incomplete submission you will be disqualified. Don't forget all eight pages with the hidden links and the descrambled word.

    Submissions should also include the following:
    -   Your FULL Name
    -   E-mail address
    -   Mailing address (If you win, how do you expect to get your prize?) NO     P.O. BOXES, this is to ensure that the next rule is not

  3. The links can be found in any pages on the DBZN except the "Episode Reviews" and the "News" sections. That frees up more then 250 pages that you would otherwise have to search.

  4. Users cannot share or make public any contest related information other then what we post on the news.

  5. The first ten correct contest submissions will be accepted, then with a random drawing we will select the winner. The first submission will get 2x the chance the other nine will of winning.

Send all questions and submissions to:

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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