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  Goku's Ordeal (Episode 110)

     This episode starts out quite oddly. Chichi is running with her groceries trying to get away from a boar that is chasing her. The boar eventually falls off a cliff and dies a slow painful death I bet. At this time Chichi wishes she had a car because she is sick of walking and being chased by wild animals. When ChiChi gets home Gohan presents her with their supper (Fish) and Goku and Gohan take off their clothes to go take a bath. As Goku tells ChiChi to wash his clothes, ChiChi gets irrated and decides that if they ever want her to cook supper for them and other things like that, they would have to get a driver's License. Somehow Goku manages to get good ole Piccolo involved in the ordeal. [Thought: I never realized what a bum Goku is, I mean no car, no job and BO?]

     Piccolo and Goku show up all dressed up for the driving test. Piccolo is wearing some absurd outfit with a cap backwards that has "Gokou" on it. Goku gets some boring, cautious Old man for a driver instructor and Piccolo gets an some odd women that has a need for speed![behold the power of the female species Piccolo!]. At this point we see a little bit of Vegeta training at 400x gravity and then having it bulstered up to 410-450. And we get a small glimpse at Gohan pretending to study. Back at the Drivers Course, Piccolo does fairly well but going extremely slow and boring the driving instructor. Goku is doing..., I would have to say horribly well! He ends up in a lake on his first try out. Next time he tries out he passes piccolo and challenges him to a race (in some way) and eventually Piccolo and Goku crash into each other. [Vital Note: Seatbelts Save Lives]

     Given one last chance to get their license, Goku and Piccolo take it to an actual road. It is raining this time around and as Goku is looking on making mistakes and losing points he notices a school bus of some sorts falling off of a cliff. He and Piccolo jump out of there cars totally destroying them and go and rescue the kids.[That's our hero's :* ) ]. Piccolo and Goku fail the driver's test, not only because they can't drive but because the instructors believe they don't need it because they can fly. Of course this news raises Chichi's bitch level and she just falls over and lets her legs kick ^_^. At this point in the episode it fast forwards to the end of the 3 years of training and shows Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan leaving towards their destiny...walking metal.

The Good and Bad: Well this episode was excellent as far as comedy goes, and this is good because you kind of like a little comic relief every now and then. It brings you more in tune with the characters and it makes the action scenes more appreciated. The music and voices were alright in this episode, nothing extremely bad or really good. Oh yeah it is insanely obvious that Goku's instructor is also the voice of Master Roshi's and I didn't even look at the credits either. Recycle Funimation!! That is the spirit!

Episode Flaws: I was wondering why it took Goku and Piccolo to hold up that bus when they are suppose to be so strong? (Even Raditz could pick up a truck with one hand). Maybe their method of training is weakening them more then helping hehe.That is about it for flaws. This was a minor flaw but it does make you think a little bit.

Final Word: Was this a step up? No. Was it a step down? No. Was it a step off to the side over to the right? Yes. Not many episodes like this one, true dbz fan's will appreciate episodes like it's kind though. And afterall it was only 2 episodes til the action begins anyways. Unlike the Saiyan Saga, which had the Z warriors preparing for the fight in several episodes in what was only 1 year, this time around they decided to only put 2 episodes in about a 3 year period of time in which they trained. And that could be good or bad depending on how some look at it, because some people like more depth in a story, and others....well they just want to see someone get decapitated ASAP.

Kaervak gives it a 4.5/5.

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

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