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Episode 218 "The Losses Begin"

The Summary

Goku stops Vegeta's punch once more. But why? Does he feel something that Vegeta can't or is Vegeta just trying to hide his fear?

We start off by seeing Vegeta in a deep conversation with Goku. Vegeta thinks that Buu is only a distraction. He overlooks his hidden strength, which Goku obviously notices, and this angers Goku. Vegeta keeps his pride, though, and remains with his solid belief that he won't give in to Babidi's shenanigans

Back with Buu...

Babidi is having a difficult time keeping Buu under his control. Buu only sticks out his tongue and laughs at every word from his supposed, "master". Dabura doesn't think that Buu is strong. In fact, he takes it even further by announcing a threat directly to Majin Buu.

Yeah, he was thinking.

Obviously, Buu doesn't like his attitude, or his threat. Buu yells in a weird pitch and then smiles with his smirk stretching from ear to ear. His shoulders and head raise, and steam pours out of pores on his body.

Releasing steam, hehe...funny. Dya' get it? Ok, bad pun.

He smiles once more and then punches Dabura effortlessly over the landscape and into a mountain. This is the first form of aggression he's shown as of yet, and it's a clear indication of what he is capable of.

After Dabura's quick departure, Buu continues his rampant laugh brigade and claps all the while.

Gohan, the Supreme Kai, and Babidi all stand in awe of his awesome strength.

Trunks and Goten...

...continue flying but soon Goten stops once more. He feels the same odd gut feeling from before long, they jump to conclusions. They don't understand where the power comes from. An infinite supply is what they call it. Trunks thinks that where there is evil power, there must be the Buu-monster. Without taking anything into consideration, they depart just as quickly as they stopped.

"Last one there is a monkey butt!" - Goten

We phase back to Goku and Vegeta, and the two saiyans can't agree. Vegeta insists that Buu is only a sideshow. He claims that his family (Bulma and Trunks) means nothing to him. He thinks that petty human emotions are what hold fighters back, and believes that harnessing evil energy is the only method of winning.

Goku knows that Vegeta is only saying that to sound more masculine. He shows Vegeta his determination to persuade his thoughts by pushing Vegeta back and punching him to the ground.

Vegeta spits his own blood, and announces that the battle will be postponed until Buu is defeated because he is distracting Goku from the fight between them. Goku is glad that Vegeta is thinking for a change, and Vegeta asks Goku to take the sensu beans out so they can both be at full power when they attack Buu. Goku agrees and takes the pouch out of his pocket.

While he reaches for the beans, Vegeta creeps up on him and quickly jabs his arm into Goku's back with full force. Goku, not expecting the move, is knocked out immediately.

Vegeta takes a bean for himself, comments on Goku stupidity (partially correct actually), and leaves to attack Buu.

Back with Gohan...

He thinks that it would be a good time to attack, but the Kai knows that Babidi is the only one who can seal Buu's power away. To kill him would be foolish and a invitation for death.

Babidi knows that the revival was a success, and decides to make Buu listen. Since Buu continues to laugh, Babidi threatens to seal him up in his egg again.

Buu knows that he has that power so he instantly listens for command.

Babidi is very pleased and commences his first order: Kill Gohan and the Supreme Kai.

The two know exactly what they need to do. Run!

Gohan grabs the Kai's hand, and he flies off at his maximum speed. Gohan says that he's very confident about that speed, and also thinks that Buu won't be able to catch up.

Wrong again.

Buu blasts off after them with Babidi's command, and in no time at all, reaches them. Gohan looks back, seeing no way of his pursuit, only to be greeted face-to-face when he turns around, with none other, than Buu himself.

He hits Gohan to the ground with one massive blow, and the Supreme Kai is left all alone with the strongest thing ever.

What will tomorrow yield?

The Review


Perhaps not as dismal as yesterday, but still another brainteaser. Why, in such an important saga, are we not witnessing some of the greatest drawings ever seen? I don't know what to say. Not only was the quality awful, but also the way that scenes transitioned from one another. When Buu was prancing like a pony, his movements were jerky, his speech erratic, and his detail in the cape and face were nothing but a few lines.


His eyes were: ( , and his mouth: ) .

How sad is that?


Same as yesterday. Fine.


Insipid, uninspired, and monotonous. Today consisted of the same tournament that has been going on for approximately 18 episodes. Is there really a need to see Hercule's useless cheering? Even the scene where Buu crushed Dabura was short and unexplained.

I can't understand why this episode was so underdone.


I suppose I should go easy. We did see the "King of the Demon World" knocked out with one hit, not to mention Gohan in the same aspect. Other than that there really wasn't that much. The episode seemed to accomplish so much when I watched it, but after I contemplated, I realized how off my reasoning was. The only positive portion was the ending where Buu is left in the sky with the Supreme Kai.

The Existence's Bottom Line: The ending was awesome...the episode ended.

The Existence gives today's episode:

3 Dragonballs out of 7

-The Existence

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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