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Episode 167 "Gohan's Desperate Plea "

Click here to skip the spoilers and go straight to the review

The Summary

     In this episode we are as always right where we left off in the last episode of DBZ. Gohan begins round two of the battle with Cell after a short break. We see the reporter still calling Gohan the "delivery boy." For some odd reason the reporter still believes that "Hercule" is the world's strongest warrior even after what happened earlier when he went into the ring with Cell.

     Cell ends up blasting Gohan into a mountain-like object, which quickly ends up as a pile of rubble with Gohan under it. At this point everyone except Gokou believes that Gohan is actually dead. Piccolo gets furious and yells at Gokou (who asked Gohan to fight in the first place). Piccolo continues to yell at Gokou while Gokou continues to smile facing the rubble. He tells Piccolo that Gohan isn't dead and that he can feel his energy (his ki). Cell at this point asks Gokou if he will fight because Cell still believes that he defeated Gohan. Gokou simply tells Cell to look behind him.

     Suddenly the rubble burst up with Gohans energy, he is free and moves toward Cell slowly. He then asks Cell to stop the fighting claiming that there was no point to it. Cell laughs at the idea and Gohan says that if Cell doesn't stop he would have to kill him. Cell asks him how he would do this and Gohan starts talking about how he has finally figured out how his dad expected him to beat Cell. He tells Cell about the times where he suddenly burst out with an enormous hidden power within him. Cell amused by this trys to awaken his power by hitting him furiously, of course Gohan retaliates with a kick to Cells face as the fight rages on.

     It ends with Gokou saying to himself, "Thats right Cell, just keep pushing Gohan and he will have no choice but to go through you." Gokou was feeling pretty sure that Gohan would win and that Cell would help him become furious and therefore awaken his true power.

The Review

     I must say that after not watching the English dub for quite some time, I was really impressed. The voice actors have improved greatly since the beginning of the Android saga. I thought they were terrible back then. At one point Bulma's VA started talking in a monotone during a period of great excitement.

     The animation quality has improved greatly at this point. The characters are drawn more accurately as well as with more detail. Like the Celestrian pointed out the later half of the Cell saga shows enormous improvement. The sound too has improved with the animation. The music seems to be clearer and just better overall. Perhaps Funimation improved their sound equipment (as well as their staff) with all the money they are making with DBZ.

     Did you guys notice the lower amount of pauses in these last episodes. This was definitely a good thing; you didn't see people stare at the pile of rubble for minutes until Gohan actually came out. That seemed to be the standard in the Android and all earlier sagas. It's also interesting to see Gohan take the spotlight while Gokou looks from afar with the rest of the Z warriors. It would have gotten really tiring if Gokou was in every major battle with the villains.

Kaiosama gives this episode a rating of 4.3/5

-Kaiosama DBZN Staff

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