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Bow to the Prince (Episode 141)

The Summary

This episode begins with Vegeta's power punch into Cells midsection.... oh yeah!

Vegeta and Cell begin to do some serious battling when of the sudden we go into a 5 minute monologue from Trunks about how intense Vegeta trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He knew Vegeta would ascend.


Meanwhile, Picollo and Tien look on as Vegeta gives Cell a royal beating. Picollo, however, is concerned that Vegeta is toying with Cell and thereby giving him an opportunity to absorb 18. This could prove a fatal mistake if Vegeta isnt careful, but Tien doesn't seem too worried...

Inside the HTC, Goku and Gohan continue to train. Goku gives his famous, "The power comes from a need, not a desire," speech, which will prove pivotal in later episodes. As Gohan envisions the lost of his loved ones to Frieza, we see a Super-Saiyan Flash of power for a brief instant.

And Vegeta keeps kicking the crap out of Cell....

The Review:

This episode was a strange little fellow. It had action, but it also had some "wierd" elements like Trunks' 5 minute RAMBLE about his training in the HTC.... it sounded like something form Speed Racer.

"The gravity was so intense that I could barely move and the air was so heavy I could hardly breathe. The temperature would fluctuate wildly; hot one moment and cold the next. The months went by like blur, with the days of grueling training and sleepless nights..."

Oh yeah... its getting good now. Vegeta no longer looks like the squat nerd he did at the beginning of DBZ, and the faces are making their transitions. Just wait until the later episodes... it gets even better.

Some great action sequences here. One of my personal favorites this episode was the punch Vegeta delivered that caused Cell to skip on the ocean surface like a pebble.

Fast, Furious, and fluid. Good enough for me.

eh... its FUNi, what are you going do?

I almost think the plot was a little on the heavy side today with that monologue from Trunks. The melo-drama was laid on pretty thick and I found myself waiting for him to be done rather than really listening to what he was saying. Maybe if 3 minutes of it didn't concern him vowing that Vegeta will one day recognize him as his equal, I might have paid more attention.

Lets see... ACTION + PLOT - MONOLOGUE... that equates to a pretty decent score in my book. But you know me... "shut up and fight!"

Celestrian gives this episode:

5.5 Dragon Balls out of 7.


Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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