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Episode 177 "Goku's Noble Decision"

The Summary

     Today's Episode begins after the climax of the Cell saga. It starts off with all the Z fighters around Gohan who is laying on the ground totally exhausted and very injured(he is cut up all over his body and left arm is totally useless having been hurt by a blast from Cell in an earlier episode). After a few words are spoken by him, Gohan passes out in Yamcha's arms. Krillin is at first worried but Yamcha assures him that he is just totally exhausted. Yamcha then volunteers to take Gohan up to the Lookout so that Dende can heal him. Tien asks if is sure he can do it, and Yamcha immediately says yes. Tien then says he will carry Trunks and Krillin decides to take Android 18 with him. Piccolo stays behind and says a few words to Vegeta, who tells piccolo to save his applause and that he doesn't need any help.

     In the next scene, we see Hercul(aka Mr. Satan) Claiming that he was the one who destroyed Cell, and after some backing up by his "sidekicks" he manages to convince the reporter that he really did kill Cell. The reporter then goes over to the news van where there is still a radio link up, and he broadcasts to the entire world that Hercul saved them all. The scene now switches over to ChiChi in her fathers arms bawling that Gohan should be recognized as the one who killed Cell.

     The episode continues on and we now find all of the Z fighters up at the lookout. Dende immediately heals Gohan, and then says he is sorry about Goku's death. There is a moment of silence, and then Gohan says not to feel bad because his Father is not at all upset over being dead, that he coached him on during the entire last battle with Cell. Piccolo jumps in and says that whatever it was Gohan felt, that he certainly made them all proud and that he did a great job in destroying Cell. Android 18 finally wakes up, and immediately jumps to a defensive posture because she is confused on where she is. Everyone tells her that Krillin is the one who rescued her when Cell threw her back up. Gohan comes to the realization that Krillin has a crush on Android 18, and immediately puts this into words. Android 18 flies off in a huff, saying that "Krillin i really misjudged you".

     Dende now summons Shen Long, the Great Dragon, and Yamcha immediately wishes back all of the people killed by Cell. However, Goku's energy cannot be felt. Yamcha asks the dragon if they cannot just use their entire last wish to Bring back Goku. Shen Long responds that he cannot, because Goku had already been revived once. Dende then comes up with the idea to wish themselves to the new Planet Namec, and to summon Porunga, because Porunga is the original dragon, and can revive someone as many times as he sees fit. Goku, however, starts to communicate with the Z fighters telepathically through King Kai, and tells them that he would rather remain dead and to just meet new people where he is at now.

     The episode ends with Shen Long telling everyone that they still have one wish left. The Z fighters start to contemplate, and then the show ends.

The Review

     The animation in Today's episode, was even better than usual. Seeing Shen Long summoned once again was totally breathtaking. Another great animation scene in today's episode was when Android 18 jumped up to her feet after finally regaining consciousness. The way she looked was superb.

     The music was OK. There were some spots where it could have been better. Just the simple fact that they played Hercul's music just put a damper on the entire episode. I honestly cannot stand his music. On an upnote however, the music when Shen Long was summoned was excellent, and very fitting for someone of that power and size.

     Onto today's dialogue. Excellent. That is all I can really say about it. All the voices were excellent today's. My favorite conversations were between Piccolo and Vegeta in the beginning, Yamcha when he wished for all of the people back to life that were killed by cell. The very best dialogue in today's episode, however, was when Goku was telepathically speaking to the Z Fighters. It sounded absolutely terrific. FUNimation has been doing a terrific job with the voices lately, and they have taken out so many of the annoying Grunts, and other annoying sounds usually emitted by Vegeta and Piccolo.

     My final thoughts on today's episode was that it was, overall, a great episode following yesterdays climatic battle with Cell. Did anyone besides me notice that neither Goku, nor Gohan are permanent Super Saiyans now? I do wonder why that is. Perhaps it will be revealed in later episodes.

Hiro Gives Today's Episode a rating of

Out of 7


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Vegeta SSJ
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