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Episode 217 "Buu is Hatched "

The Summary

Today's odd and exciting episode continues with the opening of Buu's egg.

Babidi is laughing and prancing around; happy that Buu finally has the power he needs to reawaken from his deep slumber. He stresses the importance of the day to Dabura, as his father's death is at last, being avenged.

The egg turns a shade of pink, and the Supreme Kai becomes very worried since he knows of the creature's immense strength. He tells Gohan that it would be the safest decision to leave and regroup with the other fighters immediately.

Gohan has another idea...

He says that he cares about his loved ones so much that he can't let the unthinkable happen. He undergoes an amazingly wonderful power up to SSJ2, and with his enormous energy, charges a massive Kamehameha. He releases it with such ferocity that everyone there is blinded from the power.

The egg stays put but loses its radiant pink glow. A dull, brown lumpy ball remains, as more air pressure is released. Gohan doubts that his intentions were carried out to the fullest, so he powers up another crazy Kamehameha.

We then see Goten and Trunks continuing their journey to Babidi's ship, until Goten suddenly stops. He tells Trunks that he senses something from a direction, but he doesn't know exactly from where. From the distance, though, they spot a flock of birds flying in the air.

"Whoaaaaaaaaa, Birdiiiiiieeeeessss!" - Goten

The boys realize that they must go to where ever the commotion is.

The ground back at the tournament begins to shake from Gohan's attack. Everyone there begins to run out of the stadium, but Hercule reassures them by reminding the crowd that he's the Earth's guardian and protector.

What a joke!

Gohan continues his assault on the egg, and Dabura decides to stop him in fear that Buu may be harmed. Babidi is, however, more than confident that his attacks are puny and useless. Gohan increases his already enormous strength to another level.

The egg flies up into the air, and when it begins to land, Gohan prepares the biggest Kamehameha.

With a swift flick of the wrist, he unleashes his attack in a raging fury. Nothing happens.

Gohan is thrown back at this. A pink light emits, and it seems as though Buu is ready to come out. The egg splits in half, with Babidi's cheering in the background.

The two halves roll on the ground, and the camera zooms into the egg.

Empty. There's nothing inside. The warriors don't even sense energy from it.

The entire charade is confused and astonished. The Supreme Kai thinks that Buu has disintegrated over the many years of dormancy. Babidi can't believe what's happening, but Gohan, however, is not sure.

At this point, it is important to note, that a quick shot of Gohan's face is shown. It may not have looked like much to the naked eye, but the close observer would note that his eye twitched. Hello!?! Huge giveaway. Obviously Buu is alive and well. I guess not everyone has Super Saiyan abilities though. Oh well.

Babidi begins to cry, as the Kai mocks and teases his useless efforts to revive Buu. The Kai tells Gohan that the final battle between Dabura and Babidi vs. himself and Gohan will begin.

Gohan knows better.

His years of fighting have trained him to always expect the unexpected. Gohan looks up into the sky and spots a pinkish white cloud brewing. Dabura and Babidi also follow his lead, but can sense no energy. At this point, everyone except Gohan, Master Roshi, Goku, and the birds, are completely confused.

The fight between Goku and Majin Vegeta rages on. A bombardment of punches, kicks, and trips ensues, and we eventually witness an all out war of physical strength.

Back to Gohan... He sees the clouds forming into a shape. Oh no! Could it be?!?! Yes. It's Majin Buu!!! The large creature falls to the ground screaming his name.

"Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!"- Buu

This unique creature can be described in three words: fat, pink, and ugly. No one there seems to know if it's really Buu. Even Babidi is confused. The mysterious fighter wobbles over to Gohan, looks at him, laughs like a child, back flips, and lands on rear side.

Hmmmm? is what we should be asking at this point.His whole demeanor is completely childish, prancing and tumbling like a young toddler.

Vegeta is about to land a punch into Goku's face, when Goku suddenly stops his attack.He senses Buu's hidden strength.

Buu claps and laughs as we are left to wonder what this odd fellow has in store for the rest.

The Review


Well, let's put it this way: everything was good. Yet, it was still not that great. Compared to the last several shows, this is child's play. I mean that sincerely. The detail and expressions don't even seem to exist, as they should in such an important episode.

The lack of action, though, was probably what caused the show to be so dull. If you look at it this way, it wasn't anything you're going to cry over.


Today is an exception to the last couple of disappointing shows. We are introduced to a new theme today, and a very noticeable one at that. Fat Buu's clumsy music is what I'm referring to.

The high notes and misplaced beats make this little jingle something to laugh about. Finally, we have something to comment about.


As the plot was boring, so was the dialogue. Babidi's obsession with Buu, Goku's stalemate fight, and the dead tournament didn't suffice as contributing factors. There wasn't one line or point where I was taken back in astonishment. Not one.

You know what that means.

Just wait for tomorrow because there are never two back-to-back dull shows.


In terms of advancement and importance as a whole, today was the epicenter of the rest of DBZ. However, from a solitary mindset, today, alone, was bland to say the least. It seemed as though the entire event was stretched out longer than it should have been.

Also, Hercule is shown bragging. I understand that there are some people still at the tournament, but give it a rest. I can't stand him if you haven't noticed.

In conclusion, I think that today was a day of learning and interpretation.

The Existence's Bottom Line: Boring. Wait for tomorrow and the rest of the saga.

The Existence gives today's episode:

4 Dragonballs out of 7

-The Existence

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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