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Last Ditch Effort (Episode 122)

The Summary

Our episode picks up with Krillin standing on the road watching the Androids leave as he thinks to himself how he will to get to Goku in time. Just then he realizes that the rest of the Z warriors are lying battered on the rocks. He then hurries down to give them all senzu beans, seeing Vegeta with his broken arm and in bad shape Krillin comments that he might have to give Vegeta a couple of them.

With the Z warriors now revived, they speak amongst themselves about how powerful the androids were, and that even all of them combined were no match for the two of them. Vegeta, thinking about how he was defeated, flies away in rage. Trunks is about to stop him when Piccolo stops him. Krilling also reveals that everyone (except Vegeta, or so Krillin thinks) knows who he is, and that he is from the future. (Woopi) After some more talk about Vegeta and his bruised pride, they all come to the agreement that they have to get to Goku before the androids do, but Piccolo, has other ideas. He won't tell the troop, and very strangely blasts off and threatens Tien, Krillin and Trunks not to follow him. Everyone but Krillin is surprised, and he explains that Piccolo is planning to reunite with Kami to become a "Super Namek"

Well after a cut, (actually this is the second, but I lump them together for the review to make sense) we are back at Master Roshi's Kami House, where he and Krillin's girlfriend, Marron are watching a soap opera, which has some very humorous dialogue, especially if you despise daytime TV. However, after this is over, all these guys show up and keep calling for Marron (I think I counted somewhere in the vicinity of 20). Interestingly they all turn out to be Marron's other boyfriends! Poor Krillin, but isn't that always how that works… So Marron leaves and hopefully is gone from this series for a long long long long long long long long time.

Also during this time, Gohan, Bulma, Yajirobe, and Baby Trunks finally arrive at Bulma's house (IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!). Bulma's mother offers cake and cookies to Gohan, who has to refuse and ends up flying to see his dad.

We also have a scene where Vegeta is flying and brooding over his defeat. He yells to himself that the androids should have finished him off and that he will make them pay for making a fool out of him. Same old Vegeta…

We then cut back to Future Trunks, Tien, and Krillin flying on their way to Goku's talking about how long the medicine will take to cure Goku of his virus. The reply…10 days. Yep, count em' TEN. I desperately hope that this doesn't mean that Goku is going to continue to be sick and out of action for another 10 episodes, but that would not surprise me. They also talk about their chances with Goku and Piccolo, and how they are all going to need the help they can get.

(Another Cut) As this is occurring, we see Piccolo flying to Kami's place, and a quick flash to Kami himself, who knows that he is coming to merge. We then have Kami recount how he and Picolo became different people in the first place, and also a recap of how Goku defeated King Piccolo, and as a result Piccolo preserved his essence by putting it into a single egg, from which the Piccolo we all know and love came to be.

With that Piccolo arrives, and faces Kami, and here is where the episode ends for today.

The Review

Well, before I make the review I would like to say this… I LOVED Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's episodes, but alas I do not review those day's. Then comes today's episode. I know that this was another transitory episode and I did not expect to see action, nor did I care. However, today's episode quality wise was not the same as the previous three.

On the plus Marron is gone, Gohan finally got Bulma & Baby Trunks home, and maybe now we can start getting some more things going on. The voices are better as some of the other staff members have pointed out, and the music is still pretty "okay". I also enjoy Master Roshi's "virility" when it comes down to it.

I also liked the DB flashback with Goku and Piccolo, which I think is important from time to time because then the newcomers to the show will get some background information, and this scene actually provided some decent (if recycled) action for today's episode.

However, I still was not completely satisfied with this episode, I wish the music was a little better, some of the dialogue (ESPECIALLY when they were talking about Vegeta and the androids for 10 minutes) was more meaningfull, realistic and less repetitive.

Other than that, it still was fairly entertaining.

The Final Word: It seems that I am the bearer of bad DBZ review news, and have never been able to say. "What a good episode," and unfortunately today is no different. Though it was better than some of the others I reviewed, the repetitive and shallow dialogue ("Don't tell Krillin Marron was here, I don't think he would be able to take it… BLAHCK!) really hurt this one. I just hope that Funimation works on the dialogue content in the future.

The Celestrian Gives today's episode: 3.9/5 (Almost Funimation, but work on the dialogue PLEASE!)

-The Celestrian DBZN Staff

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