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Episode 175 "The Horror Won't End"

The Summary

Today's episode begins with Cell taunting the Z Fighters about how he is Invincible. The Episode flashes back to his very beginning. It shows a dialogue between Dr. Gero and Androids 17 and 18 (in Futures Trunks' timeline). Android 17 Picks up the Diagram of Cell, and asks Dr. Gero what it is. Dr. Gero responds saying "That is my ultimate android". He then goes on to explain how powerful Cell will become, and then orders the androids to go back to sleep in their capsules but android 18 knocks over some glass vials causing just the distraction 17 needed to take off Dr. Gero's head. Gero's last words were to tell Android 17 and 18 how Cell would one day absorb them and become perfect.

After the flashback is over, the episode comes back to the present with Cell saying he finally realizes his true purpose, which he claims is "Not to destroy the earth, But to be the Universe's end". Cell then asks Gohan what he plans to do, and Gohan, who believes all is lost replies with "Nothing, I lost my chance to destroy you, now all is lost and we will die and join with my father on the other side".

The episode now switches over to Chi-Chi going totally insane banging on first the table, and then on her father's head. Fortunately for Chi-Chi, Fortune Teller Baba (Uranai Baba) comes on the scene with her crystal ball and shows Chi-Chi the battle between Cell and Gohan. After noticing that Gohan's arm is severely injured Chi-Chi faints with her father catching her.

After the brief interlude from the action, attention switches back over to Gohan and Cell. Gokou begins to telepathically speak to Gohan telling him not to give up, showing Gohan that the only thing reducing his power level is his own doubts and fears of his ability to beat Cell. Gokou then tells Gohan to release his most powerful Kame-hame-Ha on Cell. Gohan agrees and starts the Kame-hame-Ha. The power radiating from the two fighters is literally making the entire planet shake, and can even be felt on the new Planet Namek.

As the episode closes, we see Cell releasing his own energy blast screaming "NOW YOU DIE" and Gohan finishes his Kame-hame-Ha and releases it and the two energy blasts meet and fight for final supremacy.

The Review

My thoughts on today's episode was that it was an excellent episode, though very little action actually takes place in it. Some of the best parts were the re-showing of Dr. Gero's death and Cells absorption of the Androids.

The Animation in today's episode was as usual, up to its great standards, as it has been in the last two weeks episodes. The scene where Cell is powering up his ki-blast was excellent. Gohan starting his Kame-hame-Ha was equally just as good. Again, the lack of censoring adds a particular flavor to today's episode that makes it very worthwhile to watch. Seeing the blood covering Gohan's arm, and forehead adds a very realistic touch to the show.

The music wasn't quite as good the last few episodes music, but was still very good. The music did coincide with the episode but just didn't seem to portray the intensity of Cell and Gohan as they powered up to their max. Piccolo seemed to show a relapse into earlier days with a lot of grunting and groaning while he lamented over his lack of power.

Today's Dialogue seemed to be a bit better than the last few episodes with less ahh and ooohs that have made up most of the previous episodes talking. Krillin and Piccolo for once actually spoke a few words instead of just moaning as they have been.

Hiro gives toadies episode a rating of :

Out of Seven


Editor's Comments:

These episodes are getting better and better. I saw some new animation techniques by the animation team in Japan. I have never seen anything like what they did with Gokou when Gohan executed the Kame-Hame-Ha. Also I will compliment FUNimation with the editing. They did a good job with the blood cover-up (Gohan originally had lots of blood gushing out of his broken arm). I am still disappointed by the fact they did edit but that could not be helped.

I would also like to congratulate Hiro on a job well done. From the looks of this episode review it seems like the best is yet to come.


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