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Episode 179 "Free The Future"

The Review

Today's episode recaps with Trunks heading back to his own timeline to do battle with the evil androids of his future.

…and in the future, the androids are laying waste to another section of city while people flee and hide behind whatever they can. The two are having a wonderful time causing senseless destruction and violence.

Then Trunks gets home.

His first stop… Momma's!

Trunks speaks with his mom and tell her about what Yamcha told him about his dad going ballistic when Cell killed him. Bulma seemed quite surprised…

But the reunion is cut short… over the radio, there is a broadcast about the androids doing their dirty little deeds and causing havok. So Trunks, being the new man he is, doesn't hesitate with the task of destroying them.

Back to the city… an old guy tries to shoot 17, but guess who's there to stop him?

That's right… TRUNKS!

Now, lets not forget that Trunks has spent the equivalent of almost 2 years in the "Hyperbolic Time Chamber" (I wonder if they made that up themselves or hired some physics consultant to give it a cool name…) and is technically stronger than Vegeta, but just not as battle hardened…

So what do you think happens?

(Survey Says…. Trunks kicks the crap out of them and destroys both of them in a record 4 ½ minutes… the fastest battle I have yet seen in DBZ.)

But there's one more problem,… Cell. In his first form…

Problem? What would that be?

Trunks now knows about how Cell killed him to get to his time machine, so this time, Trunks was ready.

So we get yet another battle.

And Trunks kills him in about 7 minutes….

The Review

Well, I had to watch the International Channel's version of this exact episode, as I had a last minute engagement pop-up, so I don't know how much FUNi may have cut out, but I will assume ZERO, because any editing would have made this already short episode even shorter.


One question: If Trunks has aged a year AT LEAST, has had his hair grow out TWICE, and looks more like a man during the Cell Games:

How in the universe does a simple haircut make him look as young as he did when he first came to the past? Does this bother anyone else? Sure he would have shorter hair, but he would have retained his older face. He kept is buffed-up body… why not the face?

Its really stupid mistakes like this that KILL the believability of the animation. This tells me that the original animators didn't think too much. I will say that they TRIED to correct the problem mid-episode, by sort of mixing the facial features of the two respective ages, combines with the newly straight-up Super-Saiyan hair, but it was too little too late.

Other than that it was okay, but that really miffs me…

4 Dragon Balls out of 7


Yippie! Fight Fight Fight! There was a lot of yummy fighting in this episode, and some of the choreography was very clever. The emphasis on Trunks' speed was very good and absolutely trashing the androids was great! I only hope this was ported over into the American Version.


Have you ever heard the original Japanese Music Score for DBZ? I know the fellow DBZN Staff has, but I'm not sure if the readers who regularly read this do.

Let me put it to you like this:

The DBZ Original Music, is very… happy. Even during the tense moments, the "serious" music in the Japanese score is still relatively tame…. Their just playing at lower octave.

It is cool in the respect that you get to see the original opening for DBZ, with their number one hit, "CHA-HEAD HEAD CHA LA"

(which by the way you can download from us in the MUSIC section of our website…You know you want to… give into the pressure…)

All of this means that even during the action and the battles, you still get the feeling that "this is just a cartoon" and not some all important struggle that FUNi has recently done an excellent job of conveying.

But its original, its how the series was intented. But since its not on the CN version, I will not score this section, but this will serve as a "horizon broadener"


Sorry, its Japanese. I took Chinese in College for a semester! I might have been able to pick up something if it was in Mandarin, but alas…


Alright,… this is the only DBZ episode I know of thus far that has had not ONE, but TWO Complete battles in a single episode. This means that the fight started and ended with a victor.


The one thing that I always wondered about DBZ was single handedly thrown out the window on this episode. Good for DBZ! I loved it.

4 Dragon Balls out of 7


Wonderfull. The action really saved the day. Not A Hero's Farewell, mind you, but still good.

The Celestrian gives today's Multi-Cultural episode a customary bow and a

5.5 out of 7

-The Celestrian


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