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  A Handy Trick (Episode 112)

Well, well, well, we're almost to the point where the real action begins! This episode picks up with Android 20 draining Yamcha of his energy, which triggers the rest of the Z Warriors to "hone in" on the position. They arrive just in time to see Android 20 holding Yamcha's limp body with a lovely gaping hole in his torso (I was extremely surprised that Funimation actually kept this in the "TV" version, but wouldn't show the hole in one of Frieza's goons, in the first trunks episodes), which he then tosses onto the concrete. Goku, obviously upset, tells Krillin to take Yamcha back to Yajirobe and the sensu beans. The Androids are interested that Goku and the Z Warriors anticipated their arrival right down to the location and time of arrival.

Then we have an interesting moment. In the suspense, Goku says to himself and the Z warriors that if they fight in the city, too many people could get hurt, and they should fight somewhere else. Android 20 actually hears this, and interrupts, "Yes, I agree, this place is to crowded. Too many people could get in our way,… I will see to it that they do not." He then proceeds to blow up everything within eyesight with his eyes. Everything around them explodes as 20 rotates and continues to blast buildings. (An interesting sequence occurs when 19 simply bends over to avoid 20's blasts) Goku, shocked and enraged to see the ruthlessness of 20, charges and hits 20 right in the face. The scene is rather important because the punch knocks of 20's Russian style turban hat, giving us a good glimpse of his "androidness" which is a transparent cranium that houses his brain (but whose brain was it originally? One must wonder…).

After some discussion, and 19's sickeningly child/robot voice, The Androids reveal that they to know who Goku and the Z Warriors are. Of course, the troop is surprised, Goku tells the Androids to follow him to a different location to fight. The scene then makes a transition to Yamcha, Krillin, Gohan, Bulma and Yajirobe. Yamcha is healed from the sensu bean (His abdomen mysteriously is back…), and all of them see Goku leading the Androids away. Krillin, and Gohan immediately follow after Yamcha tells them that the Androids can absorb a fighter's energy. Yamcha, however, is doubting if he can handle going back, until the guilt makes him go. Bulma and Yajirobe have a comedic scene, which provides some relief and a transition (its kind of cute, and if you haven't seen the episode, I'm not going to spoil it).

After some time of Goku continuously flying, Android 20 finally loses his patience (androids losing patience?), and "chooses a site for them." Before they get to business though, Goku asks how the Androids know about him and the others. However, at this time, Goku is breathing hard and sweating, which has the Piccolo and Tien (Spelling?) slightly concerned. Android 20 reveals that Goku has been under constant surveillance by Dr. Gero since he was young. All the Androids were built for the express purpose of revenge. All of his techniques, including the Kamahameha have been studied, and therefore reproduced. The When Dr. Gero had all of the information needed, the surveillance ceased. Goku asked if he ad been monitored when he fought on the planet Namek, in which 20 replied that there was no need because Dr. Gero obtained "all the information he needed". Dr. Gero had assumed that Goku's power would increase, and calculations based on his previous growth was extrapolated and figured into the Androids programming. However, as Piccolo then pointed out, Dr. Gero had not counted on Goku turning SS. The episode ends with Goku charging 19 and 20 after another SS transformation (which I live for in these episodes).

THE ACTUAL REVIEW (Good and the Bad.)
I'm not one for summaries. I would much rather focus on the elements of the episode than to recount what happens, most likely a lot of you have already seen it.

This episode, like many in this series, was pretty action packed. The animation of the city being shredded by 20 was extremely fluid and well choreographed. The cranium of 20 was pretty wild, and this episode seemed to be a prelude/suspense builder once again, giving you a taste of the action, but nothing really "hardcore."

Once again 19's voice really bugs, but I guess the "innocently violent" sound was what Funimation was looking for. The music wasn't bad, but not noteworthy either

As mentioned before, I get the biggest kick when Goku goes SSJ, and once again this episode didn't disappoint. Very fluid, but not excessively long, I hope too see many more like this in the future.

I liked this one, which says a lot, because just about the entire Namek Saga (except for the later episodes), had me bored stiff. This combined a fair amount of action and moved the plot along reasonably well. As an action junkie, a lack of violence needs to massively make up in plot, but this episode had both. Not what I would call a "wow" episode, but you should be well entertained for 25 minutes.

The Celestrian gives it 4/5

-The Celestrian DBZN Staff

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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