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Trunks Ascends (Episode 147)

The Summary

     Today's episode continues the fight with Vegeta and Perfect Cell with Cell really taking it to Vegeta in the first 10 minutes. Krillin is urging Trunks to do something, but Trunks refuses to do so while his father is still conscious. With that, Cell pounds Vegeta across the landscape.

     Vegeta then rises out of the water, begins to power up in what promises to be an awesome attack. As Cell thanks Vegeta for sparing him and allowing him to absorb 18, Vegeta challenges Cell to try and withstand the upcoming attack. Then Vegeta unleashes the "Final Flash" which tore right through the horizon and off into outer space. BAM! When the smoke clears Cell's entire right side was burned off… but they all forgot that Cell can regenerate like Piccolo. Ooops. The fight the continues with Cell pounding Vegeta into sub-consciousness.

     Cell is about to destroy Vegeta, when he notices that Trunks seems to be powering up. A worried expressions looms over Cell's face as the episode comes to an end.

The Review

ANIMATION: WOW! The Final Flash was absolutely awesome! The fluidity of the animation was top notch, and to an extent I haven't seen in the DBZ episodes for some time. I was glad to have an action-oriented day again, as that means more animation and higher quality.

CAMERA WORK/CHOREOGRAPHY: Once again, a good animation score carries over here. That Final Flash sequence really stole the show today, complete with the blast flying out into outer space. I thought for sure Cell would have been propelled to outer space in which he would come flying back angrier than ever. Wow.

VOICE ACTING: Cell sounded a lot like King Cold today, which was rather interesting. He also seemed to pick up some of his vocabulary as well. Cell was rather verbose using an entire plethora of words and compiling them into nicely complicated sentences. Did we catch that?

DIALOGUE: Again, very King-Coldish in the fight sequences, with Cell basically using the "anti-climactic" bit in slightly different language. Otherwise, this was pretty much the same as any "action" episode.

MUSIC: Hey, what do you know? We got to hear some new music today. I really liked the new base-line that they were playing with Cell looking onward as Vegeta struggled to his feet. Very fresh, and it was NEW! Ah, novelty….

PLOT: Well, Vegeta swung, missed. Now its Trunks turn. While Goku continued to train Gohan (only saw a "lunch" comic relief sequence) the battle is starting to heat up, for an action episode, this had some pretty "plot-ish" elements in it. Trunks secretly told Krillin he was always stronger than Vegeta, but will never show it while he is awake. Pretty interesting, lets see how much stronger he is..

OVERALL: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I give my call of approval to today's episode; in particular the Final Flash! Wow! Me likey very much! Seriously, another good action episode, and it was pretty pivotal in the plot in terms of Trunks revelation. However, they should have called today's episode "Final Flash Attack" or something that prelude the very end (and therefore the beginning of tomorrow's episode) of the episode. However, all-in-all, very entertaining and worth the 25 minutes.

The Celestrian gives today's episode an overall score of: 4.7/5

-Celestrian DBZN Staff

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