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Goku's Assassin (Episode 119)

The Summary

This episode starts out with us reviewing the last segment that took place in the previous episode, which was where Vegeta blasted open the door to Dr. Gero's lab and we got our first look at the androids. The new scenes officially start here. After saying a few comments on how the androids look just like humans, we hear Dr. Gero try and rally #17(the boy) and #18(the girl) to fight against the Z warriors. He starts ordering them to destroy the Z warriors but they don't listen and tell him they will when they are ready to. At this point #18 walks over to capsule that is placed on the ground. Dr. Gero warns her not to release #16 out of the capsule. This news shocks everyone and especially Trunks, for there was no Android 16 in his timeline. Despite Dr. Gero's warnings #18 continues to move forward in releasing # 16. Dr. Gero grabs her arm and pleas for her not to release him but she just pushes him back. #17 tells #18 to just hurry and open it up. Dr. Gero is really worried/frustrated now. He yells at them not to release #16 but at this point #17 sticks his hand through Dr. Gero's torso. Becoming angered by the betrayal shown by his androids Dr. Gero gives #17 a death threat. #17 just kicks Dr. Gero's head off and then squashes it with his foot. And that is the end of #20/Dr. Gero.

#17 asks Kurilan (Krillin) to come to him, but Kurilan hesitates. After hearing Tien say he will back Kurilan up, he walks towards #17 (Tien?! umm hehe). #17 shows that he has no interest in fighting them by walking away. He tells #18 to release 16 but before she does Trunks fires a blast at the laboratory out of pure fear for this timeline's future. After the infamous smoke clears we see 17 & 18 still unharmed holding up 16's capsule. #18 finally gets a chance to release #16 and he comes out. #16 doesn't say anything to #17 and #18 despite all their questions. But when #17 asks if #16 was made to destroy Goku he replies "affirmative". Having nothing better to do #17 decides that he might as well let #16 carry out his mission and go find Goku and kill him. The androids fly off and the Z warriors seem somewhat relieved (mainly Kurilan). Their relief is soon vanquished as they realize that the androids are heading towards Goku! Vegeta was angry that! the androids took no notice to him and his Super Saiyan strength so he prepares to take off after the androids but is stopped in his tracks by Trunks. Trunks warns Vegeta he must wait for Goku, but this only angers Vegeta more. After little discussion Vegeta punches Trunks in the gut and flys off to find the androids. The Z warriors realize they too must follow. The scene switches over to a little comic relief segment where we see Bulma, Yajirobe, and Gohan near a waterfall taking a break from their flight.

Back at the house Goku is in going through what appears to be unbearable pain as he moans. Yamcha and Chi-Chi continue to watch Goku and give him the medicine. Meanwhile, Vegeta is closing in on the androids, and along with him he brings his big ole bag of pride as he flys through a mountain. #17 decides to stop by the road to take a car. Since they have all the time they want to destroy Goku, the decision comes to him to just take his time. They ask #16 if he wants to go for a ride too, and he mistakenly thinks they said "Goku". We learn that Goku is #16's only objective, and that he was possibly created without any human personality traits. Vegeta arrives and immediately wants a fight. #17 and #18 not really too interested, ask #16 to fight, but he refuses (Since he is programmed only to kill Goku and we later learn that he is a peaceful android). #18 decides she might as well have the simplistic task of taking out Vegeta. Equipped with a strong sense of pride and honor, Vegeta is fully confident that he can win. And after this point the episode ends.

The Review

What You Didn't See: I noticed something when I watched the cut version of this episode. It oddly contains footage that wasn't included in FUNimation's uncut. When #18 released #16 you saw his eyes glow red and then after commercial break you saw his eyes in regular form (blue with black pupils). And you actually saw him stand up out of the capsule. In the uncut version I have it shows his eyes red and then almost immediately you see his feet step out of the capsule and onto the ground. Now my only explanation could be that it has something to do with the commercial break, like FUNi figured that part might as well not be included in the uncut version because it was mainly a component for a commercial break. Either way I paid for the uncut version, and I didn't get all of the footage. It's Ok, I'll live...somehow. Oh yeah and you missed Baby Trunks bearing it all.

The Good & Bad: Well the music sure took a turn for the better. We have a few eeries tones here and there. Overall the music was enjoyable, most likely because it was different and less repetitive. Now the voices for #17 & #18 were great! #17's low dark voice fits his character well, although it gets extremely low tone at some points. And #18' voice was more lower in tone than her Japanese voice, but I really enjoyed it! They may quite possibly be one of the best voices FUNI has shown us so far. The voice FUNI has chosen for #16 isn't a bad one, but I know there could be better. The robotic accent fits #16 well though.

Episode Flaws: Heh, this one made me think twice the first time I saw this episode. At the begginning when the doors to Dr. Gero's lab are knocked down, you get a glimpse at the Z warriors from left to right. For some reason Vegeta's neck piece/collar to his suit wasn't included in those frames. Mistake or on purpose?

Final Word: There isn't too much going for this episode as far as you action fans are concerned, but for some reason I always enjoyed this episode. The only action scenes I can think of are where #17 kills Dr. Gero and when Trunks blasts the lab. Other than that this episode pretty much puts emphesis on the objective of the androids. This makes sense because that is what the title is about. This episode is mainly the 'Meet&Greet the androids' part of DBZ. We have always had an episode where we first meet the new bad guys and the action doesn't start til one or two episodes later. If you want to see more action then you'll get it in the next episode where Vegeta begins his assault on #18, or perhaps the other way around.

Kaervak gives today's episode: 4.2/5 (Sorry Funimation)

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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