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Episode 173 "A Heros Farewell "

The Summary

What a great episode we had today! After Cell threw up Android 18, he quickly reverts back to his 2nd stage form. 2nd stage,… Imperfect.

So what happens? Well…

Gohan pretty much kicks the crap out of him. We see Cell desperately try to hit Gohan, but to no avail. With a quick punch and a kick, Gohan once again asserts his dominance over the now terrified challenger.

Was there really any doubt?

(Let's review… if VEGETA could beat the stuffing out Cell when he was in his 2nd stage form, and Gohan is WAY stronger then Vegeta is… hmmmmmm)

However, Cell has his final trick up his sleeve. With a sudden shout, he begins to swell up like a giant balloon. In no time at all, Cell has accumulated enough energy inside of him to destroy the planet! Gohan can't hit him, if he does, he might explode.

Looks like Cell wins.

Looks like…

Just then, Goku gets that smile of his back on his face, and with a quick goodbye to his friends, appears in front of Cell and bids is son farewell. In a flash, with his instant transmission technique, transports him to King Kai's planet (Kaio-sama, my boss, probably wasn't too happy about that.) where Cell explodes, destroying the planet and everyone on it.

After some quick dialogue about, "Your dad had to do what he did because he loved you," and some dialogue between the dead Goku, King Kai, and the rest of King Kai's buddies, they realize Cell is still alive.

The Review- All of the Following Ratings are out of 7

Was that summary confusing? Did we feel like we were in the DBGZ equivalent of the TWIGHLIGHT ZONE? Don't worry, your not alone.

Awesome. Simply put, this episode showed some of the best animation seen thus far on the series. I cannot tell you how much better this makes the atmosphere of the episodes when the characters actually LOOK powerful and imposing, unlike many of the earlier sagas. Impressive and addicting, a sure seller for the DBZ animation team.

The animation camera work was summed up in one transitional sequence when Cell first tried to hit Gohan. I don't think I have ever seen this kind of creative choreography in any previous DBZ episode, even when the Freiza saga was really kicking into overdrive.

My guess would be that some of the head animators were experimenting with different vantage points and found something very useful to include in the story boards. Whatever made them do it, they did it right on as the animation choreography was fluid, fast and very, very entertaining.

In the last few episodes, the music has really kicked it up a notch. Some of the "techo-ish, but with a taste of industrial metal" music has really fit in with the action sequences, and has made the episodes that much more enjoyable. In fact, I think I preferred the music in the last three episodes over the original music in the Japanese versions. The only reason I say this is because FUNi really must have listened to us here at the DBZN and tried to put some music that FIT into the proper places.

Don't get me wrong, the original music is good, but it seems to me that the music purposefully tries to underscore the gravity of some of the moments by being to "upbeat" and "Sunday-comics" like. I just don't get that same sense of aggression and importance with the original music.

Well, I guess FUNi cannot score perfectly on everything. They really had to work within the constraints of the animation, as some of the character's lip-movements do not lend themselves well to any kind of English translation.

However, I don't appreciate the constant "Goku's gone" and "No, it can't be" statements. I think its like, "How many different ways can we get Vegeta to do the same thing?"

There were some good moments, Goku speaking to Gohan just before transporting Cell was very touching and realistic, as well as Krillin's talk with Gohan after. I just wish FUNi could find some other way to convey the one-liners without going verbatim.

This is the climax man! The plot doesn't get any more important than this. Also, I don't think there's another episode were so much happens in the rest of the Cell saga.

Android 18 pops out of Cell
Cell almost destroys the Planet
Goku AND King Kai die.
Cell comes back in perfect form (?)
Trunks dies.

Nope, I don't think you'll see another episode with such a quick progression of important events. If you missed this, you won't even know how much you missed until you find some way of seeing this episode.

Okay, there's a short and long "answer" to this.

Short answer: This episode was "perfect"

Long Answer: Yes, I am scoring this a perfect 7 ball episode, but the episode had the benefit of a curve. There is a reason for this:

The reason is that it is by far the BEST episode of DBZ yet seen on CN, and we have given some previous episodes some 4.8 and 4.9's when we were using the 5 point scale. This episode makes those look like trash. So it gets the perfect score.

However, this episode was not PERFECT perfect, it did have some "ahhh-ing syndrome" which I HATE, and some of the verbatim dialogue discussed earlier. Yet these are so minor in the big picture, that this is negligible.

So I give this episode 7 out of 7. Congratulations "A Hero's Farewell" you received the highest honor any CN episode can get on the DBZN. I, Kaiosama (who is dead), Kaervak and the rest of the DBZN staff salute your greatness.

The Celestrian gives today's episode:


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