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Deadly Beauty (Episode 120)

The Summary

Chop Chop! This episode starts out with Vegeta giving the androids da word on who is better. Which in Vegeta's case, can only be him. #18 is ready to fight, #17 is watching on, and #16 is looking at some birds and smiling. #18 immediately flys towards Vegeta and they start swinging their fists and feet at each other in a rapid pace. #18 trys to punch Vegeta but he just grabs her arm and throws that 'female Dog' into the edge of the cliff. He flys up to punch her but she moves out quickly. Vegeta is able to catch up and give a good punch in the center of her face. This impresses #17 a little, for he notes that Vegeta is in fact stronger than Dr. Gero's readout said he was. 18 decides to have a lil fun with Vegeta so she flys off and Vegeta follows in pursuit of her. Oh yeah before I forget, baby Trunks pisses on Yajirobe while Gohan, Bulma, and him continue on towards Gohan's house. Meanwhile, #18 continues to lead Vegeta on in more wa! Yes then one as she flys from the suburban countrysides to the bustling highways. At this point the Z warriors are trying their best to reach Vegeta before he dies.

The flight comes to a stop, as #18 and Vegeta land on top of a moving Truck. Since #18 doesn't make a move Vegeta does and kicks her into the car windshield traveling behind the truck. She just flys off and goes from one car to the next, and as Vegeta follows her he is making those cars crash. Eventually #18 and Vegeta are back up at the spot where the other two androids are. Vegeta tells #18 to stand still so he can blast her (meanwhile a truck pulls up behind #18). As Vegeta sends out his blast #18 moves out of the way (who would of expected that to happen) and the truck blows up. Vegeta is now left with the responsibility to call all of the relatives of the victims present in the accidents he caused :(. The scene changes and we get a busty moment with Marron and Master Roshi. Of course Roshi's Mags and Marron's bod sends Roshi's hormones into overload and his geyser erupts (nose that is). Back at the fight, #18 asks if Vegeta is ready, and since he is...she flys towards him and bangs her head into his. Angered by this attack Vegeta flys towards her to get a hit in but she just knees him in the gut, and out comes a burst of blood. To be even more courteous, #18 punches Vegeta in the side of the face directly into the cliff right next to the highway.

Trunks and the others arrive at the scene. Trunks immediately asks if his papa is ok, and Vegeta says "of course" and calls #18's shot just a "Lucky Punch"....talk about denial. #17 doesn't want anyone to interfere with 18's fight so he asks 16 if he wants to take care of the others. And 16 refuses reminding 17 that he will only fight Goku. 17 decides to take care of the problem himself and goes over to Vegeta to make a deal. If anyone trys to assist Vegeta during his fight, he will have to step in. Vegeta agrees and no sooner does #18 fly at him and manages to get a small punch in. Vegeta retaliates and flys head first into #18's gut. He proceeds by knocking her into the cliff from behind and sending an intense blast down towards her. After the smoke clears 18 is still alive (SHOCKER!!), but her clothes and hair are a bit ruffled. #18 and Vegeta go at it directly, fist for fist, kick for kick. Vegeta seems to be doing well, but Piccolo knows that Vegeta will soon use up most of his energy. And Piccolo couldn't be more true for #18 starts getting in more and more punches. She eventually knocks Vegeta up against a big rock. This is the point where Vegeta realizes she has been toying with him. He flys towards her but she just jumps and kicks him in the chin. To make her assault more complete she flys from behind Vegeta and slams her leg into Vegeta's left arm! His arm is dislocated, and he is holding it and screaming in pain. Trunks doesn't want his daddy to die so he flies down towards 18 with his sword screaming. ~FIN

The Review

What You Didn't See: Blood here and there, but not quite everywhere. When 18 darted forward and banged her head into Vegeta's..there was a bruise above his eye that started bleeding. Some of the blood even got in Vegeta's eye as he saw the whole view of #18 turn red. Also you did not see Vegeta spit out blood when #18 knee'd him in the abdomen. And if I remember correctly you missed Marron and her busty curves.

The Good & Bad: In my opinion the music actually did fit the fighting scenes in this episode pretty well, although I wasn't too fond of that hick music we heard during the time in the highway. #18's voice astounds me even more as the episodes progress! Another thing is that this episode actually let the viewers get a better understanding of how powerful the androids are, and even more curious as to what #16 will do if he ever meets up with Goku. I am sure that most of you know the answer already. The opportunity never... Anyway all the improved elements of this episode (Voices, music, etc) along with its original content, utilized a very enjoyable episode.

Episode Flaws: Well well, this one is an odd one. Makes you think too. When Vegeta was fighting #18 on the highway, we saw through Vegeta's view her standing on a car as it was moving away. Now for some odd reason #18 wasn't wearing any pants!! Just her skirt. Now was this just a little flaw that the Japanese Animators overlooked, or did they intentionally make it look like Vegeta was fantasizing about #18 fighting him without wearing her pants?

Final Word: Enjoy the action while you can because after tomorrows episode you won't see much more for a while. This would have to of been on of the very few episodes that FUNimations has done a good job on. Not saying that is is perfect, but over all it is better than FUNi's past projects *cough*Season Tres. So if you feel the need to watch Vegeta take a blow to that annoying conceited attitude of his, then this episode is for you! Also if you appreciate #18's legs?

Kaervak gives today's episode: 4.5/5 (Sorry Funimation)

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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Vegeta SSJ
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