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I’ve gone so far, to lose it all, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

To go so far, and then lose it all. That has to suck. Even though it is what all webmasters must do at one point.

Many people ponder over how they will go, when they will go, and even if they will go. There are the ones that also wish they could go. In the huge picture, every webmaster of a site will one day either lose interest in his or her site, or they will simply run out of time for it. No matter what you do, you will lose your website. Even if it is handed over to another generation of people, you yourself have lost it.

When a Webmaster leaves, the viewer is saddened. The site is either completely gone, or it is passed on and eventually dies out. Some people think that it is better to just give a warning, and then completely delete your site from the face of the World Wide Web. Others feel it is important to keep the site up, but just not update it. Then some argue that if you do this, the name of your site will eventually be carried around in the mud, and then left completely alone. It will also bring a disgrace to the community. The ultimate choice of leaving is to delete all and leave a single goodbye letter.

The letter is very important. It has to summarize all of the months/years/days that your site has been in service. Sometimes it can be very difficult, and others are fine with just saying “it has been a great ride” and leaving it at that.

The fact is, the reason it is so hard for some webmaster to let go, is because this piece of work sitting in front of their eyes has been their life’s work for the past couple of months or even years. Then it comes to their mind that they have been working so hard for something that is a bunch of coding on a notepad. It doesn’t help the world, it doesn’t financially help you, and there are many like it. You may express some individual qualities on the site, but overall, there is nothing new about it. Thoughts go through the heads of Webmasters and then the most critical question of all comes, and the answer of the question results in the shutting down or keeping open of the site. “Am I wasting my time? Am I wasting my life?”

Yes, many people scream out “stay open” and “I need you”. Many people say that if the Webmaster leaves, he or she will leave the web also. This makes many webmasters feel bad, and they end up staying on, and doing something that they dislike much just so that the people that visit his or her site will be pleased. It is almost like there is no way to get out. This is the problem for some Webmasters. And the solution is very simple. Sign off the Internet, and don’t get back on for a long time. Like three or four weeks. During this time, think, and try to live a life without the Internet and your website. Chances are, you will enjoy it much more. Then, if you feel like it, come back online and post on your site a letter, explaining yourself, then leave for good.

Eventually every Webmaster must leave his or her site. It is like death, unavoidable. The best thing that can happen is that you enjoy the time you spend on your site, and that you will be rewarded properly for your work.

You have tried so hard, and lost it all, and in the end, it doesn’t even matter. This phrase relates to this subject very well. You work hard, then you must leave all the work, but if it is the right time, then you will see why it must happen. You will see that all is better, and that your new life is about to start.


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Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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