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Episode 204 "Energy Drain "

The Summary

Today we have a spectacular action-packed episode. It begins with the fight of Kibito and Gohan. Gohan is in the process of turning into a super saiyan. The Supreme Kai tells Goku and the others that Spopovitch and Yamu will attack Gohan in the fight. He reminds them not to interfere, but they question his request and his premonition of the fight. Krillin insists that Gohan can take care of himself, but the Kai says that it waits to be seen. Goku doesn't understand why those two mysterious ones would want to attack Gohan, and Shin tells them that Gohan's power is what brought them to Earth. Gohan gives Kibito one more chance to reconsider, but he tells him to go on. Gohan informs him that there is a level beyond that of a super saiyan. Kabito is thrown back and wants him to show this pure power. With that, Gohan begins his transformation into the Super Saiyan 2 form. Kibito, Yamu, Spopovitch, and the crowd are all amazed by his massive strength. Videl now realizes that Gohan, the gold fighter, and the Great Saiyaman are one and the same.

The Supreme Kai wonders if there will be enough energy generated from Gohan, and Goku along with the rest, now become even more confused about what's happening. Yamu looks at his energy meter, and the needle is spinning in circles. He tells Spopovitch that it is time to do what they came for. He instructs him to hold Gohan down while he extracts his energy with a device. The Supreme Kai sees that they are attacking, and he wants to see what they will do, so he freezes Gohan with his power, and Yamu inserts the device into him. Gohan yells out with the agonizing pain. Krillin wants to go help, but Piccolo holds him back, following the Kai's orders. The others watch in shock and confusion while this is taking place.

Videl then tries to help him too, but Goku restrains her. The tournament arena begins to illuminate with Gohan's enormous energy being drawn out. The entire sky turns bright white, and then fades back to Gohan. Spopovitch releases him, and he falls down completely drained of all his power. Videl runs out there to help him while Spopovitch and Yamu fly away. The Supreme Kai decides to follow them to see what they have in store for Gohan's pure power. Goku, in the process also decides to go with. The Kai tells Goku that Kibito will heal Gohan and that he may come with if he wishes.

Vegeta sees Goku leaving as an excuse for not fighting him. Vegeta wants so badly to defeat Goku that he loses sight of what is most important. However, Vegeta is not swayed by Goku's response and is determined to fight at any cost. Goku sees no other way out of the situation then to agree to fight when they return.

The Supreme Kai flies away when Krillin and Vegeta also decide to come along. Android 18, though, wants to stay on Earth and finish the tournament. As these decisions are taking place, Kibito places his hand on Gohan and restores most of his energy. Gohan gets up and decides to follow Kibito. (Who also plans to follow Yamu and Spopovitch) Kibito leaves while Videl is trying to convince Gohan to let her go along too. At first he is very reluctant, but he eventually gives in to her plea. Hercule has no say in this decision whatsoever; they just follow Kibito without saying goodbye.

The scene then shifts back to Yamu and Spopovitch flying with Gohan's power. Yamu comments that Babidi will be very pleased with the power so they can revive "Majin Buu". We then see the Supreme Kai flying after the two men. The Z-fighters are all with him. He thanks them for joining him because they will be needed. Goku wonders why the Supreme Kai would need help. He tells them that he isn't afraid of Spopovitch and Yamu, but the wizard that controls them. We then see Gohan and Videl catch up with Kibito. The Supreme Kai and Kibito simultaneously tell the story of Majin Buu, Babidi, and Bibidi.

Long ago, there was a wizard named Bibidi. He created a being solely to destroy everything. His name was Majin Buu. This being, had unrivaled power. He destroyed thousands of planets and lives unmercifully under the control of Bibidi. Eventually, Majin Buu became too strong for Bibidi to contain. Therefore, he creates a magic ball that can seal Buu and his power up. This ball was sent to Earth because it was to be the next target for destruction. As long as Buu is sealed inside the ball, he is harmless. Originally, Bibidi was the only the only one who could release Buu from the ball, but Bibidi had a son, Babidi. Babidi is on Earth, and he intends to wake the unstoppable Buu.

The Z-fighters are all amazed at his story and become nervous about finding this wizard.

The Review


The animation today was superb. It rivaled that of the fight between Gohan and Cell. Gohan's transformation was the most detailed and most exciting things I've seen in a long time. The sequence showing the Supreme Kai being followed by the Z-fighters was also worth notice. All I can say is, "No words can describe today." Plain and simple, the animation was top-notch.


The music was unbelievable, as it usually is during big events. The music went back to the traditional theme during Gohan's incident and the flight of the Supreme Kai and Kibito. The upbeat tempo and hard hitting notes truly multiply the enjoyment of the experience. I'm not trying to over say this, but the music really is THAT good. I don't think it should ever be changed.


The dialogue was great as well. The story about Buu told by Kibito and the Supreme Kai was not only interesting, but also perfectly translated into a fluid timeline. It was very easy to tell what they were talking about. Any and all of the points in the show where the Kai had some part in, were very nicely said. Unfortunately the dialogue itself was changed to the point that it introduced many new plot holes. The conversation between Goku and the Kai when Gohan was being attacked was not only powerful, but exciting to listen to.


The plot was not even comparable to most other episodes. This show had so much going on; sometimes it became difficult to understand what was happening. The plot was so deep and involved today that it's hard to begin to explain what's going on. Basically, the story of Buu, the Gohan struggle, and the chase after Spopovitch and Yamu were the main parts to today's episode. All aspects of it were unbelievable and action-packed, except maybe for Hercule entrance. Other than that, the episode was perfect in my mind. This episode gets the same rating as yesterday, but it is much, much better. It doesn't deserve a 7/7 because it is not an epic episode, yet it encompasses a lot of information.

The Existence's Inside Line: You cannot miss today's episode. If you did, then buy the tape, because otherwise you'll be in for a wild ride. The story and background information about Buu and Babidi were pivotal to understanding the rest of DBZ. Ultimately, this episode was a near-classic type.

The Existence gives today's episode:

6 Dragonballs out of 7...

-The Existance

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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