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Episode 178 "One More Wish"

The Summary

      Today's episode begins with Shen Long, the Eternal Dragon, telling the Z fighters that they had one wish left, and they needed to make it now. The Z fighters stand around for a few moments trying to think of something to wish for, and Yamcha asks the others if they should wish for them all to be incredibly rich. Then Krillin suddenly says "OK, I have a wish, can you turn android 17 and 18 into humans so they could be normal like the rest of us". Shen long replies "I am sorry but that is beyond my power." Krillin then wishes for the explosives to be taken out of the Android's bodies. Shen long grants the wish and then disappears and the dragon balls are scattered back on the earth.

     In the next scene, The Z fighters are questioning Krillin on why he would want to bring back Android 17. Krillin responds that he figures that Android 17 and 18 make a good couple and that she would probably be happier with Android 17 than with him. At this point in time, Android 18 steps out of her hiding spot and tells the Z fighters that Android 17 is her twin brother, not her boyfriend. Krillin asks her if she is mad at him, and Android 18 responds "No, not really", and then flies off. Krillin is left stunned and speechless and Yamcha starts to bounce around congratulating Krillin saying that she probably likes him after all.

     The Z fighters are now starting to disband, with Tien being the first one to leave, saying he is going off to train. Gohan asks Piccolo if he staying up at the lookout to live, and Piccolo replies "Yes I think I'm going to". Gohan asks if he can come up and visit him and Piccolo assures him that he can. Dende tells Gohan to not be a stranger, because it gets lonely with no one to talk to. Yamcha then asks Trunks if he is going back, and Trunks responds "Yes, but not until tomorrow, I am going to get a good nights rest first". The remaining four Z fighters then fly off back to the respective homes.

     The scene now switches to Trunks and Yamcha flying over a desert, and Yamcha is telling Trunks how his father, Vegeta, went beserk and started blasting Cell with everything he had when Cell killed Trunks. Trunks is very surprised at this, and is seen smiling at the thought of his father actually caring about him. The episode continues on, showing Master Roshi and Oolong watching Hercul being the loud and obnoxious show off that he is trying to break 20 bricks with one strike. Hercul of course fails leaving 1 brick behind. In the next scene, it is the next day, and all the Z fighters are gathered to see Trunks off back into his world. All the Z fighters wish him good luck, and Vegeta actually waves goodbye to him.

     In the closing moments of the episode, we See ChiChi bringing snacks up to Gohan, and when she gets up there, she finds that Gohan is gone, having sneaked off with his grandfather. King Kai is telling Goku that they need to build a house and says that he will oversee the construction of it.

The Review

     Today's animation was fairly decent as usual. Not as good as some previous episodes, but still better than any other animation that I generally watch. There were a few outstanding scenes in today's episode such as when Shen Long dematerialized and the dragonballs scattered back onto the earth. Another good scene was at the end when it showed Trunks traveling back through time in his time machine. The special effects in that scene were mind-blowing.

     Today's music didn't even really catch my interest today, I was simply to involved in listening to the dialogue between the characters. I did here a few good parts with the music, such as when Trunks was leaving to go back to his time, and when Gohan catches a huge fish near the end of the episode. Overall, I'd have to say that today's music was OK, but no more.

     Today's dialogue was excellent. As I said before, all I could do was focus on the speeches between the characters. For once, I don't think I hear even a single grunt from any of the characters. Praises to FUNImation to their good job in reducing the annoying grunts and sighs. I loved the conversation between Gohan and his grandfather while they were walking. It made me incredibly to hear the anger out of Gohan's voice. It was good when it first came into his voice, but by the time he finished Cell, it was starting to get pretty annoying.

     In closing, I'd have to say that today's episode was above par, but not quite up to it's usual standards, simply because it was lacking in good music, and had a few badly animated scenes in it. Still though, Dragonball Z is heads and shoulders above any other anime out there. I look forward to tomorrow's episode, to watch Trunks destroy the androids in his future.

Hiro Gives Today's Episode a rating of

Out of 7


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