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Upgrade to Super Saiyan (Episode 114)

This episode starts out with a very pleasurable seen of Goku holding his chest in utter pain. Why? Because that heart virus that Trunks has warned him about is finally attacking his heart. Piccolo recalls what Trunks said and remembers about the medicine that Goku needs. At this time Kurilan throws Goku a sensu bean and Goku of course eats it like he does pretty much anything. The androids knew about the sensu beans and so #19 went on the offensive against Goku with the Weenie whistle music playing in the background. To everyone's surprise the sensu bean didn't work--Goku laying on the ground on his back has now turned back into his regular self. #19 lands on Goku's chest and then grabs him by the neck and absorbs his energy! Everyone goes to help but #20 stops them and takes out Piccolo with his eye beams. All hope seems lost for Goku when all of the sudden out of no where someone kicks that evil Teletubbie (#19) in the cheek and he goes flying! Vegeta!

Piccolo sits up and explains he wasn't hurt by #20's blast, he was only interrupted by Vegeta somehow. Vegeta being the sweet sensitive guy he is, wants to help Goku so he can get better so they can fight. So he gives Goku a nice kick in the ribs and into Piccolo's hands, which drop him on the ground. Yamcha is to take Goku home to take the medicine. And now the androids are very pleased that they have the strength to beat Goku. But since he is ill with that nasty Yardrat Virus he got [I wonder how he got that Virus? Was he cheating on ChiChi at Yardrat?]. #19 requests to take care of Vegeta, and after some thought #20 agrees. #19 gets excited at this opportunity because he knows Vegeta has a lot of energy and his head looks like a delicious ice cream cone. Vegeta claims that he was watching the battle and knows their energy absorbing Techniques. And #19 says Vegeta may know some of his moves but he knows all of Vegeta's moves. At this point Vegeta proves #19 wrong by transforming into a Super Saiyan. Everyone can't understand how Vegeta could be a Super Saiyan when he is not pure-hearted like Goku. Vegeta explains it was his anger of not being a Super Saiyan that finally transformed him into his most worldly desire.

After listening to Vegeta's story explaining how he reached the goal, the androids are not impressed. And #19 immediately attacks Vegeta with his eye lasers/beams/UV rays. #19 then cleverly goes under the ground and pops up behind Vegeta and shoots more eye beams at him. There is a lot of smoke around Vegeta. But is he dead? Of course not! Whenever there is smoke, there is always life! That is usually always the case. Well anyways, everyone is stunned at Vegeta's strength but #19 just smiles and laughs with excitement because he knows Vegeta has a great amount of energy that is ripe for the taking. #19 starts flying towards Vegeta and then this episode ends. Is Vegeta really strong enough to take out #19? Will #19 be able to take his mind off of Vegeta's ice cream cone head and defeat him without distractions? And what exactly is that horn for on #19's head? Most of these questions will doubtfully be answered on the next episode of ***

The Good and Bad: If I were to point out this episodes strong points, it would have to be mainly the original content of the episode. This is that famous episode where Vegeta reveals he is a Super Saiyan. But the way he screamed when transforming sort of sounded like he was screaming "RAW" as if advertising WWF:Raw. Other than that his dialogue and voice tone/expression for the remainder of the episode was fairly decent. And Gohan for some odd reason exclaimed that Vegeta "Joined the Super Saiyan Club". Is that so Gohan? Can I have a trial membership?

Episode Flaws: Well this particular episode made it very confusing by giving us 2 questions. "How was Piccolo ok from #20's blast?" and "What did he mean by Vegeta interfered? I didn't see nothing." These particular questions probably plagued many of the viewers of the version on CN.

Final Word: Tu quieres las papas fritas con ese? This episode certainly was an attention grabber. Watching Goku actually "LOSING" in his Super Saiyan form probably made all the young viewers attain a sense of disbelief, for their invincible Goku lost a fight. Besides a few corny lines I really liked this episode. I wouldn't really suggest it as an action episode, this one would be better put under the "explanatory" category. If you missed this episode then at least you read this review! Again I really liked this episode and in the mean time, I am going to go and find out some more info about this club Gohan is talking about!

Kaervak gives it 4/5

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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