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Hyper Dimension Codes

Triple Damage with Buu
To inflict more damage with Majin Boo, just throw your opponent to the air and fly directly below them. If you are quick and have enough time, do his Super Ki Blast (powers up a Ki Blast over his head and throws it). If successful your opponent will get hit with all three levels of the Ki Blast.
Submitted by Tim Yar

Hint: Super Blast

Press Down, Down/Back, Back, A.
Submitted by Tim Yar

Hint: Goku's Desperation Attack

When Goku's power bar is on 80 or less, or when you are playing on training, go anywhere and press Back, Down, Forward, Up + Y. Goku will power up, teleport to his opponent, hit him many times, turn to SSJX3, uppercut him, and do a Spirit Bomb
Submitted by Tim Yar

Hint: Goku's Descent Combo

Enter training mode before you go to vs. or story mode. Go somewhere close to your enemy and press Down, Back, B. Goku should do spinning kicks in the air. After Goku lands on the ground, quickly press Down, Forward, Y. Goku should then do two uppercuts. This move should knock your enemy off the ground and into the air. While your enemy is still in the air and is going to land on the ground, quickly hold Forward and press B. Goku should then do two kicks knocking your enemy (still on the air) going up once more. When your enemy is about to land on the ground, finish of with Down, Forward, X. If timed correctly, Goku should do a Knee Bash in the air hitting your enemy for the final time. If all moves hit, your enemy's power bar will drop over 100 power.
Submitted by Tim Yar

Hint: Gotenks' Desperation Attack

When Gotenks'spower bar is on 80 or less, or when you are playing on training, move Gotenks anywhere and press Forward, Back, Down, Forward + Y. Gotenks will shoot a beam at his opponent, turn him into a ball, and bash that ball all over the screen.
Submitted by Tim Yar

Hint: Piccolo's arm

Press Back, Down, Forward and Punch before your opponent hits to see Piccolo's arm disappear then re-grow.
Submitted by Tim Yar

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Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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