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Nightmare Comes True (Episode 118)

Today's episode was another "prep" to get ready for what I hope is some serious action.

The Summary

We pick up with Trunks following Vegeta in their continuing attempt to search for Dr. Gero's lab. Trunks also recalls some clips from previous episodes concerning how stubborn Vegeta is, and once again pleads with Vegeta to wait for Goku before attempting to fight 17 and 18, the androids from Trunks future that Dr. Gero is about to unleash. After some ego-centric talk from Vegeta about how he is a member of the Saiyan elite, and now that he is a Super Saiyan, the androids are no match, Trunks once again tells Vegeta not to underestimate the power of the Androids.

We then flip to a sequence with Goku battling Dr. Gero in what is obviously a dream-sequence. After some cool action from Goku, Dr. Gero grows and says to Goku that his destiny is written and the world is his. This then cuts to Chi Chi and Yamcha by his bedside trying to wake him. Yamcha, clutching the medicine that was given to them by Future Trunks, keeps repeating that Goku has to pull through.

Meanwhile, Piccolo, Tien, and Krillin finally arrive at North City. They begin to realize just how big the city itself is, and located in an alpine mountain range, there is an endless multitude of mountains that could house Dr. Gero's secret lab. Piccolo suggests that they split up, and that whoever finds the lab will send a signal by raising their power level so that the other could detect them. Krillin also splits up the remaining sensu beans (2 apiece) before they split up. Amazingly, Dr. Gero is just below them and sees that they are still looking for his lab, and begins running in that direction, but some guy mistaking him for a deer tries to shoot him, which he easily catches the bullet and proceeds to blast him into the nearest pine tree. Krillin senses this and finds Dr. Gero, who ends up pummeling Krillin until he sees Piccolo.

All this time (The episode actually cuts back and forth much more than this review does, but I am trying to keep a sense of continuity for you…), Gohan is still carrying Bulma, Yajirobe, and Baby Trunks back to… wherever it is they're supposed to be going. Yajirobe and Bulma continually bicker, with Yajirobe making fun of Future Trunks and baby trunks, with Bulma constantly threating him with telling Vegeta what he keeps saying.

Ok, back to North City. Krillin managed to follow Dr. Gero to his lab, but unfortunately Dr. Gero was able to get inside before Krilling could signal to the others. Dr. Gero then activates 17 and 18, who both mysteriously eye the control that Dr. Gero is holding. As Dr. Gero tells them that they are to destroy Goku's friends who are outside. However, 17 (the boy) grabs the control from Dr. Gero's hand and destroys it, saying that he will not "put them to sleep again."

Outside, Trunks and Vegeta arrive at the scene, and Vegeta in his characteristic arrogance, finally blows the door when Trunks pleads once again to wait for Goku. When the dust settles, there stands 17 and 18, the androids Trunks talk about before standing there as the "extreme announcer" cuts the episode.

The Review

Well, I was pleased to see a little bit more action in a plot-driven episode, unlike Friday's. I particularly enjoyed Goku's dream sequence, with its pinkish-tint, brought a very surrealistic element to the action, but why is it that he is constantly "out-of-the-picture" at the start of these really cool battles (Freiza Saga…)? I guess it is to build the suspense.

Some of the dialogue, of course, is pretty corny, but what should I expect when importing it from Japan to prime-time American TV… it would be more realistic if a "Damn" and "Oh S-T" (see, even we have to censor…) were added instead of "blasted" and other such dribble. This is why I encourage everyone to:

1) See the Japanese episode, which I haven't seen all of, or

2) Get the UNCUT versions on video.

Maybe we at the DBZN should petition Funimation to strive for greater accuracy and realism when changing the dialogue.

The music was pretty standard as well. Not much to say. I really wish they did something about that as well, maybe take a lesson from MANGA Corp. and put some good music in or leave the original music, but even then that music can be pretty lackluster too.

All in all, the elements of today's episode were a little better then Fridays. So the moral of this episode is a little action goes a long way in helping this plot develop, and to keep the audience's attention so that the plot actually soaks in (if you notice, this review is a little more keen on the details than Friday's).

The Final Word

Not bad, Funimation, but you had some help. Better than Friday's, but I still want to see some more action (which you can't do anything about), better music and more realistic dialogue (both of which you can do something about)

The Celestrian gives today's episode: 3.8/5 (Sorry Funimation)

It looks like might we might actually see something tomorrow!

-The Celestrian DBZN Staff

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