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No Match for the Androids (Episode 121)

The Summary

This episode starts out with Vegeta moaning in pain, and soon Swoosh!, Trunks is on his way down to save his daddy from android 18's wicked wrath. He attacks her with his sword but she just blocks it with her arm, and his sword breaks. Seeing that the humans did not keep their promise #17 jumps in and attacks Trunks from behind by hitting him in the back with his hands. Piccolo and Tien decide now is the time to attack, but Kurilan stays behind in utter fear. As Piccolo comes in close to #17, he is kicked down to the ground. Soon Tien trys to make a move on #17 but he dodges and holds Tien in a neckhold. Vegeta still badly injured wants to get a crack at #17, but before he can reach him #18 holds his leg as he is in the air and swings him around throwing him into Trunks. This knocks trunks unconcious. Kurilan is really frightened at this point, but he notices something odd at the very same time. Android #16 hasn't participated in any ! of the fighting, he just standing on the cliff watching the nature around him. Meanwhile Piccolo goes in for another attack but Android #17 moves out of the way and sticks his hand into Piccolo's gut, which almost pushes out of his back. And it seems as if all the Z fighters except for Kurilan are down.

Everyone is laying on the ground unconcious except for Vegeta, he gets up to get another attack in against #18 but she just dodges the ki blast and punches him to the ground. While laying on his stomach, #18 lands on Vegeta's back with her foot and he screams in absolute pain. To further punish Vegeta she kicks him over and steps on his arm for a while. Soon Vegeta is too weak to sustain his Super Saiyan ability and his hair changes back and he goes semi-unconcious. At this point #17 notices that Vegeta's hair has changed color again. #18 points out that the same thing happened with the other kid (Trunks). The androids don't have any knowledge of this ability, or who the purple-haired boy is, but they really don't seem to care much. Now they just want to get back to their objective. Kurilan is petrified with fear as he hopes they don't notice him, but they do. The androids fly up to Kurilan and smile while thinking what they should do with him. The scene switches over to Master Roshi's house, with Marron and the Turtle. Marron is acting like her usual ditzy self and flirting with the Turtle. Some guys come by the island and want Marron to go with them yada yada yada, but the Turtle stops them. Marron wants to thank the turtle, but he "does not want to have a sexual relation with that woman".

Kurilan is speechless as the androids look on. Android #17 tells him not to worry because he is not the one they are after, and he and #18 walk off. #18 asks why he didn't ask Kurilan where Goku is and #17 replies that it wouldn't be any fun. He wants the fun of finding Goku himself. They both walk back towards #16 and he seems pretty upset, for they did the unthinkable!! They made so much noise they scared the birds away!! #17 seems pretty confused by this comment. Anyway #18 decides that if they want to find a car they better go on a busier highway and #17 agrees. The scenes switch right over to Goku still laying in bed, but it appears that he is getting better. The scenes jump again to Bulma, baby Trunks, Gohan, and Yajirobe. Bulma wants Gohan to stop at her house before his, and Gohan reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, the androids have decided to continue their hunt for Goku. Kurilan decides it is up to him to save his best friends life. He runs over and tells them to stop. He trys reasoning with them, telling them there is no reason for them to kill Goku since Dr. Gero is dead. #16 interrupts and says that he must destroy Goku because he is programmed too. #17 says that is all the reason Kurilan should need and that he should concentrate on his friends, by giving them sensu beans. Right before the androids leave, #18 gives Kurilan a little kiss on the cheek and all three of them fly off in search of Goku.


The Review

What You Didn't See: I don't really think there was too much taken out of this episode. They may have edited some of the blood on Vegeta's brow. And when #17 pushed his hand into Piccolo's torso, Piccolo spat out some of his whitish-purple Namekian blood.

The Good & Bad: I will make this simple. The music was good/ok. The voices were great/getting better. If there was one thing I dislike about this episode it would have to be that annoying skit involving Marron at Roshi's island. That just detracts from the main scenes of this episode with a lengthy and somewhat pointless sequence. This episode contained a fairly decent amount of action involving most of the Z warriors, excluding Kurilan, Yamcha, Gohan, and Goku. #16's voice doesn't sound that bad after you hear it a few more times. It is a voice that you become very accustomed to in a short amount of time.

Final Word: Well this is pretty much the last action episode you will see until the mid-latter part of next week. I have been very pleased with how FUNimation has progressed. The episodes have been getting better the further along we get, and I can only hope that this trend continues. Why is it that Androids always show sympathy for Kurlian? Is it because he is the most timid out them all? Or is there something about bald humans that they can't resist? #17 let Kurilan off the hook 2 times and #18 kisses him. Hehe that kiss will lead to something more in the future. Just watch and see how the future episodes progress. I don't think we have to cross our fingers as tightly as we did in the past.

Kaervak gives today's episode: 4.7/5 Almost a 5

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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