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Episode 169 "Children of Cell Attack"

     Todays episode begins with Cell's little "Celljiuns" attacking the Z warrior team. There's quite a bit of action as these little things pretty much kick the crap out of the Z Fighters, all to piss off Gohan to see if his true power will reveal itself. With Goku still exhausted (sensu beans!?) he is unable to properly defend himself, and after a while is on the ground. Only Vegeta and Trunks are able to defend themselves for extended periods of time.

     In the meantime, Hercule and the other "fighters" watch in terror as Cell's minions continue to bash the fighters. Suddenly, 16's head speaks to Hercule, and goads him on to carry him to the area Gohan is in. Here is the one moment of true bravery this guy ever shows in the entire saga, and runs closer to where Cell and Gohan are despite the energy blasts exploding around him.

     With a throw, 16 lands in front of Gohan, just as Cell orders his "kids" to kill them. After a brief and touching dialogue, 16 is smashed to bits by Cell's foot.

…and finally, after Gohan realizes what 16 did, and how he sacrificed himself to preserve life and the Earth, the hidden power of Gohan explodes, surprising even Cell.

Animation: Excellent! The animation quality has gone way up since the beginning of DBZ, and with the action dominating a lot of the episode, we were treated to an eyeful. The final explosive animation sequence was a perfect finale to the episode.


Choreography: Very Nice. The fights were well planned and the cuts were also good as well. The "aahing syndrome" seems to have been cured, at least for a while. The final scene was a great angle to illustrate the depth of Gohan's power.


Dialogue: I was impressed. The dialogue between 16 and Gohan (more of a monologue, actually) was very well written. I can't believe that anyone from FUNi thought of that. The quality has gone way up, there's still a lot to go, most of these episodes are still butchered compared to the Japanese versions, but what are you going to do?


Plot: Well, now we've reached Prime Time. I say this now. WATCH TOMORROWS EPISODE, and THE ONE AFTER THAT,… and the one after that, and so on and so forth. There's going to be a lot going on, but you know me, "Watch it yourself."

Overall: I was glued to my set for this entire episode. This was such a great one, even when there wasn't any "major" action between Gohan and Cell. But tomorrow will change that a little bit.

The action was great! I loved this episode, but I cannot wait for tomorrows!

The Celestrian gives todays episode 4.9/5

-Celestrian DBZN Staff

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Vegeta SSJ
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