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Episode 201 "A Dark And Secret Power"

The Summary

Today's episode begins with Shin walking away from Spoppovitch, with an awkward glance towards him. Spoppovitch's menacing glance is very odd to look at because it seems as though he's always grunting with a frustrated look on his face. The fight between Videl and Spoppovitch then gets under way as we are left to wonder what connection the two have together. Videl begins the fight pummeling Spoppovitch into the ground and landing punch after punch into the gut. It really looks like she'll win the fight. The episode then turns over to Shin walking past Piccolo when Shin asks Piccolo what seems to be wrong. Piccolo asks him if he may know who he is. Before Shin answers, the mysterious pink colored man interrupts and tells Piccolo. Piccolo asks if he is the Grand Kai, but he responds and corrects him by telling him that's he the Supreme Kai. The Universe is divided into four quadrants with a respective Kai for each and a Grand Kai ruling all four. Piccolo, however, was sure that all along, there was an even greater force of power, and that is the Supreme Kai. At this, Piccolo doesn't have any idea why the Supreme Kai would want to visit earth and more importantly, want to fight Goku.

The scene switches back to the fight, and Videl continues to punish the enormous Spoppovitch. After some time of punching and kicking, Videl lays a gigantic blow to his stomach, and he seems to be out for the count. Just as the announcer is about to begin the count, he gets right back up as if possessed. They continue to fight, both throwing a barrage of hits, when again, Videl knocks him down. Again, however, Spoppovitch pops right back up from where he came from, and the crowd and the announcer are both flabbergasted. Nonetheless, they go at it once more with quite powerful ferocity. Videl is beginning to get a little tired, but she continues on anyways and eventually throws him down to the ring again. This time, everyone is sure that she has won, but Spoppovitch gets up a third time.

The crowd is speechless, but the fight must go on. Videl manages to knock him out again, but he gets up just as easily as before for the fourth time. When this happens, Goku begins to get suspicious and wonders how he can continue to withstand Videl's power. Once again, the two warriors continue their battle, and yep, you guessed it; Spoppovitch gets up from another one of Videl's hits. Even Gohan, at this point, doesn't know what's going on, and Goku thinks that Videl should quit the fight immediately because he knows something is wrong. Videl is very exhausted at this point, and Spoppovitch takes advantage of this. He kicks her so that she flies out of the ring, but Videl, with her newly learned flying techniques, manages to stop herself. Even Hercule, who is informed of the fight's progress, refuses to believe that his daughter is losing. The curtains seem to be drawn when Videl manages to land another massive punch to Spoppovitch's head. This is because it is turned all the way around. The crowd is amazed and disgusted at the same time, and the announcer finally knows the winner…

All of a sudden, to everyone's surprise, he gets right back up for a sixth time. (Wow, it's getting hard to keep track) Spoppovitch mysteriously twists his head back in place, cracks his neck around, and gets back into a fighting stance. When this happens, Chi-Chi and Bulma both are at a loss of words, and Videl doesn't even know what to think. The episode then ends with Spoppovitch flying up to Videl in the air, and she has no place to hide this time.

The Review


Once again, the animation is crisp as ever. Some important things to take notice of though are the detail in Spoppovitch's veins and face. Wow! That was really amazing. Also the detail of expression in Piccolo's face when he learns of Shin's real identity was amazing. He looked so lifelike that it almost made me gasp out in horror.


Actually, the music didn't stand out at all today. The fight was the showcase and there really wasn't a need for it. But I suppose if you listened carefully, it was the same music for the last couple of episodes. Good but not great.


There wasn't a large amount of talking in this episode because it mostly showed Videl and Spoppovitch fighting. But the few lines that did stand out were really good. For example, the conversations between Piccolo and the Supreme Kai, or the thoughts of Goku during the fight were both great moments. FUNi did a good job where it mattered the most.


The plot today was a little bland, but then again, this episode wasn't meant to amaze. It was meant to introduce and infer certain events that will take place. This episode was necessary transitionary episode that would help the next episodes make sense. Besides, the concept of the Supreme Kai is cool enough alone.

The Existence's Inside Line: You really should see this one to know what's going on. If not for the fight, then for Piccolo talking to the Supreme Kai because that was awesome.

The Existence gives today's episode:

5 Dragonballs out of 7...

-The Existance

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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