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Follow Dr. Gero (Episode 117)

What do you know? A DBZ episode without one single legitimate fighting sequence within the actual episode… Surprising, isn't it?

This episode picks up with Dr. Gero up against the ropes with the Z Warriors ready to kick the crap out #20(Dr. Gero). #20 is pretty desperate to get back to his lab after Piccolo ripped off his right arm. If he were to fly, the Z warrior would catch him, but with all of them watching him, how was he going to escape?

No sooner did he think the words when Bulma and Yajirobe, along with Trunks the Baby, arrive onto the scene. Seeing his window of opportunity, 20 yells to the Z warriors that they had best enjoy their temporary victory, because he will then unleash 17 and 18 upon them. (At the same time, Future Trunks once again reiterates from the previous episode that the two androids they battled were not the two plaguing his future.) And with that releases a huge explosion. Temporarily catching everyone off guard and also totaling Bulma's Jet.

When the dust clears, 20 is gone, Future Trunks saved Bulma and Baby Trunks, while Vegeta stands in the air yelling how he will destroy 20. Interestingly, Future Trunks gets in Vegeta's face and asks why he did not bother saving Bulma and his child (HIM!). Vegeta calmly states that he has "more important matters" to consider than "That woman and the blasted child."

Then after some standard Funimation dialogue filler, Bulma points out that she thinks that android (20) is Dr. Gero himself. Everyone, including Trunks, is stunned. Vegeta curses Future Trunks that everything he said was a lie, and that he told them that Dr. Gero was killed by his own creations. Bulma also says that he has a secret lab in a hidden cave in some location that I personally didn't catch (This is what happens when you read a review instead of watching the episode). Vegeta makes the connection that since no one saw 20 (whom will now be referred to as Dr. Gero), he must have gone on foot, which means he could not have gotten too far. So the Z warriors, minus Gohan who takes Bulma and Yajirobe (who finally appears out of the ruble just as Gohan, Bulma and Baby Trunks are about to leave) back home, are off in pursuit of Dr. Gero. Oh yes, Bulma and everyone else also finally find out that Future Trunks is Baby Trunks from Piccolo as Trunks follows Vegeta.

We then have a scene where Vegeta and Trunks are flying off in the direction of Dr. Gero's laboratory. Vegeta challenges Trunks to keep up in which Trunks goes SSJ and follows. Here we find out that Vegeta also knows that Trunks is his son. (funny how that worked out…) They actually overtake Dr. Gero, who figures out that they are trying to get to his lab and destroy 17 and 18. We then have as the final scenes Goku clutching his heart in bed as Chi Chi and Yamcha look on crying and hoping that Goku took the antidote in time. Here is where the episode ends.

The Good and the Bad: Well, like I said before, there was not a single substantial fight sequence, not one! However, there was quite a bit to absorb in terms of the plot, so I guess this makes up for it. We also have little bit more character development in Future Trunks and his relationship (or emerging relationship) with Vegeta. The animation was up to its usual standards, although Dr. Gero running through the canyons got a bit repetitious, as the footage was recycled. Music wise, pretty bland actually. However, there weren't any footage mistakes that I could see.

The Final Word: Eh. This was a pretty average episode in terms of entertainment factor. It was however, important for the plot, on the other hand… eh. Pretty mediocre, and nothing I would get too excited about

The Celestrian gives today's episode: 3/5 (Sorry Funimation)

-The Celestrian DBZN Staff

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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