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More Androids!? (Episode 116)

This episode starts out with #20 sneaking around the mountain bends trying to choose who will be his next victim. #20 is having a hard time choosing which Z warrior to steal energy from, but soon realizes that Piccolo is 2nd strongest next to Vegeta. He slowly approaches Piccolo from behind and locks Piccolo in what looks like a bear hug. His hand is covering Piccolo's mouth so he can't yell for help, so Piccolo communicates with Gohan using telepathy. Piccolo appears to be losing more and more energy. But out of no where Piccolo's little play boy Gohan comes and hits #20 in the head and he goes flying down towards the ground and his hat falls into the canyon. At this point everyone has heard the noise and so they all meet up surrounding #20. Kurilan gives Piccolo a sensu bean since #20 was stealing his energy. Vegeta wants to continue where he left off, but someone else wants to fight #20 instead. That person is the green namek Piccolo.

Vegeta doesn't want #20 to steal more of Piccolo's energy, so he warns him about that before he starts. Piccolo begins assaulting #20 right away and knocks him into a mountain. #20 darts towards Piccolo and he disappears and reappears above him pounding him on the head into the ground. #20 doesn't get how Piccolo can be causing him this much trouble. Meanwhile,..Trunks is back, and is overlooking the city where it all began. Since the city is destroyed Trunks thought the Z warriors have lost, but notices the powers fighting in a distance and flys towards them. Piccolo is just knocking #20 from 1 mountain to another all the while Goku is home in bed moaning with pain from the heart virus. After knocking #20 around a lot he gets really furious and attempts to grab Piccolo, but Piccolo grabs his hands and chops the one off! Ending the energy theiving days of #20. Meanwhile Trunks is looking at the head of #19 and says "this isn't one of the androids that killed Dr. Gero". He can't understand this and so he flies towards the Z warriors in hopes to get more answers.

#20 still being beaten around is really confused at how this could be happening. Piccolo explains that they knew of the androids arrival 3 years in advance. Right before they decide to Finish #20 off, Trunks arrives and at the same time Vegeta figures out that Trunks is the future version of his son (because Piccolo stated that "Trunks is back"). #20 is getting more worried because he doesn't have any data on Trunks. Trunks sees #20 and doesn't recognize who he is. Vegeta does not get this. Is #20 not one of the androids that Trunks has warned them about? Trunks says that #20 is definately one of Dr. Gero's creations, but he is not one of the androids that are responsible for Trunks' dire future. And so comes the perfect time for the episode to end.

The Good & Bad: Dialogue-wise this episode was pretty good. Except for the part after #20 stole Piccolo's energy. It didn't explain the reason why Piccolo was able to bat #20 around afterwards. In reality Piccolo was depleting his own energy on purpose and so #20 thought he was actually Absorbing Piccolo's energy. I feel a great excitement knowing that we may never hear that weenie whistle music again. Oh yeah and if you didn't hear #20 say "It's Almost Overrrrrr" then you missed out on FUNImation trying to find a way to fit in the English dialogue.

Final Word: We are happily nearing the end of what I like to call the "Dull" android episodes. Soon we will be getting into the more interesting part of the Android saga. That would include androids #18 and #17. I don't really mind the android episodes with #19 and #20, except that most of the time in those episodes, time is waisted. And they are annoying as bad guys as well. This episode would have to fall under the Action/Revelation category. And the music and dialogue WILL get better in the future android eps, trust me. Only one more episode to GO!

Kaervak gives it 4/5

-The Kaervak DBZN Staff

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