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Todays Dragon Ball Z Review

November 13, 2000

The Summary

     Today's episode was a suspense builder for the upcoming Cell games. While the Z Warriors wait for Cell to appear on the TV, Yamcha and Krillin try to get some final bits of training done within the tim allotted. Vegeta is of course, being Vegeta, claiming he alone has the power to beat Cell. Trunks tries to reason with him, yeah right, and Bulma comes to see if Trunks is still alive form his encounter with Cell.

     Meanwhile, Bulma's father looks over 16 to see if he can repair him. It seems that 16 is now on the Z Warrior's side now (that's an interesting turn of events, isn't it) and patiently waits for Bulma to return to the lab to give a diagnostic.

     Cell, completed now with the arena heads to the GBN to announce his tournament, destroying the building in the process. In nine days the contest will begin, and anyone who has the courage to attend is welcome.

The Review

     Well, we finally got the new layout done, and this plus the fact that my own company is redoing our entire website, with new content and web solutions. So here is our 1st review on the new site. I'm so glad I get to be the one to write it.

ANIMATION: Pretty Par. Not much action today, so there were not too many fluid scened, other then Cell deforming concrete and stone at the GBN. There is one thing I am disappointed in though, RECYCLED ANIMATION!!! Bad FUNimation!

CAMERA WORK/CHOREOGRAPHY: Also pretty par. There was one good sequence with cell destroying a segment of town and the mountain in the distance. Other than that, eh.

VOICE ACTING: Nothing new today, although Cell did remind us of his previous voice at the GBN, very clever.

DIALOGUE: We had some good dialogue in here today. I particularly enjoyed Master Roshi's line, "I have my cake and eat it too!" This was pretty basic though, as the whole, "We need Goku, guys," lines resurface once again.

PLOT: All about the Plot today. We were prepped for the Cell games and the various humor in the episode. This was really an episode to tease us, those sick bastards! The whole feel of the episode was "there might be some action today!" but never delivered. The plot was key, but nothing ground breaking happened.

OVERALL: Eh. I liked some of the humor, but tomorrow is the episode to see, or so the WWF-like announcer says….

The Celestrian gives today's over-hyped episode a score of: 3.9/5

-Celestrian DBZN Staff

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