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Episode 174 "Cell Returns! "

The Summary

Today's episode is in a very unique position. It takes place right after one of the greatest episodes in all of DBZ. So how does today's episode compare to yesterdays? Just read on or do what we recommend, watch the actual episode.

This episode starts off right after Cell "kills" Trunks. We see a lot of ahhing by the Z warriors that tend to be quite annoying. Cell proudly explains why he is still alive and boasts about his superior design. Right after the explosion of Cell and King Kai's planet (my planet and myself are gone) we see that a single cell from Cell's body is still alive. That cell, which somehow kept all his memories, started to multiply and grow. Soon after Cell was whole again and with more power then ever. At this point Cell is in Perfect form II and for some odd reason the English dub did not mention this.

Right about now we see Cell challenging the Z warriors. Guess who responds? Gohan of course, he starts talking about how he and his dad would fight even if the odds were against them. Cell responds by calling him stubborn and this and that.

At this point we see the Z warriors starting to quiver as they realize that Trunks had not died yet. Vegeta for the first time starts to show emotion for his son. He is angered greatly by the fact that Cell did this to him and flies off to Cell. He charges up to Super Saiyan and blast Cell. Soon after he does this he performs his Renzokou Kikou Ha (it's those continuous blasts from the hands). Vegeta declares that it is finally over but as my colleagues have pointed out smoke means that their still alive. Cell shows himself then hits Vegeta once and sends him flying off almost completely killing him.

As Cell is about to blast Vegeta to nothing Gohan quickly flies over and protects Vegeta with his own body being the shield. Gohan is hit hard and seems to be much to weak to get up and it doesn't look like his is in the right condition to fight either. But Gohan like his father gets back up even if he is almost dead. Right about now the other Z warriors weigh their chances of defeating Cell and it doesn't look good. Gohan their main man has very little energy left, Gokou the 2nd strongest is dead, and Vegeta and Trunks are also down. This leaves only a weak Gohan, Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Krillin, and Yamucha to take on Cell.

As the episode comes to a close we see Cell forming a ki blast as he tells Gohan that this is the end for him.

The Review

Like I said this episode takes place after one of the best in DBZ history. Compared to yesterday not much happened today. But compared to normal DBZ episodes this is definitely a great one too.

The animation has been superb today as it has been the last couple of days. The scene where Vegeta flies off to Cell was excellent. Gohan saving Vegeta was also equally excellent. The way he flew while still on the ground was awesome. I was also happy to see that they really haven't censored as much as they used too. I saw more blood these last couple of days.

The music has also been top-notch. It has improved greatly since the previous sagas. Like we said earlier the music shifts perfectly to fit the mood. The voice-actors are doing a great job right now. Cell's voice although very different from Japanese version, is also perfect. Piccolo is not grunting as much as he did when Gokou came back from outer space some time ago. That is always a plus.

The dialogue was okay for the most part. I am still annoyed by the amount of quivering they do for a prolonged time. Don't you get annoyed when the guys go ahhh-ahh-ahh-ahh every single time something happens that is relatively scary or just odd? I for one can't stand them at all. I don't completely blame the Funimation because they had to work with the original animation that included all those facial expressions. Although most of it is silent in Japan, most fans in American don't treat the silence as the Japanese would.

Kaio-sama gives today's episode a rating of:

Out of Seven

-Kaio-sama, Still wondering why mothers complain about pieces of metal killing people.

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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