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Episode 192 "Take Flight Videl"

The Summary

"So…to fly you basically…sort of take your energy, and uh put it underneath you…and uh, you just use it to hold you up. Really…a toddler could it…Err!! I mean a really talented toddler who's put years of work into it!" -Gohan

Today's episode begins with Gohan, teaching Videl and Goten how to fly. Before they can begin, Videl must first learn how to control her energy, which in itself is not an easy task. Although it comes fairly easy to Videl since she has been doing marshal arts all her life.

Our episode then turns over to Goku who is training with a 2 two ton weight on both of his legs and arms, until South Kai pays them a little visit. South Kai is boasting about a new fighter he got, fresh from the living world. He protests that if 'pap boy' were here for the last tournament, Goku would have been defeated easily. To shut South Kai up, and put him back into his place, King Kai has Goku replace his 2 ton weights with 10 ton weights. At first it appears that Goku won't be able train with all that weight on his body, until he goes Super Saiyan. The ten ton weights then become easier for him, than the 2 ton weights of before. South Kai immediately begins making excuses why Pap Boy won't be able to fight, and they get out of the area in a hurry.

As we go back to flying school, Gohan tells Goten that hopping and flying are two different things. To Videls frustration, Goten learns immediately. However it doesn't take Videl very long either, she's up and flying not to long after Goten. When Videl is about to leave Gohan suggest that she cut her hair, so that it doesn't get in her eyes when she's fighting.

We then go to Vegeta and Trunks training. Trunks explains to his father that Goten will be taking part in the upcoming tournament. When Vegeta asks him what he's going to do about it, Trunks replies by going Super Saiyan. Vegeta's reaction to a boy going Super Saiyan is classic.

Videl shows up the next day ready to train, and she had taken Gohan's advice by shortening her hair.

The Review:

Animation: The animation doesn't differ much from the rest of the Saiyaman episodes. Same crisp feeling. As Trunks goes Super Saiyan, the animation is superb. Clean, crisp and detailed.

Dialogue: This is a great episode for dialogue. There wasn't any corny lines that really stood out, and everything flowed really well. There was a classic conversation at lunch, between Gohan, Videl, Chi-Chi, and Goten about the future of Gohan and Videl. Chi-Chi assuming they will get married, and Goten asking if Videl will be his sister. They did a great job on that. =)

Music: There isn't much to report on much today folks. Once again today's episode didn't have anything new, and what it did was all the same stuff we've been hearing for the past few days nonstop.

Plot: A lot was covered plot-wise today. Such as Videl learning to control her energy, and both Videl and Goten learning how to fly. Another key plot point was trunks going Super Saiyan. Something that I don't believe they did very well was how easily Videl learned to control her energy. It seemed as though the first time she tried, she got it. Even IF she's been doing marshal arts all her life, that's still a bit ridiculous. Other than that, the plot was pretty good.

Pheonix's Inside Line: You can't NOT watch this episode. If not for the comedy (There is a descent amount of it too) then at least watch it to see Trunks go Super Saiyan for the first time.

The Pheonix gives today's episode:

5 Dragonballs out of 7

-Dark Phoenix

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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