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  The Androids Appear (Episode 111)

     The day has finally come. The androids are suppose to arrive around 10 am. Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo all fly towards their destination--The Androids of Trunks prediction! On the way, they meet up with Krillan (Kuririn, Kurilan, etc..etc..)who seems a little reluctant to face these metal kitchen utensils otherwise known as androids. They all meet up at a cliff that overlooks the city the androids are suppose to appear in. They are all there except for Vegeta, no one knows where he is. While there, they notice that Bulma has a little bundle of diaper-changing joy in her hands. Everyone is surprised that Bulma had a baby (except for Goku of course). Goku having the intelligence level of what Frieza calls "a monkey", accidentally says "Hey I'll bet it is Vegeta's son, right Trunks". Bulma is surprised that he knew the father and the name of the child. Goku of course says it was just a coincidence.

     Yajirobe show ups and gives Goku a bag of sensu beans and then flys off in his air vehicle like the brave warrior he has always been. They all wait and wait and wait and wait, and what do you know, they even wait some more. The androids still haven't appeared yet and it is 17 after 10 [10:17 am for those who will lose sleep over this]. Yamcha immediately assumes that the boy from the future was lying. But just before anything else could be said Yajirobe's vehicle is blown out of the sky falling towards the ocean. At this point, Piccolo spots the androids in the air as they land in the city. Goku tells Gohan to help Yajirobe and Goku and the others then fly off towards the city.

     While searching for the androids, they are unable to find them because they don't have any ki. This frustrates the Z warriors as they search frantically. At this point we get a glimpse at the androids as they start attacking and draining energy out of humans. One is a chunky white android that resembles a china doll(#19). And the other is an old man (Dr. Gero) with a hat that bares the Red Ribbon logo on it(#20). Yamcha is the first to run into them. #20 immedialtly drains enery out of Yamcha and feels the need to kill him by pushing his hand through Yamcha's torso[He probably can't stand surfer accents]. The Z warriors will soon be there because a truck ran into a gas station trying to avoid hitting the androids, which caused an explosion. At this time we see Gohan carrying Yajirobe to shore and then one last glimpse at people running around screaming. What is going to happen to Yamcha? Will Goku and the others get there in time? And when #20 is done carving out Yamcha's stomach will he be able to put a candle in it and put it in the window for Halloween? Will people like it? Find out on the next episode of DBZ!! Or go read a book or something.

What You Didn't See: I was unable to view the cut version aired on CN, so if they did actually show #20's hand pushing through Yamcha's gut making a big bump come out of his back which eventually broke open and let out #20's hand...then let me know ;) Oh yeah and I am sure that Funi edited out some of the blood from #19 and #20's other victims.

The Good and Bad: Well #20 pretty much sounds like you would expect when you look at him. His voice is pretty good, on the other hand #19 sounds a little bit like a robotic Teletubbie [Dipsy is my favorite]. The music in this episode was fairly decent. Same music you have heard from all the previous episodes. They appear to be using the music from the Garlic Junior saga when we get our first glimpses at the androids. I personally don't find that music as irritating as some people have said.

Episode Flaws: Well a really noticable flaw appeared when we first got our glimpse at #19 and #20. At the first view it looked as if 19 was smaller then #20. Next time we see them 19 looks taller then #20. And then they both end up looking the same size. I guess the creators just couldn't decide how big to make him.

Final Word: This episode presented us with our first taste of action, which we haven't seen in the last 3 or 4 episodes. Although it wasn't much action, I am sure that it satisfied those action crazed fans out there a little bit. The voices are decent and so is the music at some parts. And this episode even has a guest voice appearance with Tinky Winky! We can't miss out on that can we!? In other words it was good episode. Sort of the kind that you could watch 3 times before becoming bored.

Kaervak gives it a 4/5.

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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