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Episode 182"Water Fight"

The Summary

The episode begins with our favorite green mushroom-headed announcer telling what fighters advanced to the quarterfinals. King Kai and South Kai had two fighters, West Kai had three, and East Kai had one. North and South Kai argued about who was better and then South Kai said they should pick on East Kai 'cause she only had one fighter.

The next fight begins with a very small and fast guy from the West Quadrant and a large red guy whose body looks remarkably similar to Cell's from the South Quadrant. The tiny guy shows off his speed -- and even Goku's intimidated -- but the little guy quickly tires out before attacking and is forced to give up. Everyone in the stadium falls over anime-style. West Kai complains that his fighter only lost because the ring was too big.

Next a frog-like guy from the South Quadrant and a dinosaur-like guy named Maraikoh from the West Quadrant. At first Maraikoh's winning but he starts to laugh at Frog (that's his name) but Frog replies cockily and blows himself up to a tremendous proportion. He slowly but surely begins pushing Maraikoh out of the ring, as well as laughing insanely (he's evil, I tell ya'… x_x). No matter how hard he tries, Maraikoh can't seem to stop Frog! As he begins to slip off of the edge of the ring, he manages to lift his absolutely massive opponent and toss him to a distant meteor. Frog lands outside of the ring and loses.

"Ahh… Now it's finally my turn," says an anxious Goku as he climbs into the ring to fight a small, blue, fish-like guy named Aqua. Goku raced towards his opponent and landed a kick that sent him flying into the air. "Sorry, I wouldn't have kicked him so hard if I would've known how weak the guy was," said Goku while East Kai was shouting to Aqua to use his "special power." Aqua responds; his eyes glow and in a matter of seconds he turns the ring into a water ring.

Goku now under water he holds his breath and sees Aqua coming at him. They fight evenly in hand-to-hand combat, and East Kai states how Aqua invincible under water. The once shy-looking Aqua now has a vindictive look on his face and he begins beating Goku around a bit. It looks like it's all over for Goku when he uses a Solar Flare to blind Aqua and he jumps out of the ring preparing a Kamehameha…
Aqua searches for Goku and looks up to find a massive blue beam of energy connecting with his face! Aqua lands outside of the ring. Somehow this changes the ring back to water (maybe because Aqua lost). East Kai yells at Aqua and sentences him to a 1,000 lap run around Grand Kai's palace. Goku, however, compliments Aqua and says that he almost lost.

To finish of the quarter finals we have Oleibu(spelling?) and Pikkon facing off. Since they're both expected to win the entire tournament, so the crowd goes wild. King Kai and West Kai argue, and eventually the fight starts.

A vicious battle using massive energy ensues, and it appears to be even all the way. Neither fighter can land a hit, and neither appears to have the upper hand. Oleibu lands a hit and Pikkon turns it up a notch but so does Oleibu… so they're even again. Goku compliments they're technique and they're power as they continue to fight evenly. The fighters connect in the center of the ring and energy consumes them and next we see Oleibu hitting a wall outside of the ring. Though he lost, he commends Pikkon with a smile and a handshake.

"So, Goku… how do you feel?" asks the Grand Kai. "I'm trembling. It's just indescribable," replies a timid-looking Goku. West Kai talks about how he should be scared and Goku replies that he's "trembling" because he's "excited!" He then talks about how difficult it's going to be to beat Pikkon…

The Review

Animation: Good! I was pretty impressed… it was very realistic (…DBZ-realistic…) and good-looking. I liked how it looked when Oleibu and Pikkon were fighting… that was really good! I also liked how they drew Goku's Kamehameha.

4 out of 7

Storyline: No flaws here today, folks. Everything went smooth. The tournament was built up perfectly and looking really good today. It's got me anxious to see tomorrow's episode, but it wasn't the kind of episode you immediately call your best friend and brag about, so it gets a 4/7. Why? Well, it wasn't a dramatic episode… just a flawless one. Get it?

4 out of 7

Fight Scenes: Excellent! Very, very good! Though it was short, the Oleibu vs. Pikkon fight was one of the best-looking short fights I've seen. We all knew Pikkon was gonna' win just because of how he was introduced, but if I hadn't seen the previous episodes, I would've had no idea. 6/7

Overall Rating:

5 out of 7

Negative Commentary: The bickering between the four Kais. It just gets old… and they all have annoying voices. Some of you may not care as much, but I think arguing over who is better is stupid. Even if you win, it doesn't make you better because any sports fan knows that anyone can win on any given day. The same goes with fighting… but with Martial Arts that saying, obviously, is only to a certain extent. Besides… these are supposed to be Gods of Other World… shouldn't they be able to tell who's more powerful? Hmm…

Final Statements

For an episode that definitely wasn't action-packed, and definitely didn't involve dramatic irony, it wasn't bad at all. I own all of the tapes up until episode 204, and - if you're like me - you'll find that there are a couple of future episodes that have this one's purpose (which is just to tell a short story) that are just not as good. Don't get me wrong… you've also got some of my favorite episodes coming up…

-Madd Skittle

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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