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Episode 172 "Cell's Mighty Break Down"

     Today's episode starts off right back in the battle field. Gohan and Cell continue their fight, pause for along time, think, and fight again routine. Cell literally goes nuts over the fact that a little Saiyan (Gohan) is actually stronger then him. He loses a lot of the calm and relaxed attitude he had in the past couple of episodes. After Cell sees that his physical attacks aren't working he uses some moves by the other Z warrions. At first he uses Krillins Kienzien which can cut almost everything in half. For the first time in DBZ history someone actually catches and holds this attack. Gohan seems to do be able to do this without breaking a sweat.

     Cell freaking out, jumps up and does Piccolo's Makkankosappo (Screw Beam of the Devil). Somehow FUNimation translated this to "Special Beam Cannon." Gohan deflects it easily with one hand as the other Z warriors stare in amazement. Next Cell flies away moving higher and higher. While Gohan just stands their staring up, Krillin says that he believes that the tables have turned and Cell has flew away scared. Just after he says that we see a huge light and the scene shifts to Cell as he form the Kamehameha. Cell proudly screams out that he will destroy the earth, now we see all the Z warriors fearing the worst. Even Gokou believes that this is the end...

      Gohan continues to just stare at Cell as he charges up a huge Kamehameha blast. Cell finally fires his planet destroying behomoth of Kamehameha at Gohan scaring everyone on the surface. Gohan is still just staring until the blasts is right above him. Then he retaliates with his own Kamehameha. Although much smaller then Cell's blast it overpowers Cell's until it becomes extremely large and eats up all of Cell's blast. The next part reminds you of the scene where Gokou's spirit bomb hit Freeza way back in the Freeza Saga.

      At this point everyone is buried in sand (this includes Gokou) because of the enormous power of Gohan's blast hitting Cell's just blew them all away. Krillin thinks Cell is dead until Gokou senses Cell's ki. We see Gohan still staring up at Cell who has lost his arm, parts of the top of his head, and a major portion of both his legs. The Z warriors start talking about Cell's ability to regenerate because he has Piccolo's DNA in him. Then Gokou screams to Gohan to kill him before he regenerates. Gohan says that he will wait to watch Cell suffer. Cell regenerates then uses a lot of his power to become much larger then his present size. He attacks Gohan but can't do much because of the slowdown by caused by his huge body. Gohan easily beats him up in this form.

     Cell starts to look sick as if he is about to throw up. Just then android 18 pops out of his body. Loosing a great power within him. Thus another episode ends...

     This is one of those episodes I really enjoyed, the animation for the most part was superb. The style and lighting effects were quite different from the Freeza saga. Like the Celestrian said they must have gotten a whole new team to do the drawing. The way everyone's face and clothing is drawn has improved as well as their detail. Muscles on arms have gone much larger since the last saga.

    The voice acting was pretty good but not the best I have heard in the show. The music was okay and some parts were good while others weren't so good. The one thing I really disliked was the amount of editing done to these episodes. They are quite violent and there is a lot of cutting as far as the scenes go. Overall however, I really like this one.

Ratings Out of Seven

-Kaio-sama, Editor-In-Chief

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